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Rishi Vidyadharji : Love, Affection, Respect and Atomic Theory.

A friend of mine recently did a Blessings Course With Rishi Vidyadharji
Here is what she shared as she recalled..

Rishi Vidhyadharji shared about love affection and respect..
The difference between the three..
Love is felt for equals.. Like your friends, sister, brother.
You don’t cry when you don’t meet them for months and then see them after long!!
Respect is what you feel for elders..
It invokes a little element of fear in you.
It is what you give your parents, grandparents, Guru and other elderly people..
Affection is what an elderly person feels for people younger to him..
A mother for her child, a Guru for his devotees etc.. The latter two – Respect and Affection.. brings tears to your eyes..
Don’t you find tears in your eyes when you see Guruji?
That is what is the basic difference between the three!!

He explained the atomic model based on this..
Atom has a nucleus which contains neutrons and protons..
According to law of nature..
Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.
So why is it, that in the nucleus,
Two protons are attracted??
To this.. Rishiji connected the love affection respect theory.
He said that.. Protons & neutrons have almost equal mass and so they are equals. Hence they love each other!
And love demands to stay together.
So they stick together! Electrons are smaller in mass than protons and neutrons both..
So electrons respect protons and neutrons who are elder!
And we always stay away and have fear of elders.. So they stay away from the nucleus. But the protons and neutrons are elders and have affection for the electrons and so they attract the electrons and keep them bound to the atom, without letting them escape; in this way he put the centripetal and centrifugal forces in this beautiful manner!

And also he said that
.. Agar koi tumhari burai kare toh sweekar karo..
If somebody talk bad about you, accept it..
Woh tumhare bure karam lekar jaa rha hai apne saath!! Tumhara hi bhala hoga!!
He is taking away your bad. Only your Good will happen.

Aur Yadi koi tareef kare toh woh acche karam le jaayega.
And if somebody praises you, they happen to take away ur good karma.
So agar koi tareef kare toh uspe ulta daal dena..
Jo mujhe mein gunn hai woh toh tujh mein bhi hai..
So if somebody praises you, you respond back, whatever is in me, is also in you 🙂

Love Prayers and Blessings
Swapnil :))
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