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VOTING DAY Guide of Do’s and Dont’s FOR Everyone :

Responsible Indian!

Responsible Indian!

A) Voter ID confusion

1) If your name is in electoral list & you have not got voter ID – Goood news, CAN VOTE.
Take your photo Id proofs along to the polling booth.
2) If you dont know if your name is in electoral list, and you have already applied – check name online here
a) Check your name through
“Final Electoral Lists’ or through “Partwise Pdf lists”.
if your name is present, YOU CAN VOTE.
If not still go on voting Day and check if your name exists on that day through the volunteers generally present around your booths on voting day.
If your name is not there —
Bad news -> apply again after MAY for future.

3) If your name is in electoral list, and got voter ID, but shifted to another city, state, area and you did not change to your current residing area – YOU CAN Still VOTE with self effort. Please spend ur precious money & time to travel to ur constituency to exercise your right to vote.
Because your country is precious.
YOU call her Bharath”Maata” for a reason.

4) IF There is mistake in Voter ID
“spelling of name” ( no stress),
“age” (no stress), “address” (slight stress, go to the polling booth corresponding the wrong address & vote this time).
Later u can fill appropriate forms to make any sort of correction.
5) If you haven’t applied. Puppy Shame.
Don’t get carried away by whatsapp forwards by EC, that you can vote if u just show up with documents on voters-day. That’s a big fat rumor. All you can do is just pray for the country this time.

B) “I Hate Them All” syndrome (I sympathize with you. But vote nevertheless.)
1) NOTA – most dangerous. most useless.
Because there won’t be a re-election if NOTA is more than winning candidate.
You have been royally fooled if you believe otherwise.
If you don’t trust me. google it.

2) Nation election = is electing a Stable government, PERIOD.

Any government which can garner max. votes. so that atleast some sensible work can happen.
This time, the majority with minimum alliance based on social media & news is OBVIOUS.
You can show off and swim against the tide, but it wont help really. so you might have to vote for a moron because his party at the center is the best bet. Do it. Shit happens.
Remember this is National Elections…!!!

In State elections however, one must totally focus on the credentials of a person and not bother much/at all abt the party.

C) EVM – Electronic Voting Machine
1) This is where the final deal is sealed.
This is most imp.
2) You got to press a blue button against the logo of the party of your choice.
Make sure there is a decently loud beep sound that follows.
Make sure that the machine selects the party of your choice and make sure the machine is not making wrong choice
3) For which you should
first know the logo!
Ask google bhaiyya.
Because against the logo,
the party’s name WONT BE WRITTEN in the EVM. Only candidate & logo.

4) if i want party X in the center & they are allied with Y & Z, In your constituency, dont only byheart logo of party X, cos there may not be candidate of X standing there.
So byheart logo of Y & Z too & vote accordingly.
5) Know your candidate’s name & party logo.

6) carry something to eat, just in case the line may be long.
Allow the older folks to jump the line, carry ur ipod etc. etc.


Ways to check your name on the voters list (for Mumbai, Maharashtra):

2. SMS – Type EPICID space 10 digit voter id number & send it to 9869889966
eg : EPICID ABC1234567 and send it to 9869889966

3. Call on the following 24 hour toll free numbers:
1800 22 1950 (for Maharashtra)

1800-22-1951 Sion to Churchgate / CST
1800-22-1952 Mumbai Suburban Mahim to Dahisar and Sion to Mulund
1800-22-1953 Thane district

4. Go physically with your receipt to your assembly election office.

Be the early bird risers!! Vote the first thing at 7am – Give it that prime importance and dress up like its your best friends wedding or the most important time of your life and go and vote together with your family and friends
Once you have done your part – Inspire and take people around you to VOTE!! B-)
Lets BE COOL this Summer! Lets VOTE B-)


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