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Clarification – 2

“Jai Gurudev! Say slowly “Guruji l love you and come and live in my heart”..Pls dont delete and send it to ten people & see a miracle tonight….From Bhanu di.:)”

The above message is so rapidly sent across by near and dear ones since 2007! First I DELETE and then my reply and message to all :

“Dearest, this message induces so much fear and worry!
I would rather say all that in love rather than fear!
also this is a fake message and been circulated since 2007. sometimes you see Guruji, sometimes u see Bhanu Di written.
Your life itself is a miracle!
Only thing, you react to the seen.
but the unseen remains as it is- not thanked and not known . Be grateful and don’t regret!
In future if you get such message – educate them with love. take care! ”
Love Prayers Blessings
Swapnil! 🙂
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