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Relating the relations!

Usually when someone close, doesn’t listen to you and does mistake, you usually look at the moment and munch on the mistake and make the person guilty, and end up making urself and other person uncomfortable, and end up doing nothing! Halt and don’t rush, for life is given to learn 🙂
Look back, hasn’t the person made you feel nice; feel grateful.
With a smile, just correct the person, don’t generalise and induce guilt in them! Correct the action and if it persists, remind them of their behaviour.
If still they do, then guide them to come out of it. If still they don’t listen, sit and ask and Gently scold them if they are casual about it! Scolding in awareness, brings a change.
In, being unaware if u scold, u just end up massaging ur ego. Relate ur relations with compassion and strength!
Bind them with love, care and innocence and a subtle discipline! Stay Happy and Connected like a family 😀
Love and Regards,
Swapnil :)))
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