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Oh my Guru!

My Super Guruji

Across the web found this amazing Guru Story! πŸ™‚
It was a hard summer after noon and was with one AOL teachers residence for Lunch..
One teacher said- isnt it hot n humid today…so some one innovative mind decided to pour water on da floor and whole place was all wet flooded wid Water…eventually the whole rooom was cool!!!
suddenly the teachers Cell phone rings…He says- “Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah– Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah– Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Now He looks at me and i smile..He says– “GURUJI?????????”
Person over phone says– “Yes, its me..”
teacher now – who was in Short’s and T shirt stumbles and says “Yes Guruji – Jai Gurudev”
Guruji says- “Arey yeh kya tarikha hain baithne ka??? Theek se kapde pehno..get ready” He keeps the phone.
Teacher lookin at me– Please get up and dress up.. Guruji says yeh kya pehna hain and He asked us to be ready.
Within seconds we all were in white clothes..and the floor was cleaned , water was drained and dried up ..Everything was lightening fast!!
Phone rings again- “Jai Gurudev”
Teacher- “Jai Gurudev Guruji!!”
Guruji–“Aah now you all look beautiful and fresh!!!”
Teacher – “Where are you Guruji?”
Guruji– “I am in Germany!!”
Teacher “OK Guruji ..”
Gurujis says “Get Ready ” and hung up the phone.
After few minutes many people comes to the flat to enquire how and what AOL is…
Isnt it Amazing ??? Guru wants us to be at mark everytime…where ever you are you are representing AOL.. πŸ™‚

be aware HE is watching you…right now…
Jai Gurudev! πŸ˜€

Am Seeing You- Sri Sri..


Comments on: "Oh my Guru!" (2)

  1. Daer Swapnil,

    Eager to know if you have other stories of Guruji ?
    I have heard is it true that he is Avatar ??



    • Oh there are so many πŸ™‚
      Better would be to buy the Book Sri Sri as i know HIM!
      it has sooo many experiences written down!
      You can read to your hearts content! πŸ™‚
      I dont know if HE’s a Avatar! But HE is God for me sure! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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