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Akshay Tritiya..

Got this one from a devotee 🙂

Sri Sri 🙂

Guruji was talking related to the festival today – Today is Akshaya Tritiya. Guruji was mentioning that ‘Akshaye’ means ‘that that cannot be destroyed’ (ak – shaye – jiska shaye nahi ho saktah)) in sanskrit, that which continues and is never destroyed/no end. (like energy and spirit).

Guruji mentioned that Akshatam is also another name/meaning in sanskrit for Rice. Rice becomes food, becomes our body, our body dies and disintegrates back into the earth/soil and from that soil grows back into plants- rice grains- its a never ending process of nature too. The laws of Nature also continues, they also have no end. Our ancient Rishi’s saw this cyclic never ending process that exists even in nature, the same way as in energy can never be destroyed and so therefore a soul/spirit continues..

He mentioned that as rice was taken as a symbol of something that continues and never ends, rice was added in the rituals. When an aarti was done for a person, turmeric/haldi, kumkum and rice were mixed in it and put as tikka for the person on his agya chakra (between the eyebrows) (the seat of wisdom/knowledge). The rice was to signify that may the light/wisdom be never ending and continue always around that person.

Similarly when the newly weds were blessed by the elders and relatives, flowers and a little bit of rice was sprinkled over them. The rice was to signify that the blessings given by these well wishers of the newly weds, those blessings always continue and never end.


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