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MinD iT! ;)

Its so so easy to be affected if you are not stable in mind! 🙂
This doubt is always there in the mind that i am imperfect!! i am like this like that …so and so!
And when someone just utters the word! You become so dead sure that you are that!!
You forget the beautiful you!!
As Guruji says you are love,joy and enthusiasm! 🙂
Mind keeps going away from these self qualities..not to mention whats the reason for these wavering of mind..
1.Satsang of people around
2.Kind of Food you eat.
3.Kind of Lifestyle..Do u respect your body cycle?

And How do u get back the mind back to its source!
Very Easy and simple!
Time to time just make your mind realise to do Sadhana Seva Satsang more!
Put yourself in the company of people who meditate more then you WILL want to serve!
That mere presence will lure your mind for sure! 😉

Happy minding it 😉


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