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Bigger Idols?

i was wondering if faith was the same, then why ever was the need of Bigger Idols?

Definitely faith mattered and figure is necessary for worship to many.

So here’s what the pondering mind rattled onto 🙂

The whole idea to make bigger idols was that, you don’t feel left out, of not seeing the God, when you visit the temple at a time when its crowded.
The elders knew the practical reality, that in a crowd, its difficult to honor people’s time & to maintain their Devotion to God! ]

So they made Bigger idols, so that in a big crowd, you could still worship God from a distance.

Bigger Idol is not greater faith. Its symbolic and for convenience to worship, so also to make you realize its vastness 🙂

Remember :

God will rise above, so that you can see HIM.

Your feelings are deeply precious to God, as much it is to YOU 🙂


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