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Litter Later….!

The Litter Bug

The Litter Bug

So today i had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine

She had a quiet concerned tone.

The issue was Littering should be restricted to bins & people should stop littering everywhere.

She explained how inspite of her daily routine of office life, she still found some time to address this point.

As full of concern, she spoke at length with her ladies co-passengers in train, to stop littering,
To stop filthing the environment.
Not even that, she even offered to collect it to manually dispose it off in bins ,
if they ever say there are no bins in compartments!

Questions she says haunts her the most:
How can people be so insensitive towards the environment?
Do they feel nothing about it?
Its the same attitude!?

But I still hold on and continue to educate people time and again, with the time i get.

But i wont be able to do it alone, she says in despair.
More hands are needed to vow AND voice that they will not litter anywhere!

Isnt this the issue, you face too?

Will more systems, more dustbins help?

Will a reform in systems, change an attitude that one has imbibed in his nature?

How can we stop a person from littering?

Educate, they say. IT will work for some, atleast so.

Well then,

A deeper study might say,
People do that with a lack of awareness. With a sense that its not my place.

With a confirmation that somebody will clean it!

What’s the reality?
How many people can a government hire? Which all corners can the people clean.
People always find a new place to dirt around.

Isnt it quite possible to avoid littering and utilizing the available bins well?

Lets look at the flip side.

Many people litter outside.

What about the litter inside? The emotional garbage you dump on people?

Isnt that causing you to be a lot more un-attentive to surroundings?  of collecting the emotional garbage?

When one is so caught in the cycle of me-mine, Its difficult to address a issue that exists outside their world.

Me-Mine is their world, everything else is an alien.

What can bring about a cleaner society in a larger domain?

Its taking care of one’s one mind. The more the peace, the greater your vision to look beyond the Me-Mind glass.

When one has developed that awareness, one’s attention goes to the right place, ethics make sense and integrity looks feasible!

So my dear ones, take care of your own mind, develop that awareness for yourself first & guide your people for such awareness inside.

I personally recommend meditation and Sudarshan Kriya for helping to practise the peace of mind.
The gradual effect is enhanced awareness and an immense change from the Me-Mine Glass to We-Ours attitude!

That can gradually awaken the Earthly Kind & Sensitive person inside you who is ready to take care of his environment!

Change your vision, Educate with Reason!


PS : image courtesy :
PPS : Just for your information i am speaking about system reforms wont work from this Clean Up March Initiative i was a part of!

I personally have gone and cleaned the roads of a lane in Andheri.  and my friends have done the better part.

WE worked closely with the Clean up Mumbai campaign by BMC under the guidance of Dr, Rohit & Dr. Shilpa Sabharwal.

We were also given fine cards and we actually went with marshals to fine people too. But as they say, unless this matter is given the due importance, it doesn’t make a lasting impact on people about systems and reforms!

We need a strong rule to be laid by the One in power! and we will need people to start developing that awareness to make the possible, possible!

Here are a few snapshots of the Drive :  Oh yes, we were featured in a newspaper too as we went fining people around!

In the News - Mumbai Mirror 2008

In the News – Mumbai Mirror 2008

The Young Dynamic Clean Up Warriors.

The Young Dynamic Clean Up Warriors.

and the slogan..

and the slogan..

Thats how we worked too!

Thats how we worked too!

I think that’s more seen and more said!

Lets not Litter and save it for the bins later!


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