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Question & Answer – 2

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” – George Bernard Shaw.

Some people who are not in senses, may argue, blame things, not relevant to you! Be aware and know the ignorance.
Its the nature of the ignorant to be insensible!
But it shakes you and rattles you completely.
They lose nothing and you – everything. Realize the ignorance and don’t get into it.

A classic example is : somebody making you angry & feeling happy about it 🙂

Q : But my mind always says that, the other person, may also have a opinion of his own, which maybe right,so how and when can we say that he is behaving ignorant?

A: You apply the thought to the actions of the person, not the person itself 🙂
A constant attention, all the time, has to be – keeping your mind sane & happy. Don’t reel further, with the arguing mind. If a person, wants to make some change possible, and make u feel guilty and sinful- take it that way. But someone would just want to blabber without any pre-experience in life! You understand, what comes from maturity and immaturity.
Make the distinction and if you feel, you are wrong – take it that way.
If you feel, you are genuinely right-smile at the ignorance, pray for knowledge to dawn & move ahead 🙂

Love & Light!
Swapnil 🙂
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