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Jai Gurudeva 🙂
Well my first advance course was decided to be final by me on the eleventh hour!!!!!
I had just begun volunteering not much time maybe 3-4 months….when there was a chance for me to go for the Advance Course….My First ever..but imagine I had never ever gone beyond Mumbai alone…and I was to talk about going to Bangalore that was a doubt in my mind……so another vikalpa in the process of my visit to the Ashram.I remember vividly after the Sunday Long Kriya getting refreshed for the week,i was sitting in Rohit Bhaiya’s room doing some work,as Utsav Act -II was coming in the next 1 and 1/2 week.Another more reason for me to stop thinking that I had to be in the Advance Course!!! Bhaiya entered the room at a point and instructed us to inform the participants of the Advance Course…then he turned to me and told me that I should go for the Advance Course…
I just gulped and said yes,no choice i kept to myself…..
Dear I said to myself it was Sunday,Course was going to start on Thursday that too at Bangalore…
I had nothing done to be there…It was just a thought…on a Sunday afternoon..suddenly I was still…I was determined I was going for the Advance Course.but somehow I couldn’t see where to start…It was a state of total confusion….
I came home and went in the room….I just couldn’t ask him that Sunday evening..I would enter his room and then walk back…thinking of my own imaginative,weird consequences…
Finally,Next Morning I happened to just put on his ears,that I wanted to go to Bangalore for Advance Course.Mother and Sister heard it and there was total chaos.I judged it was not the right time to ask him money and i quietly slipped into my room.I don’t know whether he heard it or not…..
The next I found I was restless to put forward him the matter urgently…
Gathered my guts and called him finally at around 12pm and communicated the matter to him,he asked me reasons for doing the course and told him satisfactory answers….
He gave me a hold verdict for money….
I kept the phone…next herculian task seemed to reach Ashram…
No travel plan was made…
I informed Bhaiya of my confirmation for going to the course and he then suggested I talk with Nihar further for the travelling,maybe he would travel with me…..I kept the phone with a hope….
Next …Contd…
Love,Swapnil 🙂
Jai Gurudeva 🙂


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