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Deep Rest ON!!!!

Deep Rest ON!!!!

Sometimes i feel why i was born and then i go down deep in memories of all the things done all the good memories to cherish all the bad ones to regret and moments of depression all over.Just that feeling to stay in the comfort of depression for another few moments.To just sympathise myself to stay away as I am
contemplating.Ha just purely selfish and secluded only to know that company of good people is just that you ever wanted to shoo away the the empty minds evil thoughts.Awareness plays a major part in the removal of all the negative things,thoughts done or done at the spur of the moment without a second thought.
Sudharshan Kriya has played a major part in heightening of Awareness,something monks spend days and months to get it.Great to get by Sadhana,Seva and Satsang .But it feels so free when you say I was supposed to be in depression at that time thanks to Guruji that I just felt the water on the beach not the waves and its fury…..
Nature has its own way of honoring respecting the seekers and Guruji has HIS own.
He knows Everything…And Takes Care That I even if Depression is destined that too comes and goes in style 🙂
Just Amazing How it Works…
Strange are the Ways Of the Divine 🙂


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