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Guruji 😀

Navratri INFO given by Guruji.
The first 3 days dedicated to Tamas,
next 3 days is for Rajas
and last 3 days for Sattwa.
The last day is Vijayadashami – the day of Victory over the all the 3 Gunas.

->These few days are days of rest.
->Don’t bombard yourself with various sensory pleasures.
->Eat a bit less.
->Refrain from over eating, over listening, any activity that burdens your system – fast a little bit.
->Last day ofcourse there will be a feast.
->Fasting always goes with Feasting 🙂

This Navratri NOT to be MISSED 🙂
There will be
Blissful Homas,Chantings.
Rishiji Vidyadharji 🙂
Yummy Prasadams.
Cultural performances, Garba , Satsangs.
All in all, get ready to get
Bathed in Mantras,
Sing away in Satsangs
Dance in Garba
and Get content with the Prasadams 🙂

A Brief Idea to all those attending for the first time or otherwise.

1.Its nice, to dress traditionally on festive occasions 🙂

During the nine days of Navratri there is a custom of wearing different colour dress – Sarees (Sari) and Churidhar – mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Information on what are the Navratri 2011 colours usually appears a couple of days before in local Gujarati and Marathi newspapers. This is the latest information regarding the nine colors of Navratri in 2011.

The nine Navratri colors for 2011 are:
Pratipada – September 28, 2011 (Wednesday) – Blue
Dwitiya/Tritiya – September 29 (Thursday) – Yellow
Chaturthi – September 30 (Friday) – Green
Panchami – October 1 (Saturday) – Grey
Sashti – October 2 (Sunday) – Orange
Saptami – October 3 (Monday) – White
Ashtami – October 4 (Tuesday) – Red
Navami – October 5 (Wednesday) – Purple
Vijayadasami – October 6 (Thursday) – Pink

2. When you enter the ground,there would be a stage right ahead and a small area will be specially hosting the Puja place with Kalash 🙂
the Puja place is a very pristine area and only Pandits are allowed to be in that area.Please dont move on to the Puja place area. You may worship from a distance.

3.Usually just ahead of the stage is the sitting arrangements of the people who are in Sankalpas 🙂
Make sure you dont happen to sit there or you would have to move back.

4.Please avoid sitting in middle, incase you take frequent breaks. Toilets are made available.

5.Please carry back rest, if you have back problem or otherwise ,since Pujas are for longer duration.

6.It would be nice, to meditate or sit quiet and not chit chat/sleep while the Pujas and Homas and the chantings are going on and maintain the sanctity of the place.

7.Please put your phone on silent mode and avoid talking while the Pujas are going on, it might disturb your neighbour.

8.In case of small kids, please do make sure they are taken care of well in the venue.

9.For aged people, some chairs would be kept. In case its not, check with the help of volunteers to have the sitting arrangements made proper for them.

10.It would be nice, to carry a bottle of water. ( Based on the past year’s feedback. Water is available but not free,you will have to buy the bottles.)

11.Listening to the mantras chanted during the pujas and the homas is more important.So make sure you sit comfortably, any ways you wont figure much things out of what the Pandits are doing. As Swami Sadyojathah said last year that if you dont happen to meditate and listen to the mantras.Just practise to bring your mind again and again to the mantras. Mantras have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the mind body and soul.

12.Please make sure you eat the Prasadams after the Puja, the effect of Puja is considered to be complete after Prasadam.

13.Though the venue is close to the station, it would be nice to chalk down the transport for your coming and going back for a hassle free time of yours.
Considering the mumbai traffic, please make sure you leave early!

14.Please dont complain and co-operate with the volunteers and lend help to make this event at the best.

Do come in large numbers and make this event grand 🙂
Your participation is valuable 🙂
Wish you all a Refreshing Navratri 🙂

Here’s a Map of the Venue : by walking and by car/vehicle both will be specified 🙂

PS : Right click on the image and select open in new tab/window to view enlarged image.

Map : by Car/ Vehicle.

and the text directions :

Text Directions : By Car/ Vehicle.


by Walking if you wish to come.

By walking - Map

and the text directions:

Text Directions : For Walking



October 2nd Sunday Shasti

8.30 am Sri Maha Ganesh Puja, Anugya Puja
9.00 am Shri Maha Ganpati Homa
9.30 am Sri Navgraha Homa
11.30 am Poornahuti,Mangalarti
5.00 pm Sri Vastu Shanti Homa
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

October 3rd Monday Saptami

7.00 am Sri Maha Rudra Homa
5.00 pm Sri Maha Sudarshan Homa
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

October 4th Tuesday Astami

7.00 am SRI NAVA CHANDI HOMAM Sri Chandi Navavarana Pooja, Sri Durga Sapthashathi Adhyay Homa , Kanyaka Pooja, Suvasini Pooja
12.30 pm Maha Purnavati, Kalash Abhishek, Prasadam
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

Daily Satsang/Cultural Dances/Garba at 8.00 pm onwards


General Queries:
Phone: 9324056710/9867241378/9819727996/65299661

Homa’s / Sankalpa’s Queries:
Phone : 9820295629 /9820182825

Advance course Registration:
Phone: 9223257764/9223341805

Sahaj Samadhi Registration:
Phone: 9619880199/9833563187

Email :

Wish you a Blissful Navratri 🙂

Love and Regards,
Swapnil 🙂


Comments on: "Tips for Navratri at Mumbai 2011 ;)" (3)

  1. great work.. keep updated.. Happy navratri…


  2. What a beautiful time this Navratri..Guruji did not go into Maun..he took 2
    powerful meditations for all advance course participants everyday.. and the
    best part was that HE made everyone do open eyed meditations…some of the
    participants that did the Advance course said everything that they had read
    in Shiv Sutra…Guruji gave them the experience….one batch he kept in 6
    days silence and the other batch he kept in silence for 10 days! 1300 forign
    nationals and an equal number of Indias did the Navratri Advance course.

    Guruji was in a great mood and gave darshan twice to every devotee on
    Ashtami…On Navami day, he called all the teachers to Vishalakshi. He asked
    each one of us to give ideas on “How to improve Navratri pujas…He
    said…9500 people were staying in the ashram…every place was full of
    people except Vishalakshi!!!(laughter) he spoke of the homas and this was
    the first time when 5 Homas were performed together on the 7th day…beacuse
    of pitaji’s death…he said…”amma organised the pujas for 16 years and
    then bhanu has been doing this for the last 11 years…he said…”paanchon
    kalashon ke paani ka swabhav alag alag tha…one kalash was so hot…and the
    other was ice cold…the densities of water in each kalash was
    different…even the fragrance of water in each kalash was different…the
    water was so heavy…very high density…like liquid mercury…when it was
    poured from one foot on my head…it seemed like i was sitting under a big
    waterfall…so much was the intensity…we are the only place which revived
    this beautiful tradition of pujas…34 pujas happened all over the country
    this time…so many children have got trained in our vedic school and they
    went for the pujas…today we invoked the 7 rishis and it is a thanksgiving
    day….the tradition of being grateful to the past present and future
    sadgurus..the effect of the navratri pujas reaches at least 3 generations…

    Someone asked about the kalash on chandi homa and how difficult it was to
    lift it…he replied…kalash mein chaitanya shakti badh jaati hai..aur koi
    use utha nahin sakta…then guru comes to control the energy…only the guru
    can handle this energy…can kriya be conducted without the presence of a
    teacher?? …No….similarly this special puja cannot be conducted without
    the presence of a perfect master…even the pundits who come from all the
    different traditions come here only on the condition that I will be there…

    “two years back i said after navratri…something new is going to come…and
    then the Blessing course came…i will again this year something new will
    come….(everyone claps)….”

    “Now all teachers need to reverse roles with me….you all come to me with a
    problem…and expect a solution…now i will share problems and you give me
    solutions(laughter)…someone said..Oh Guruji you never give us
    problems…to which he replied…”whenever i have to come to a city..ask the
    organisers…you will know(everyone in pits of laughter…)

    Finally when someone asked what is the sewa we need to do? to which he
    said…next year we will do something very BIG in Delhi Mharashtra and
    Gujarat together and *for now each teacher needs to focus on taking more and
    more courses and nurturing volunteers….2-3 teachers need to take courses


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