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I don’t want to be Angry!


I don’t want to be angry..
– Not because i like to hide things & suppress it.
– But because it hurts me.
– Because it doesn’t help me resolve the situation.
– Because being with oneself, introspection on self, and seeing things holistically will help me realize beyond my point of view!
– Because the cause of anger is just not the other person most time but also me many a times!
– Because to blame is easier but regretful & to forgive is difficult but peace-giving!
– Because only weak blurt out anger carelessly to satisfy the ego.Wise wipe it out skillfully and dissolve the ego!

I don’t want to be angry because it is just not, what I am; it is just a mirror version of what I am not but it happened to be, by the events, by the circumstances!

Deep Inside I am Good, Loving, Caring.. Far Outside though one keeps changing, to live with the moment to pick up thats plain comfortable!

To connect with that Deep Inside again & again and to continually drop the Far Outside is a way to Peace within You! 🙂


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