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Little did i know!

Against Corruption!

Chatting with a friend of mine today enlightened me of something!

The local milk vendor of mine charges 15Rs instead of 13Rs. for half a litre milk!

The reason most commonly heard is “Bhaiya,doodh fridge main rakhna padta hain, electricity ka bhada hain!”

And all the times blindly i have accepted this fact! 😮

A few days back i also saw a sting operation being taken off in Star Majha, a Marathi news channel, but this question still remained as to how this extra money was illegal!

A friend of mine- Swapnil Birhamne, however came up with an interesting and valid logic, as to how this is completely illegal! 😀

He started” Bhaiya aap har packet pe 2Rs kamate ho” – You earn two rupees behind every packet!

“Abhi dekha jaye to aap 50 packets bikte honge!” – You must be selling 50 packets atleast..”Toh din ka aap 100 rupaye aur mahine ka 30 din yane 3000Rs kamate ho??” – So for a day you earn 100Rs and for 30days you earn 3000Rs..

“Ab batao is chote dukan ka bill 3000Rs kab aa sakta hain? jab ek chote ghar ka 500-600 jyada se jyada ata hain!???” – Now tell how can a small shop have a bill of Rs 3000 when a small house has 500-600 with a same appliances as your shop!

The shopkeeper could not refuse and accepted the fact and therefore did not argue, when he just gave 13Rs to the shopkeeper!

This left me stunned and aware that i wont buy this reason from the milk vendor henceforth! 😀

13 Rs = 13 Rs..

Stand for it! 😀

India Against Corruption every single time! 😀


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