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My first short story :

The Rush

The Rush

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Dates back to an era whilst the smartphones were not so much existing in the households…
They were not the only ones to be loved.

“Amidst the chaos is the light.
The light that guides.
The light that find you way to your happiness.”

For years there was a thought..
why would one need a light to light up his life?
I mean a stranger person to fill you up?

For years the cupid lay asleep, watching me wake up one fine day!
Then. it targeted me.

There seemed a gush of energy, flowing in..
The atmosphere was feverish.

Now finally, those incidents, gushed in my memories..
There was something in the air.. something special..
I guessed some called it love?

Suddenly all the meetings seemed to talk as if building a fact inside my head..
That, i had developed a special something for the person or maybe the person also had?

The feeling so strong.. captured me..
I felt unarmed and conquered..
For moments, it felt exciting, wonderful!

I looked back again and again, the same moments, played..
So much.
The heart thomped with excitement.

As the feeling went strong, there was a demand..
She must meet. I must take a move forward.

I waited. The next step was unknown. The goal clear.

I wanted her. To get that special feeling.
I wanted to ask. Rather i wanted to experience..
Can you recreate it again, being in front?

Just you. and the fantasies would spark off.
Just presence was enough.
No touch. Just your presence did it and can do it!

Can we. can you? Lets meet?

Heart pounded with excitement.. Finally.. What is it? Is that love or is that what?
Na. Forget it. That special something is very luring to ignore..

Lets Meet..
But how? What do i describe the reason to meet?
Never before there was a reason to meet unlike this?
Never before a feeling like this for a person?
Will i be accepted? What will happen?
Lets Be. Keep calm. Its not love. Maybe i am overdoing it?
Ugh. Lets keep calm.
for once, Brain intervened. Heart though unnerved kept sparking the curiosity!

Hours passed. It felt days.
Never before time had been cheating me.
How come.

Brain ordered lets go to that event.
I was not ready to move. Heart fixed its gaze on her. Wherever she was. The picture was still.

I was relenting.. Then took a step..
The thoughts. Still the same..

a few steps. a few laughs. Friends in sight 🙂

For a moment there was void. I felt good.

and then… Boom..


Oh God, My whole self smiled like anything..

I was amazed. I wanted to keep staring. Alas. I realised she did not know! 😦
I held myself. Controlling to not express.

Day 2, 3, 4 same.. !
God! Is the universe conspiring to make it happen?

Was i right? It is Love! Oh come on!

Yes. Okay. gasp. I am in LOVE!

Wow! This is Love.. Wow!

How do i tell her? Should i meet? No.
Should i call? No.

Feverishness gripped me..!
Not letting me go and not letting me BE!

SMS? Really? Comm’on lets TRY?
What if, She thinks as ME?

The mobile it is..
Types out with excitement..

Dear One, I Love You. Will you be mine?
I pressed enter!

Phone was kept upside down. Silent mode.
There was silence. There was this huge sense of achievement.
Never before i had this emotion, and here i am, to express myself!

The night was different. With brief moments of quietly creeping on the phone screen..
Has it come? Sms, Call?

Two days passed! I kept waiting. Not to hurry. Heart said..!

Finally it gave in.. I asked.. Hey did u see my message “THAT” night?

There was a pause. Then an answer, Ya i saw..!

I pushed her to reply.. Then?

She replied in a flat tone : Ummm, I dont think about you that way! I respect you much. This feels weird. Do you get this?

I did not know what to say… Still Nodded okay..

She said : okay then.. and hung up!

What happened?

Was that a rejection? Noooo!

I felt the urge again, mustered courage and ask.. Can we meet? Pls?

She avoided…

I tossed and turned. Furious and feverish..

I was helpless.. This was cruel..
could not cry.. could not laugh!


Days passed. I had to digest it.. She rejected ME!




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  2. […] : You can also read other short stories here : “RUSH” “The […]


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