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Sunday Long Kriya

This Week’s Long Kriya topic was Asuya and Anasuya.
So Relevant it was.
One Observation i made was brought to realization by Rohit Bhaiya.Asuya is finding fault at almost every action.Its like having bad intention to disagree every fact of the other person.Anasuya is not finding fault at such things.Devoid of constant fault finding eyes.
Usually we avoid finding faults with our closed ones and ones which are not so close we start finding faults.Realise when you find fault,that very thing exist in you also.After all the world is the Reflection of the Self.Use the fault of others to improve yourself.This can happen in Awareness through regular Sadhana,Seva and Satsang 🙂
So Keep Working….Even if the conditions may seem tough to continue the three…Smile at that very moment the thought comes and Surrender will happen and things will start working the way you thought it should be.Hold On……Keep Working 🙂
Love,Jai Gurudeva 🙂
Swapnil 🙂


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