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Recently I went to Juhu Beach situated at Juhu in my birthtown Mumbai………
I remember i used to love being there when we all used to go there (i mean my family when i was a kid),and just stay in water for hours together….
This time I went alone and realised that made a big mistake…man!!!!
I couldn’t enjoy the waters where the sea was just ready to splash water on me through her naughty tides,
coz I had my bag,wallet,phone,documents etc….
But still being there and just staring at the sunset as cool breeze brushed by made me feel relaxed…
Still amidst all that I carried to the beach I decided that my visit would be incomplete without meeting the sea……
So I plunged into the waters carefully didn’t go far just when inside till the tides could just wet my body till knees….
I played with the waters for sometime,stared the sunset,kept looking at the tides rising and then subsiding each moment cherished!!!
Such Serenity the sea showed!!!
After sometime I decided to move out of the water onto the sand to dry myself……
I got some company also Sand on my footwears…….
So decided to just walk on the beach through the sand………
Kept observing how the beach was as I visited it after almost 3 years thats quite a bit….
What I saw was really something we can do about when we go next!!!!
Take Care of the Dirt …Promise to litter only in the litter bins kept at locations across the entire beach.
I could see people littering on the beach even when the bin was just metres away…..
Next I just decided to eat something till i got myself dried…I thought again my visit would be incomplete without eating the Famous Gola.So searched a Gola Wala and had one licking and smacking……
I just strolled for a while on the beach then and then entered the Food Corner…its not officially named I just gave one since that place has many and only food outlets.You need to have your fat pockets/somebody with a fat pocket coz the things here are costly.I just looked at menu…Fresh Lime..21 Rupees and walked back from one of them…..
After I while I decided to return back home and left from the Juhu Beach and went upto busstop to reach Santacruz Station.
After wait
Things to do before you visit Juhu Chowpatty next time:
Go with a minimum of 3 people in a group.
Take Enough money if you want to eat something there.One good idea would be to take food from here.
Evening Time you make time to reach Andheri W as the traffic is usually jammed in the evenings ,so unless you have a car or vehicle of your own


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