Discovering the world one day at a time!

Go Ahead!!!!

Its in Our Hands!!!!

Power Of UNITY

Power Of UNITY

A Revolution has Already started…
Have you joined in the revolution????
Its against Depression,Terrorism,The ‘I’ Syndrome which Causes a Lot of Trouble.
Whether you feel angry about that something are injust against ‘I’ or ‘Me’ and resort to terrorism or terrorist activities or you just sit in your room and just brush dowm your good memories and blame the present people incidences and say ‘I’ am not okay….or you feel I donot have the mood…
Many a time this ‘I’ Syndrome has not allowed to do the things we want to do…
Its a revolution and the more we join in numbers the faster this revolutions members can brush aside the effects of the syndrome and lead the life it should be full of joy,enthusiasm and fun……
People should look at you in pride!!!!
Love,Jai Gurudeva 🙂
Swapnil 🙂


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