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Question & Answer – 1

Q : How to memorize many things, many words,paragraphs?
A: So the question is how do I concentrate and recall!

Let’s have a look:

Mind is so fickle, that it memorizes all negative things, and forgets things that are positive and good, mind forgets or takes it for granted. Bring that awareness to feel grateful, for the things you receive!

Okay let’s have another look at it,
what’s going on in your mind,
why isn’t your mind grasping what you are reading?

Answer is simple! Its busy wandering in past or future!

Meditation helps to come back to present! This helps a great deal in concentration..
When you are totally here in this moment, your mind can understand what its doing and can store it!

Oh yes, to improve your concentration more than this, do resort to Ayurveda for medicines!

Medication and meditation both need to work..
Its like a rusted iron, it needs oil to loosen up and needs screw driver, to remove it completely!

Medication is like oil, it loosens you up!
Meditation is like the simplest precaution..

Meditating is training your mind to be in present!

You cannot meditate in past!
You have to be here in this moment, to dive in meditation!
Discipline your mind to meditate!
Listen to Guided meditation by Guruji, if you cannot just sit still!

Laziness : is another thing that stops you!
If you really want to learn, you need to shed off the laziness and take that extra effort in learning!

Skill : learn with skill!
You should know what you are learning! That makes it easier to memorize 😀

Lastly Let go off and know that you grasp slowly and train your mind again and again to be a little better!

To test if it works – Take that little impossible task – risk and see if it has become possible!
To measure your progress, test yourself!
Do something which is ethical and which promises you to be better in whatever you want to 🙂

Don’t think all of a sudden, you can grasp it all, give little room to yourself and whatever you can, acknowledge it and have a goal to become better than that!

Good luck to all!
Guru Bless you!
Love and Prayers,
Swapnil 🙂
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