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Recently saw a bit old movie, Bose-The Forgotten Hero…
I didnt at any point wanted to see the movie..For I knew the film wouldn’t portray the characters well as in their original life…But still said ,lets see atleast what is the story of this ‘Forgotten Hero’; another more reason to watch,Director Shyam Benegal’s Movie….So I got myself on the couch and sat to watch it.Was pretty interesting to see the movie go forward until the War scenes started.Saw how only by his will power and taking a huge responsibility of the country that he got such enormous strength that he could actually shake the Englishmen….was amazed by his determination…

Jai Hind !!!
Vande Mataram !!!

PS: You may see some of the links of the great men’s deeds in the near future or the articles on them..


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