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Book your dates for the Celebrative and Auspicious Navratri Festival in MUMBAI!
Art of Living Mumbai Invites you all!

16-22nd Oct.
at Sambhaji Park Near Eastern Express Highway,
Mulund East Mumbai..

Advance Course :
16-19th Oct 2012

To Register for Advance Course Contact on
(To apply : Need to have done One Part 1 Course)

Sahaj Samadhi :
17-19th Oct 2012

To Register for Sahaj Samadhi Course contact on
( Open for ALL : Anybody can register)

Homas ::
20th October 2012 :
8:30am   :  Sri Maha Ganapati Homam
12:30pm :  Sri Navgraha Homam

5:00pm   : Vasthu Shanti Homam
6:30pm   : Sri Chandi Devi Kalasa Sthapanam
Chandi Homa Prarambham
9:00pm   : Poornahuthi, Mangalarthi

21st October 2012 :
7:00am   : Rudrabhishekham
Shri Maha Rudra Homam
10:00am : Sri Chandi Homam
12:30pm : Poornahuthi, Mangalarthi

5:00pm   : Shri Maha Sudarshana Homam
6:30pm   : Sri Nava Chandi Homam
9:00pm   : Poornahuthi, Mangalarthi

22nd October 2012 :
7:00am  : Sri Nava Chandi Homam
Sri Chandi Navavarana Puja
Sri Durga Sapthashathi Adhyaya
Homam,Kanyaka Puja, Suvasini Puja
12:30pm : Maha Poornahuthi,Mangalarthi
Kalasha Abhishekham

Prasada Viniyogam


Navratri Schedule!

See how does the Homas help us 🙂
A brief description of the Homas happening in the Navratri festival 🙂
Do Come for ALL!

What Homas Do!


If you wish to help out and do some Seva :
Here is the Volunteer Form :

Have a look at the seva areas and join in 🙂


Happy times ahead!

Love JaiGurudeva! 🙂

Swapnil 🙂


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