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Guru Charitra – Experience and thoughts.

So read this book – “Guru Charitra”

Writing few words on reading the English translation of this book. The Marathi version is very much in detail and is read with a particular discipline. I followed the “Parayan” reading rules for reading the book. Which meant i read chapters in bunch as prescribed for best uninterrupted experience to get the expected essence from the book. 
Understanding this needs one to have faith in the stories that have happened in real. Reading books like this helps you to understand why is the particular person or diety worshipped. Many might reject the devotion or love by ignoring to read. But i feel reading one gets a Glimpse of what is that which was revered so much and helps you to interact with community following it with so much reverence. One must read with an open mind. Faithful people will find solace in the book. The explanation of misery through cause and effect or Karma spanning not just this lifetime but also from past and subsequent relieving experiences might act as solace to many. 
I found this book amazing and it talks in detail through life stories of Gurudev Sri Narasimha Saraswati and Gurudev Sripad Shri Vallabha about the many questions that come across people. 
Right from Karma Kanda to Gyana to Bhakti to letting know everything has some reason and that pure love, praytna, prayaschitta, devotion can let you cross any dungeon or mountain that traps you into viels of misery.
It also helps us give perspective into aachar / code of conduct that can benefit and give many peace of mind. 
It goes to explain through many examples that all that misery never stays for long and that Divine is every listening. It also tries to make us understand many of life miseries are a direct result of our own action and sincere prayer and vow and readiness for repentance is the best remedy.
An open disclaimer is also given which talks that certain things were right according to the time period of the stories and users should read it with discretion.
Overall reading it definitely acts and gives effect as a soothing balm to the troubled/ inquisitive / doubtful mind. I recommend this to be read by all. 


Getting out of the small mind – Rajshree Didi – 10-11 March 2014

Rajshree Didi ( file pic )

Rajshree Didi ( file pic )

Some excerpts of what Rajshree Didi spoke on March 10,2014

1. Like a GPS, it shows u the path.It makes u the path clear.Though there is still traffic jams & all.

2. Likewise when u r clear with ur purpose with why u are doing. When there is clarity,U move on, even though problems exists & things have not changed.

3. Many times you know its wrong yet u do it? How to stop & avert this tendency?

4. You know u like what the small mind does. Because many times your logic works, reasoning wins!

5. & with that attitude u keep moving & at times get lost in that ambition to win your small mind.

6. That is vasana, that binds you back with misery.

7. To overcome Vasana, one out of ten times, you say a no to it. Start with this.

8. You know observe the wall. If there is a crack how will the water flow?

9. It flows thru the cracks & soon there is a continuous flow & water gets directed to it.

10. Same is with the mind. Vasanas are those cracks. If you let them be, it widens & concentrates!

11. You have to fill the crack with cement.& stop the water flow at some point

12.You have to say no to those vasanas that bind you to misery.

13. Through awareness & understanding you can overcome the vasana with Purushartha – SelfEffort!

14. So KarmaYog & BhaktiYog both are there. You have to do & you have to relax

15. You have to sing & you have to surrender.

16. You have to relax & stop running around in the mind!

17. Trust in the innocence ( bhola bhaav) of the present moment..
Bholenath..thats Shiva..

18. If the creator created all this without any purpose…how will we ..the creation have any purpose!!!!!..
its just his daydream!

19. You want to know the how & the why. You just relax & Be. Be in this moment & Move with the confidence that everything is alright πŸ™‚

20. Die every moment – that small mind that keeps hankering to misery & bondage ,
to let Life spring up & align itself with a greater cause. To not get stuck up again in misery πŸ™‚


SOME excerpts from meet with Rajshree Didi , March 11,2014

1. Whenever you meet Guruji,Β  your mind should be stable & clear without any turbulence. It should not be like he is coming & making you calm. You should be ready to learn or experience his presence.

2 . Have at least one “Guru brother, Guru friend,companion” who will be there to keep you on path.

3. Come out of & drop all patterns to be free.

4. Having anything is your choice.Β  Your friends, positions,food.
You choose you reap.

5 . Behind everything there is intelligence working,Β  there is even mismanagement.

6. It’s that intelligence which is carring us n everything . Like wood log in river flow.

Once again remember…
Our consciousness is like water & body is like log..
Its about merging with the big consciousness & getting out of our small minds!

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Rajshree Didi (file pic )

Rajshree Didi (file pic )




Karma, Mahabharat and My duty ~ Sri Sri answers..

Sri Sri Ravishankar ji

Sri Sri Ravishankar ji

Q: Guruji, I have been told that a human soul can often take one to two million years to find liberation. Is it true that by doing Kriya and meditation every day, this liberation can be obtained even in one lifetime?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Everything works with some strange karma. You must lift your eyes and look into this realm. There is a beautiful couplet that says, β€˜This world has all the wealth, all that is needed, but one who has no karma, cannot get it.’ So, whether you get something or you don’t, it all works with some strange karma. Recognition, money, power, relationship, health; everything depends on some law in creation. When good times come, your worst enemy starts helping you, and when bad times come, even your best friend behaves like an enemy. All these things happen due to some very strange karma.

An intelligent person doesn’t get caught up in all this. He still keeps putting in his effort, and keeps moving on. You do whatever is needed to put in an effort, and then you leave it. Do you know Lord Krishna went three times to stop the Mahabharata (narrative of the Kurukshetra War) war?

When someone asked Lord Krishna, β€˜If you knew that the war was going to happen anyway, why did you go three times for peace negotiations? All three times your peace negotiations failed, then why did you go?’ That is a very valid question.

Lord Krishna said, β€˜If I had not gone, then the question would have come that you could have done peace negotiation, why didn’t you do it?’ You have your duty towards your karma, whatever you need to do, you do it! Suppose the peace negotiation would have succeeded, then the whole Mahabharata would have finished, and the Gita would never have come! The immortal song of the Divine (Bhagavad Gita) would never have come into existence!

So, very well knowing that the Gita had to come, and the war had to happen, still Lord Krishna went for peace negotiations. This is because it is in our dharma, our nature. We should keep putting in our efforts and not get attached to the consequences or the results. This is very subtle because the mind gets sucked into maya β€˜illusion’ in some form or the other.

The mind needs to be hammered into knowledge. It can easily slip out of these four pillars of knowledge, Viveka(discrimination), Vairagya (detachment), self-control, and honoring what you have (not grieving about what is not). And then, wanting liberation! So keep on hammering the knowledge back, again and again!

Suddenly, you will find it is all there, anyway. Now, when you slip, then also remember that is another level. Knowing all this, suppose you still get caught up (in maya), then don’t feel bad that you got caught up; even that is part of nature. Don’t say, β€˜Oh, I did not apply knowledge!’ or β€˜Either someone else is wrong, or I am wrong!’

Whether unpleasant things are happening or pleasant things are happening, I am a witness to it. And my mind is getting caught up in it, even that is a part of the happening; I am witness to that also. This is how you rise above the situation! You have to practice pranayama, meditation and knowledge for a long time. The whole life itself is a practice, and when you practice with honor, then this knowledge becomes well-founded in you.

Dinesh Dada & Bawa at YES!+ session at Bengaluru ashram!

Dinesh Dada @DineshGhodkeΒ  & Bawa @khurshed at YES!+ session at Bengaluru ashram on 19th Aug 2012 :

Dinesh Dada, Bawa and Bhanu Didi

Dinesh Dada
ABC happens in AOL. Attitudinal n Behavioral Changes.
Be leaders like the honeybees.
Makes wax & honey.
Wax of knowledge & the sweetness of Love.
Honey bee is strong also.

YES!+ nurtures Leadership, helps your talents blossom & kindles seva (service) & the attitude of responsibility.

If you want to create Guru Stories in your life,rather than listening to others stories & becoming jealous, take courage zone targets.

See to it that your courage zone target is not impractical, it should be on the inner side of impossibility.

350 youth from Assam formerly involved in militancy, took the AOL Leadership Training at Ashram.

Genetically modified food, being promoted by Sharad Pawar, is destroying the flora & fauna of our country & causing disease.

Some of our politicians, have Asuri Shakti, to combat it we need to use Daivi shakti.

Guruji kehte hai, us ghode pe mat baitho jiska lagam tumhare haat me nahi hai.

@khurshed Bawa has arrived and laughters & applauses are resounding in BadriVishala

Confusion is good, it means at least you have choices.

Q: how does it feel to b 42.
Bawa: Exactly like being 24, minus the confusion!

make AOL enhance everything else you do in life.

Acid test of enlightenment is ur photo should be in the GuruParampara photo.

Q: how to improve intuition?
Bawa: By doing sadhana, seva & satsang.

Q: do I need a Guru?
Bawa: if u need the answer, you need a Guru.

Q: AOl does excellent work, but why doesn’t media talk abt it?
Bawa: Because AOL doesn’t pay them.

Q: How to deal with dominating people?
Bawa: Dominate them back, so they know whats happening.

Q: how to combat corruption?
Bawa: You stop giving bribes first. Go out & vote. Create a vote bank of good people.

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From Head to Heart – Advance Course with Rajashree Didi – Jhakkas!

JaiGurudev Dear ones,

A friend of mine, just casually informed me, of this advance course and just because, I hadn’t done since a long long time, I thought, it’s a brilliant thing to do now!

Without a second thought, I just went for it.

But Guru has HIS own plans πŸ˜‰

'G' Man πŸ˜€

HE made sure, to input, lot of confusions, in my mind!

20th, I am supposed to leave, and 16th.. the news breaks in, that Guruji, is coming to Mumbai and I am Heading to Pune!Β  ahh!!

All the excitement is chaknachur!! 😦

I yearn, to see HIS glimpse, since January and now, when HE comes, I am heading, the other way round!

I was confused and clear!!

I wanted to meet HIM, AND, do an advance course with Rajashree Didi..!

I asked the organisers and they said, you pick your choice πŸ™‚

Now, entire decision was in my hand… I am in mumbai or I am in pune!!

I decide with a heavy heart, that I HAVE TO GO!!

I cried out and said – Guruji, YOU have to meet me!!

while all my friends, merry with the news of Guruji coming, I carry myself to the corner, packaging my stuff and saying to myself ” Come on!”

Some of my friends, dropped the idea, of coming on advance course too!

And Each time I heard things like that, I gulped!

Finally the day came to leave; and I left early morning!

Nice cool breezy morning πŸ™‚

I booked a comfortable AC Shivneri seat ( pampering starts πŸ˜‰ ).

4 hours, swept by and I couldn’t even realise it!

The most amazing part, was listening to a bhajan sung by Sahil Bhaiya from Narayana CD – Hari Narayan.. in the AC seat – as I could see the nature, through the window, as the bus went pass the ghats and the song played, it was like, Guruji gently making me feel, “Boy,You are going to have a rocking time!”

I finally reached Pune!!

I face, a very very different situation here; from the bus stand, I move across, asking for Corporation Bus stand, and very comfortably misguided to one!

I reach and I see a long line on the bus stop, with a man sitting in a jeep at one side and announcing the bus numbers in the “mike”! (this is very new to me!)

So, a friend of mine asks him -“when does the bus to Markal Ashram, go from here?”

He says very rudely – “Go to the station, you won’t get it from here!” ( huh! )

So, we thought, of asking himΒ  – again, to confirm, if this was actually the Corporation Stand..?

He said YES! ( strange!! )

So no result and stern answer meant a different person had to go and ask ! So, I go back again and ask the same question, to the other guy announcing!

And he screams on the mike to me “Do I send someone to take you to the bus stop?”

Gasp! I felt a little embarrassed! But I moved on πŸ™‚

I felt, there was no point, asking this guy..

Sometimes, question aren’t right and sometimes people πŸ™‚

I asked a local person, and He said this is not the stand, you sought of… and told me to board a rickshaw and go. ( hush!)

It’s, screaming hot and we are carrying our bags! ( heavy shoulders.. drag you more! )

We asked one person, when does this bus go to Markal Ashram and from where does it leave!

and then ask another and then another..all say, aage jao.. “Go ahead!”.

So, we finally arrive, walking amidst heat,at the stand, only to know, the bus is going to come, around two hours from then!

That’s it! we were totally exhausted walking and carrying the bags in the heat!

I had called up ashram by then and he told me an alternate route..

We then boarded a bus to Alandi ( surpassing all the arrogant conductors at the stand- who seem like saying “Dude, u dont have rights to ask to me! you are doing me a favour.” )

Finally, after a hour of tapasya in the ST bus, we land up at Alandi!

Sant Dnyaneshwarichi πŸ™‚

Got a chance, to see this place from a distance!

we get down and ask, now; what next..?

( i never knew, tapasya pre-course was a part of this course ;)..nevertheless this was making us strongly feel again, that boss, this course is gonna be something very special for us! )

We had to walk and walk more, till we actually, reached a place, where tam tam’s ( sort of Big rickshaws ) were available πŸ˜€

what a delight!

He said 300 rupees! we bargained! we said noo wayss!! 200… ( in the mean time i called up ashram and he says that amount 300 is perfect! still we bargain πŸ˜‰ )

He agreed for 200Rs to drop us right at the reception! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ( as we reach the ashram, we get to know that, no one got to ashram reception, from there, in 200rs! – minimum was 300 rupees! – Now this is GRACE! )

Grace, started to be seen, from our limited eyes now πŸ™‚

Meanwhile,the road to Ashram is a free Esselworld ride “STILL NOT CONTSTRUCTED”

Somewhat, the route to ashram reminds me of Bangalore!

It is so so like Bangalore-the environment!

I reach there and there is such a peace- hush finally! πŸ˜€

I walk in the reception and get to share a meal with a ashram dog – my first act of kindness in the ashram πŸ˜‰

The dog looked innocently, as i ate my paratha at the reception..

So i bend forward and without biting my hand, he just grabs the morsel from my hand and then patiently waited for the next!

I felt so nice πŸ™‚

He sat besides me, after having a hearty meal!

There were puppies too! :)))

Meanwhile,I finally got accomodation in the Ashram πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

We were instructed that, Didi has told us all, to rest well and then have food at 7pm and then join in for meditation at 8pm πŸ™‚

I was so excited to see Didi πŸ˜€

Finally hours swept by and i could feel the deeply serene atmosphere of silence setting in the environment..

She walked in πŸ™‚

And then, she looks around and says.. “Oh not many people are around, so what to do!? Ah, we were supposed to start silence tonight, but what to do :)”

( Such a sense of understanding and love! aha! )

Okay, then lets sing πŸ™‚

So then we sang for some time.. and then we said; Didi, you share some Guru stories.

So Didi said, you know, i’ll share something from the TRM..

Then very childishly, she says ” are we supposed to share from TRM’s? I wasn’t told not to share..So i will share :D”

Guruji said – “Dekho Ham sab ek parivar hai, sanstha nai..!”

We are a family and not an organisation.

and with a state of amazement – she said – isn’t it beautiful! Everything clears of, in the head.. All the ni ni’s – the doubts, disappear!

NOBODY, is big or small, we all work together and should help each other.. and if a problem arises, with all the love and care you tackle that.. πŸ™‚

Aah.. the sense, of being right at home!

She gave us instructions, very strict instructions, that for the next few days – You dont text,talk, chit chat or even share a glance! just be with you and yourself and the nature around πŸ™‚

( By the way Ashram is magnificiently, quietly, beautiful! πŸ˜€ you would not want, to miss your time, to be with the nature.. πŸ˜‰ )

Some participants, landed up late in the evening, and Didi, looks at them, very caringly and says, you must be hungry na? first, have food! ( pointing to a person) Go, guide them to the kitchen..!

I was, amazed the way, she lives the knowledge!Β  Just moments ago, she told us, what Guruji told – to be living like a family and now, sets an example of living upto that!

Indeed, she made us feel that, all of us, belong to her.. πŸ™‚

Night creeped in and I slept in gracefully, tucking in the grace blanket πŸ˜€

Since many people arrived late, Didi said, we’ll start a little late. so next day, our course was scheduled to start at 9am! Such a big smile came then! πŸ˜€

Over the next 3 days – we just meditated, meditated and meditated! ( So Cool, Do nothing and gain Everything you ever sought – Bliss! )

and then, whenever, Didi found we were a little bit sleepy after breakfast or lunch, she would jump over to the queston baskets πŸ˜‰

One day, Didi just looked amazed looking at the question baskets and said sharing a look “This just does not end!” (laughter)

So one afternoon Didi just completed the basket to empty it and look behold – next day it was more filled than before!

(Reason – Didi answered so fantastically and put such peace to the questions; that everyone must have felt; Oh! my problem isn’t silly.. lets ask- probably, that’s what i make out! )

Usually after Satsang the day ends with listening knowledge from Gurudev – where in silence – so much love just pours in seeing HIM speak!

Guruji shared a Mullah Naseruddin Story
So Mullah was once bandaged from head to toe once and in hospital!

Many people visit him feeling concerned. So once someone asked him, does it hurt you much now?

So Mullah said “It hurts only when i laugh”

People were confused, probably thought if he was mad.

Mullah said “If i can’t laugh now, then when can i laugh in life”.

So true, in life, you can easily laugh when things are alright. It’s only when you can laugh when things are not in your favour that, you have really lived life!

So many questions on relationships and problems in relationships!

Facebook is good for information, but for social connection, ah! a no no!

In early 50’s people used to date, with their elderly people along!
Then came concept of dating without them!
And now digital dating – where, you don’t even see or feel the person and only on voice, how can you say, you love a person and make life commitments!

Guruji said a oneliner – Problems in a relationships are problems – Sea is like sea; sky is like sky; Ram and Ravan ka Yuddh, is like Ram and Ravan ka
yuddh ; similarly problems are problems!

Marriage is marriage!

It’s when you have surrendered your freedom; thats why, they give you gifts, to say, enjoy them atleast πŸ˜‰

Didi said ” In Art of Living you never say – Be positive! You dont say think positive. You say just be with it! ”
It’s when you force the happening with the Be positive.. you just suppress it, and it still stays! So just letting it be, helps it to come up and go away!

Realising the fact and doing the act, frees you!

Looking deep into our eyes Didi said “You know in one satsang Guruji said-I will write it in blood for you ; that, if you go in desert, you will get kheer( pudding )Β  to eat and water to drink!”

Somewhere something just said ” Faith is just realising – every breath is blessed – some breaths are blessed to hurt – some to laugh and some to cry – its all a show – life was meant, when you breathed in bliss! ”

One night a dog wailed woo woo..
Next day somebody asked puts a question in the basket that is that a bad sign of dog wooing? So Didi said humorously “You need to ask one of them, hey dude,get your buddy,we need to discuss..why do you wail so much” ( laughter all around – Didi shares a look – What.. man!)

We had such a loud laugh then πŸ˜€

She just then, pauses and says “Yeah, dogs do pick on the negative vibrations,but you can always chant Om Namah Shivaya regularly and do pranayams and make sure that negative energy doesnt stick on to you for long.”

Q: My wife demanding and has many desires inspite of doing advance courses? what to do, how to deal with her?
A : At times tell her who’s the boss. Share a deadly look with her once and move outside and don’t pick calls or answer or reason anything, after an hour come back and just chill out and say casually! – like what’s in for meal!
At times, you should exercise this when its excess!

In between :Since meditations are for long, hence i used to make sure, i am seated comfortably!

I used to take 3 cushions and sit in silence, doing all the things instructed!

Amazingly; some one always picked up one cushion, leaving just two for me! I mean some one arrives in late and grabs the third cushion – and i laugh at myself! Maybe i am meant to do this seva πŸ˜‰

Now since Guruji did not officially tell this to me – i made sure i took 3 cushions! and then i used to smile mischieviously at myself, each time, someone grabbed it, without looking at me πŸ˜‰

This was fun πŸ˜€

Realised, sometimes, somethings, are just perfect, the way they are!

HE knows, how many cushions – i need!

HE knows to take care of me, better than me! So i just said to the mind – Shut up, have faith – HE knows it better!

Yet taking the cushions is my job – doing the effort is my part!

Whatever happens henceforth is just perfect and HIS order.

Interesting Some lady in silnce made very beautiful handmade bouquets from the flowers and leaves, lying around and presented them to Didi after lunch!

All is done in silence πŸ™‚

After the silence, she says that, she did that thing for the first time ever!!

I was amazed – wow! You mean, you did all that for the first time, ever! and such beauty – awesome!

One more quality of Didi : living in wonder and realising the beauty in the simplicity!

a simple statement – I have all the gadgets but don’t know how to use them! Having it all and yet saying i don’t know!

I never knew, being simple was so fabulous- until i saw Didi!

Didi then said responding to her : Yeah yeah if you go deep within, all the talents come up! Everything beautiful, that’s hidden, comes up!

She used to arrive for the session and the first thing done is honoring the seat – surrendering subtly – that,let the best flow – being grateful – to be able to give HIS knowledge to all! (This was wow!) more wow is when the session starts at 6:30am and she enters in the hall at 5:45am! whoa! an ideal teacher surely! someone who walks the talk. Take a Bow didi take a bow! – You rock!

So on first day the Diya was place at a level lower than Didi, so Didi says with a smile , bring the diya to the level I seat on or bring my seat to that level!

It was also amazing to see the way Didi flexed her Body! my God! Can feel anyone feel jealous and wishful to workout more! What ease in asanas she does! Yoga seems a cake walk and inbuilt feature in Didi!

It was once i went to Jagannath Temple and there is such a beautiful idol of Lord – So once i went there and was in the line- a lady stood behind me -the previous day,i had a satsang and that lady had been there and she had a nice time! So she just pulled my Dupatta and smiled!

Meanwhile by the time my turn came to visit the inside, the Aarti was over and so i was like – what Guruji! ahh!

You brought me all the way here and now this! – Come on, this is not a DSN πŸ˜‰

So then there was thing in my heart, that how i wish i could have visited in!

So then the lady comes in and signals that i come in!

I look left right and and lady signals that i only come in.. So i follow her.

She takes me through a different route and guides me in the temple! I was like wow! Guruji ya ya this is not a DSN! thank you πŸ˜€

Now she takes me right in – near the sanctum – I tell you – the Idol is completely mesmerizing – the eyes – wow!

Now she says come in the sanctum – idhar tak aaye to theek hai, par andar tak entry – Till now i came was alright, but is it alright for me to go in the sanctum area..

So the lady says, come come.. πŸ™‚ I was like double wow!! πŸ˜€

Before that i had a flower which i had brought a Sreenathji but could not offer there!

So while standing in front of the Divine, a flower just fell down and the Pujari looked at me and signalled to give the flower!

So i was given the flower and my flower was offered to the Divine! ( How beautiful! )

When i came out, i was like , now what to do of this flower – so i ate it ( like a child Didi says πŸ˜‰ This quality is so so so beautiful! )

I then got to know that the lady was treated by the Pujari – Priest, as her daughter and she used to clean every day the sanctum!

How lucky to get to clean the place where the Divine resides, wow!

So i asked, if i can also come and clean the temple πŸ™‚

Then Didi says, with tears in her eyes : isn’t it so beautiful, HE is doing all that – cleaning our insides so that God can reside in!

Some one complained that sitting in long hours in meditation was so painful for the back and the legs!
So Didi told her story :
Those days, advance course was with Gurudev himself and it used to be 10 days long, where HE spoke very little and we just did meditations.

and when i used to sit my thighs wouldn’t just rest they would be inclined!

So, they did their thing and i did my thing! ( laughter )

And when i used to sit in meditations, it was so painful, it was like somebody is just putting the road rollers on my feet – so much pain!

I tried everything – i used cushion for my seat – to a point, that anyone could slide on the back ( laughter )

Meanwhile course used to start at 5:30 and Guruji used to conduct meditations, i often wondered what Guruji must be doing, so i opened my eyes and used to find HIM hanging HIS head in mid air!!

I thought HE is sleeping man, and i used to feel such concerned that what would the foreigners think about this, that HE is sleeping!

So you know Gurudev’s seat used to be decorated and there used to be put these daisies around, so there were little daises that i used to pick and a keep in my elevated lap πŸ˜‰ and sit right ahead near HIM, and whenever i found HIM sleeping – hanging in mid air – i used to throw little daisies to HIM and close my eyes – HE used to then move a little up and then hang in again –

Didi laughs at herself and says – Can you see the ignorance then – trying to wake up the master! ( ironical )

So then one time Gurudev said : You know nothing in the body moves, until you say so!

I so deeply realised that i decided to tell my body – Dont move stay up!

At the end of that meditation – it was like somebody was just pouring cold honey molasses on my head and something just settled down deep inside!

At the end of it, my laps were resting like a normal person and i sat like that for the entire day without moving!

wow! we were amazed hearing this story of Didi!

Nothing in the body moves until you give a permission – This so so so immensely helped me in meditations – I had this question and before i could ask that

Didi answered it – Aho! – I implemented and Eureka – Successful! Meditations were so deep and focused! Thank you Didi! This was fantastic!

I was once in the Ashram and after a blissful satsang one persons not knowing me, came across and said me hi! i asked him – you enjoyed the satsang! and he said it was okay. i mean common – such a beautiful satsang and Gurudev and you find it okay! (huh!) I left him there and moved away!

So then the person followed me up right upto the kitchen – ( interestingΒ  : what resists, persists! )

So then, i asked, if you found it okay, then, why on a sunday, did you come all the way up here to listen!

There must be something you seek for and you find it right here!

This made him curious!

Now that i virtually slapped his concepts that i felt it was not kind to leave him like that!

So i talked to him a bit more and got to know that a friend of his, is telling him to do the course, but he needs a push and he does not want to take the responsibility to enroll himself in the course!

So i said, if you trust your friend, then you do the course!

This must have totally took him! Now he cannot say i dont trust my friend!

So then usko malam laga ke, i slipped out!

Now i hadn’t seen the reception desk at Ashram, so casually i sneaked in!

And see who i found in there – the same person – he was registering himself for the basic course!

( claps all around )

Some times a little push is enough for you to fly!

Once Gurudev was invited to a event by All India Institute of Alternative Medicines, where all Yogis and people had come. I also went with Gurudev.

It was very funny, while the speakers were speaking, someone constantly in the background of the stage was manipulating – arranging things, even while the

talk was on!

So, in the front row Gurudev was speaking and i was there sitting, right at the back diagonally to HIM, so that i could just see HIM!

So many speakers came in and spoke..

Then came a Yogi – He started with a heavy tone – You know the mind is very strong. Lets experience it. Keep both your hands in front. Now close your eyes and feel that you are holding bucket with water!
and now the bucket is getting heavier and heavier and now, its getting so heavy, that you cannot even pick it up!

Since i was with Gurudev, i didn’t completely, close my eyes and slowly sneaked in, to see, if HE needs anything, anytime!

So while the Yogi said, i sneaked in to look what Gurudev was doing!

I saw and it was so so cute to watch HIM! HE was there standing like a kid and doing as instructed and when the person said you can’t bend ur elbows , Gurudev used to quickly move the elbows πŸ˜‰

( laughter all around, amongst the advance course participants.)

So then after some speakers, Gurudev’s turn came and HE mesmerised the audience – took a meditation!

as the event was over – a man from behind walked ahead – and with his body shaking in a loud voice he kept saying as he approached Gurudev – Mujhe pata hai aapko pata hai sab – toh aap batate kyu nai! – I know, you know it all, so why don’t you tell us all!

and he kept repeating this till he came to Gurudev! meanwhile many tried to stop but Gurudev said let him come!

So when he approached Gurudev said eye to eye with him – When you cannot explain a simple headache to a person who hasn’t experienced a headache, how do you explain the Ultimate Truth!?

Hearing this, the person just did dandavats – bowing down to Gurudev continuously and said ” Ab to mann gaye, sirf pahucha hua aadmi hi aise bol sakta hai – Now i realised, only the one who reached that level, can speak like that! ”

As, this got over , we boarded our car and then in car amongst everything Gurudev says like a child, You know i could bend my elbows when the person said you couldn’t, Did you also do that?

So Didi said : No Guruji i was observing you! πŸ˜€

Can you imagine that amongst all the end that happened, all that the person shares is the simple that happened!

Retaining the child while diving in the depth! – a quality class apart πŸ˜€

Once while feeding Gurudev i felt like just holding HIS cheeks, so HE mischieviously says cuddling his beard : haan haan isliye toh isko rakha hai..ya ya that’s why i kept this beard!
So that you don’t barge in πŸ˜‰
So cutee!

Experience of lady health fanatic

There was this one person who was a big health fanatic!
She had this idea that enlightened beings can’t do all things and should maintain rules!
So in one satsang, amongst the various gifts and edible items kept in front of Gurudev, Gurudev picks this pack of pringles and eats it all alone in front of her. ( usually HE distributes it to all. )
This just leaves her dumbfounded!

With a doubt she goes..

Then after some days, she goes to a person, whom she seeks, to foretell her future!

The person says that someone in your life who’s greater isn’t allowing to see your future.
This infuriates her more, she thinks that Gurudev is blocking it and HE is jealous of her success in her life and is now allowing it!

So she asks Gurudev and Gurudev very calmly says that maybe it must have happened and don’t listen to it and for next six months keep taking courses and continue taking courses.Don’t do anything else.
She doesn’t listen at all.

She then happens to meet a person who is a drug addict! So she starts testing drugs on herself and soon she had more problems as her children too went in drug habits!

So Didi told see this is big lesson! Listen to it, When Gurudev says it!

HE knows it well than you do!

Didi quotes her Ba “If you get a bargain of Guru, at the cost of ur head, give it!”

Its more than worth!

People have such wierd concepts that teachers can’t do or are not supposed to do this!

As a teacher, some asked, oh you adorn jewellery, Hello, I like it! so i adorn it! πŸ˜€

Some how people feel that teachers can fly!

I mean its very much possible for you to feel all humanly things and you can do all humanly things and thats perfectly normal!

I still sometimes sneak in someone else’s course and do seva! Vaccumm the lobby or go in the kitchen and cut vegetables!

Someone asked me in the kitchen – You, Rajashree Patel, why are you cutting vegetables? She said : why can’t i?!

Being a volunteer always πŸ™‚

Last day it was totally so chilled! Almost freezed we were!
So like a mother – and not like a teacher – Didi asks us to keep the blankets, near our feet, so that, she could cover our feet while we rest after kriya!
Such sense of i care for you! wow!!

Last day after breakfast before session begins, Didi confesses like a child, I had chai bhujiya today!
But you know i don’t have it all the time, otherwise everything outside seems so buzzy!
Have you seen Charlie Brown –
Everyone says — NO!
Ah, Forget it then – it’s a cartoon..
okay, see, there are these characters as kid whom teacher scolds and each time they monotously yes mam! and all that scolding is shown as wyaa wyaa wyaa!

So when i eat the chai everything outside sounds like wyaa wyaa.. so i don’t do it often!

( all of us are amazed! ) So Didi says laughingly – “You see, this is the child in me! ”

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Sukanto Bhaiya has worked tirelessly to make Pune Ashram look fantastic!
He takes care of every minute detail and his commitment is just commendable!
He was sharing that this land was totally isolated and nothing there!
Today stands the magnificient ashram there..!
Villagers nearby say that a fakir use to move around there and bless people and heal them and once he said pointing to this land that many people will come up here and its really happening!

Now Guruji’s official Kutir will soon be constructed πŸ™‚

A YLTP volunteer was sharing that how on donating money it came back again to him four times!

He donated 25000 to conduct a Rudra Puja and next day he gets a call and some unfinished business fetches him 1 lakh! whoa!

If you donate generously with viveka – it does come back!

Didi always believes in precision and values time more!

So while experiences keep pouring, a gentle reminder was always given to ones who dragged – 30 seconds more πŸ˜‰

One interesting thing Didi shared : Thoughts, emotions, sensations & habits, are linked and at a time,you see, one of it is dominant!

Everytime you do the same thing -Its like a groove that sets in..

These meditations are like recognising what are those things deep inside lying in you and letting go of them subtly!

Many time you feel, its the sensation that you feel during meditations, but its not! its a vasana that manifests in!

Quite amazing how letting go off sensations, lets go of vasanas – habits! whoa! bingo! – *clap – clap*

In Gujrat – we were taking course of businessmen and then we did not know things that men and women had to be seated differently..
so this guy gets up and shouts loud – you dont things or what!
Guruji was seated right up!
Guruji said : You never know, who’s ur enemy or friend! Maybe a long lost enemy!

Once we were driving the car and the car halted at a signal.
At the signal we saw a person crossing the road and as HE crossed the road, it was like his eyes were locked with Gurudev!
He was crossing the road looking eye to eye with Gurudev!
and then he moved ahead!
so i asked Gurudev if i should go and get the person and do you want to meet him!
So Gurudev says that.. ” It will take three lifetimes for him to meet!”
So amazing HE still shared the bond through that gaze!

Guruji said, you know, sometimes, it happens that, it takes years, for some of the effect of the karma, to let go of! So that’s why sometimes, you don’t feel or get lost in some part of the meditations & its quite natural! Just be with the flow & follow the instructions & give your hundred percent!

Gurudev shared in one of the knowledge CD’s : That part of you, which is awake, make it sleep – let it rest and that part of you, which is sleeping,
awaken it…!

that’s what you do in advance courses na πŸ˜‰ awakening of the sleeping part πŸ˜€

Don’t make such ado of sadhana. Make it, just a part of life. Do it and leave it. Don’t analyze it.
Have you seen your elders like they are chanting Hari Om while the whole house is getting ready for the day and suddenly in the midst of Hari Om, Hurry O comes πŸ˜‰ You see they just treat it as a part of their life!

On the Christmas eve someone crowned her..
Oh man.. it was just like Jesus being crowned and Guruji coming up right there!!
Ah! Guruji! I could just just just feel HIM right there!

As songs played in satsang, like the innocence of Guruji, she calls in small children seated and distributes them biscuits!

Ah the depth of love you could just see in her action! aha! like honey mwah!

You could just observe and stare and stare and stare at Didi as if Guruji has come there right then!

As Krishna Govinda played in,she jumped down dancing in the crowd dancing like a kid and a pro!
as then as they says Gopis and Gopas followed Krishna wherever they went – we followed and circled her as there was total celebration felt every moment!

There was a distinct feeling of Love felt in each heart!

As the song progressed Didi played Dandiya with some of us and made us feel so so loved!

Like being with Gurudev!

She said with amazement – strange, i find even in Bangalore Ashram that people “breathe out Ujjayi” in short kriya!
Practise normal breath out!
since your system is so used it, so practise it, so you will get over it!

Also when you take your hand up while Bhastrika, your fists are closed! and when the hand comes down, your elbows gently bang against the sides of the body!

Listen to the instructions of Yoga : While neck rotation just neck drop to shoulders, shoulders don’t move!

Somebody asked what do you do in place of no centers – she said are you kidding!? From North Pole to South Pole, we are everywhere!
And if its not there in your area, then you flag it!

She called up all the Ashramites and praised them all for the Good work they are doing maintaining the Ashram, then she honored the maharaj for the ashram-like food prepared! It was amazing to see, how she honored every simple thing πŸ™‚
Didi said the signature of a cook is his dish and his style! still this cook cooked the way it had to be!
As they Annam Purna Brahma! Food is treated like God!
and for sure the one’s who made food had to be more so honored for how beautifully with love he prepared all the meals!

Thank you Maharaj ji πŸ˜€

Q : a friend of mine say this is kalyuga and that chanting the name of Lord Krishna would only help? what to say?

A : Tell them, you chant and go to heaven, while, i’ll keep doing my things and decide to go to hell! JaiShriKrishna!

what’s the point getting stuck! You do your thing and rest peacefully and i do mine πŸ˜€

We reach the same ONE!

Some of the experiences:
Someone gave up tea coffee and some one cigarette!
Some one gave up extra marital affair. it was so amazing that we all laughed at his mistake and Didi like a mother very caringly told him to be responsible and take a decision and move on!

I havent seen such level of acceptance of a person!
Seriously awesome!
Acceptance every single moment! Amazement every single moment! wow!
Wow in the now – is something i Bow πŸ™‚

Somebody flew in from Kuwait, to do the course!

Somebody shared i’ll hug the most important 10-15 people in my life as soon as i go back home!

Somebody said, Now, I know, I will not stop, when troubles come, i’ll challenge them and move on!

Some one said that he cheated his father and came : in the sense he told his father that its a day course and later text him that its gonna be five days!
Didi said : Tell him, you know what, I loved what they said and it was useful and so many thing they told was what, I found that, u were always right.

Wow Each word was what i experiencing and the fear holds them back! but yeah this is exactly what i would tell to my dad! πŸ˜€

Didi said with caution : Don’t shock your mother and hug, Yukti se hug karo! Say you know what i missed you and express and slowly hug her, otherwise they will get shocked!

Advance course ended (? or rather started) with celebration now! πŸ˜€

While on way back journey was double graceful, something deeply inside me shifted and said Guruji is taking care every moment and with me!
A strong FAITH just was established!

So way back we were gonna get a ride till the outside of ashram and from there we had to plan our travel!

There were so many people that my luggage only could go and i had to wait to reach my luggage!

luckily my friends had boarded and took care of my luggage! All this while i am totally cool and having that solid FAITH of not letting my smile go off!

My luggage reached Mumbai as i could not reach my friends and it could be too late and tedious for us!

In meanwhile i get company of Surat guys and a awesome guy Harshal – interesting got to know they are empowering people selling milk of the 15 desi cows they adopted! wow!
Couldn’t even think of this! πŸ˜€
These guys had adopted 15 cows and took up the task of delivering the milk to places and generating revenues so that each house has a cow from where each family can drink the pure milk!
Back home journey i had to do nothing, these Surat guys were simply fantastic! They managed to get vehicles and we reached station in such coolness! πŸ˜€

Thank you Guruji! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
I always know, you know what’s best for me! – a travel without luggage! πŸ˜€

Back home at 12am in the loneliest of the lanes i find one rickshaw approaching me! – wow!

I reach home thanking Guruji for everything and everything!

Thank you thank you Guruji! Love you! πŸ˜€

Lastly saying what Gurudev Quoted : Take up big committments for life is magnanimous!

PS : One of the most amazing moments of the life was when in the satsang, Didi said as i approached the stage, that i’ll have a pic just with her πŸ˜€
man! i was done with advance course then! that was my gift! πŸ˜€ thank you Gurujeee! Lovee you! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Stay happy

Stay blissful

Stay blessed

Stay committed!

Love,love and more love to all!


Swapnil πŸ™‚

Rajashree Didi!

Oh my Guru!

My Super Guruji

Across the web found this amazing Guru Story! πŸ™‚
It was a hard summer after noon and was with one AOL teachers residence for Lunch..
One teacher said- isnt it hot n humid today…so some one innovative mind decided to pour water on da floor and whole place was all wet flooded wid Water…eventually the whole rooom was cool!!!
suddenly the teachers Cell phone rings…He says- “Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah– Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah– Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Now He looks at me and i smile..He says– “GURUJI?????????”
Person over phone says– “Yes, its me..”
teacher now – who was in Short’s and T shirt stumbles and says “Yes Guruji – Jai Gurudev”
Guruji says- “Arey yeh kya tarikha hain baithne ka??? Theek se kapde pehno..get ready” He keeps the phone.
Teacher lookin at me– Please get up and dress up.. Guruji says yeh kya pehna hain and He asked us to be ready.
Within seconds we all were in white clothes..and the floor was cleaned , water was drained and dried up ..Everything was lightening fast!!
Phone rings again- “Jai Gurudev”
Teacher- “Jai Gurudev Guruji!!”
Guruji–“Aah now you all look beautiful and fresh!!!”
Teacher – “Where are you Guruji?”
Guruji– “I am in Germany!!”
Teacher “OK Guruji ..”
Gurujis says “Get Ready ” and hung up the phone.
After few minutes many people comes to the flat to enquire how and what AOL is…
Isnt it Amazing ??? Guru wants us to be at mark everytime…where ever you are you are representing AOL.. πŸ™‚

be aware HE is watching you…right now…
Jai Gurudev! πŸ˜€

Am Seeing You- Sri Sri..

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