Discovering the world one day at a time!

Its time to share the smile that made mine!
Join in for the Next YES!+ & Join in the Fun..
Whether u r good,better or worse.
This is a place for all to reason and to learn.
From Exercise to Games to Discussion to Laughter.
Life’s seems fun in every angle!
Join me for next YES!+

*What’s in Store for u*

Mind’s Realities difficult to deal.
How to deal with Mind’s confusing question’s
Questions which always baffled u!?
Have a sneak peek how with meditation,clarity comes and solution becomes so much evident!


Find out how, its so much better to deal work, studies and Job!
With Meditation comes clarity!
Allows you to study when you want to study!
Allows you to work when you want to work..
Meditations makes mind so calm that work and study happens effortlessly with so much more focus / concentration!
More work in quality time!
With clarity comes correct logical reasoning, better trouble shooting of problems!
Life seems solvable one question at a time!


To experience all the above cool things.
Do the Next YES!+
8-12 Aug at Chatwani A/C Hall,
Andheri East
Contact to enroll »
Trusha +919819969530
Gayatri : +919930507345

So See you all at the place where fun weds knowledge,
Where learning is fun!
Where transformation you seek is evident and Visible!
See you at the Next YES!+..

With much Love & Regards,
Swapnil 🙂


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