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To my Dearest Dearest!

In the sky so high,
I dreamt of you- oh mai!
In the midst of a while,
I think of you- oh mai!

Like the bit of a moment, every cell says,
How much love, could ever, I promise to pay!

Every time, you make me wonder, and get me back, while I wander.. I dreamt so big, you made me think small,
For being simple, they say is the highest sophistication!

I tried every time, I couldn’t match you, I tried every moment I couldn’t catch you! I lost, I smiled! You won me that while!

Moments passed, some big, some small – still.. Your love, stays undivided like nothing par! How I wonder, what goes through you, what makes you pour, the love you drew!

How perfect is your love, neither less nor more!
How sweet is your scolding, though you irritate more 🙂
How much do you seek the perfection, I wonder God ever took time and make that correction 🙂 You want me big, you want me highest, every time, you remind me of the biggest!

You inspire me, to wake up and move..
Life is just a play, let’s do some grooves!

You make me smile, you make me care…
If ever you find me loving, its all her, I Bet u there :)))

Dedicated to my Sweet Ma and my sister :))
Two of my dearest who stood tall all the while :)) lovee youu from the bottom of my heart :)) Yours always,
With all the love!
Swapnil :))))
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