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Come, let’s Be Happy!

My friend asked me : How to ignore depression?
Here goes the answer :
You can never ignore depression!
Turning a deaf ear, won’t solve it..
Learning to come out of it, is a solution.
Mind is so fickle, that, it easily gets affected by so many things.
Understanding this, a wise thing to do is to know that, what keeps mind fresh and give it that! Keep your mind busy in good things and actions and you’ll never feel depressed!
If ever, you might have the feeling, of not achieved; but depression then, not at all!

How do you tackle depression?
Since, its going to come again and again..
Learn to get out of it fast!
The moment you realise it, you are out of it!
The very next moment, you start thinking of doing something productive!

Depression happens, when you start thinking; what about me, what will happen, how do I make it happen? Etc.. All sorts of questions, flowing everywhere, but leading to no end in answer!

Train your mind to be happy!
A good practice, is to know, mind tends to be little risky and habitually gets depressed and on a precautionary basis, keep doing pranayama, chant, sing bhajans in satsang, do yoga, meditate! Attend the beautiful pujas conducted by Swamis and Rishis!
Be in the presence of Guruji!

Mantras have a healing effect! They calm you and when you are calm, you are clear in your thoughts and you can take decisions for the good and the best!

Have a good diet! Avoid junk food, eat healthy. Right kind of food, supports good thought process and give your body, mind and soul, more time to work!

Avoid the company of the one’s who smoke, drink, constantly bad-mouth ( say bad things about people), who constantly talk of sex and money! Very intelligently, just listen and don’t apply, to what these people say. If you can, avoid the company of these people!
If not, then intelligently, duck the chance to meet them or joining in conversation!

Read knowledge from the Master!
So many books, talk on so many facets of mind,body and soul! Understand the very nature of mind and train it with love!

Having the right kind of company, also puts you in-charge of life! You can, then take control and move it, to your own beauty! Good company, guides you to excel and helps you to achieve your goal! They know, what makes you happier!

Lastly, when out of depression; set priorities in life; ask yourself -how I can harness myself hundred? Identify your energy, choose your work and set life goals according to that!

At the end of all you seek happiness only, so even though life seems rough, enjoy and reach yourself to perfection!

Don’t forget to enjoy this nature 🙂

With a smile, every time you face depression, move out it!

Till you cannot leave a second without happiness, practice to come out it!

Depression is surely a habitual tendency 🙂

Make sure, now therefore; you make happiness as your habit!

And if you still cannot practise happiness, practise sacrifice! Devote your life to others, till it becomes yours!

Love life, live life, unleash life!
Thank your life, with each incoming breath and practice faith and surrender with every outgoing breath!

You need to surrender, every moment again and again 🙂

Become free and alive!

Loads of love and blessings,
Swapnil 🙂
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