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Hello Dear Ones,
This post is dedicated to all those people, who feel/do, what this post tells or makes one wonder!
A certain friend of mine, forwards me provocative and those sex oriented so-called humor texts. After a time of patience and compassion!
I did felt it was time to educate this friend of mine, that I don’t wish to read them. Somewhere my mind says : Hello, I do respect you, but not what you pass on! Recall what my teacher once made me realize..
I had forwarded him a poem by someone and it wasn’t sick, but a little depressing and oppressive.
So my teacher calls me up and very politely yet being firm tells me that what’s up with me? I don’t wish to receive any messages like that! Forward me Guruji’s Sutras instead.

Made me realise today..

You are not a victim of people and circumstances.
You are a free person. You do have a choice to make a conscious decision, to listen, hear or say or answer. Although you say, what difference does any thought or word makes, BUT it does! There is obviously some little impact/ impression it makes on your mind.
Your thoughts, feelings and habits are often formed, by these conscious choices you make. Avoid it, when you can.
Be firm and be polite enough to make your informed choices.
Life is what, you make of it.

Stay beautiful, kind, compassionate and loving and the serving you 🙂 Loads of love,
Swapnil 🙂
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