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The question: How do I manage, to have all friends and yet not make my other partner, feel distant in future! I wanna have friends n wanna still have the love! How’s that possible?
Answer : In future, it might happen, that love may seem routine & you might find, something else more charming. Its natural!
Stick on to your love, just like, you see many good things, displayed in shops! You see them, you feel happy & you move on!
Like that, you feel nice, seeing the charm & move on!
If you mistake charm, for loving feelings, which is most likely to happen, since, mind yearns for new! You don’t react or analyze, it as truth!
If that feeling, stays for long in your heart for any other person, your person will notice it! Because, your actions, will start speaking more.
Time to time, like how you brush, make sure u love.
Keep in touch & even in the busiest of hours, give priority to the other person. You have to give priority & the feeling of love! Love is fresh every moment, if it oozes :))
Let love ooze in every action!
Let love, power you to work and excel.
If love is not in heart, for anybody else, it will not be misinterpreted. You have to keep in touch, with other person, time to time.
A feeling of being there, will keep the trust.
Like a mother, who feels aloof, when not in touch, after pouring in years of love! Its natural 🙂
You just have to keep in touch and be loving ; don’t get irritated, just answer the questions & be authentic. If you aren’t, then, you are fooling yourself.
Love those, who deserve!
For they, stay and serve, all the time,while others go away 🙂

Stay loving, Stay Beautiful 🙂
Swapnil 🙂
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Comments on: "Dealing the love & friendship!" (2)

  1. awesomeee…swapnil..felt soo refreshed after reading this post…woowwww 🙂


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