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So a dear friend of mine asked this genuine question!

How do u deal with anger and frustration when U relied on a certain someone and that certain someone screws it up for U knowing that it is of utmost importance to U?

This is what i could answer..

Communication is one factor that can be practised to get ur things done. Be clear in expressing and establishing the importance of getting ur work done on time. Lets take an example. If u want a Haar for G on Yesplus.. one would usually say pls bring haar. U should instead specify what size haar what kind of more things u want eg flowers and all.. and what time the person should reach the venue. All these things u know but u dont convey to the person u entrust the job to. So establishing a strong communication with the person and correctly making him realise the importance of ur work.

Second is taking committment from the person that the work be completed in certain period of time 🙂 Be considerate and yet strict. Third is once given some task. Do follow up and find out giving them space of trust if they are facing any problems and if yes pls help them out to solve it.

One thing is dont move on assumptions. If still the person did something wrong then Find out exactly why!? And if its genuine enough tell the person how u could have better dealt the problem being unbiased. And make them realise how much painful it is to face when something like this happens. And if surpassing all if they are still hard skinned well u use ur own techniques skillfully to get their brains right on track

Much Love & Regards,
Swapnil 🙂

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