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Become a fountain of joy!

Unleash the Joy Within..

Unleash the Joy Within..

You have to get in touch within, to tap the infinite joy within..

You might give yourself a 1000 reasons to be unhappy, but each time there will be a 100 reasons to be happy.
You have got to find that, that really makes you happy & practice it regularly.
A person, an event will not give you joy for long, nor repeat it again..
You have got to stop finding it there, realizing it again & again..
What stays with you is your body & mind, your memory, intellect.
And time & again you have to work on it..
Purify it with knowledge & compassion,
Polish it with Sadhana,
Decorate yourself with joy – with Satsang
& present it with love through Service to others..
You have to seek shelter to the Fountain of joy, the Guru, to become one..
Someone who knows how to safeguard happiness, cultivate, curate & nurture it!
You got to find that which helps you move beyond success & failure, joy & sorrow..

You have got to connect with the joy within to relate to the chaos, confusion & distress outside..
Everything has been carefully designed to get you inside, to the cave of your heart & to become a fountain of joy yourself! 🙂
Be one, soon 🙂




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