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Dear Ones,
As you say even i was enjoying the fruits of listening to music,movies and reading books at a lower cost,infact i never had a thought to buy original stuff,and my greed on having more music,movies,…has just increased incessantly…
I will give you a situation…Suppose you release your own solo music album,
You release the CD in the public….
Your Album is a Smash Hit!
Now somebody wants to earn money….
So they copy your cd content without your permission,your knowledge and send it across to all the tapri markets where they sell it @ Some affordable price!
And Guess what people buy it….
Where does the money go…?? not to to the person who created the album but to the person who copied and released a fake version in the market….
Who loses on these grounds…its you!

Its the same things happening..see on the larger perspective,in the greed of wanting more…we are supporting the piracy business…
Its easy to buy the low cost CDS,or books but you are responsible in a way in bring ing down the business of that poor chap who first put invested so much into it!

Ever seen many film actors,actually saying Stop Piracy!
You know why because it does cause a reduction in the business,because the same product is available somewhere at a affordable price and the creators lose out on everything, money,market!

So you can ask why is not the piracy business given a stop when its so known to causing harm!
I will tell you piracy is just one example of corruption we are supporting and the reason these things are still going on are some top hotshots are supporting it,more strongly we are buying them!

I will tell you Bawa DOES NOT BUY Pirated CD’s DVD’s Books He buys them from shops,,Crosswords,Online Shopping from his own hardearned money!
You can email and ask him if you want to confirm him!

So does my mentors Rohit Bhaiya and Shilpa Didi,
I heard Bhaiya once saying that why are you buying the pirated CD’s instead rent the CD’s!

If we have to stop the corruption,then we have to show non-corruption to those things!
Its us who have made the piracy business grow!
Its us by non-co-operating can make the business shrink!

See its not your stuff which is being sold that is why you say why what is the problem!
The moment it starts affecting you!
The day this things hit you you will realise the problem!

I know its tough to give up since you are so addicted to watching movies cds at lower rates!
I too had!
But i did i deleted over a 1000 songs of English,Marathi,Hindi deleted over 30 movies all done as my counter the problem of piracy!

As it is said either be a part of the problem or the Solution!

I chose latter!

So what if I am not able to completely stop it,I am atleast not contributing to the losses to the business of the individuals who actually have given their best!

I will tell you its just nature of an individual then,first film music and now people are copying aol music,meditations!
Guess if people are getting it free why would people buy the CD on the first place!
I saw this thing happening and found that the only way to stop it is first me stopping this stop.
Then making people aware of this thing!

Let me tell you all the things i have i not all pure pristine!
My Lappie for example has pirated OS of XP!
I guess its not registered!
But i am making steps for that i am slowly buying those things which i have in pirated versions to counteract the market!

I can now say i did support the piracy and made sure the market was not affected neither!
I make use of the pirated versions for sometime and then after some months,boom buying the original pieces of softwares,to promote the market!

I so use more of freeware,distributed for free softwares!
More safer and supports the norms of business!

I do say i have pirated products but i do make sure i buy the original stuff in a while as well!

Today I have deleted almost say over 40 GB of data off the disk and guess what just in a few days,i got music CDS,gifts to me from my friend!

Its you who think is not possible to buy the original CDs,I say yes make yourself capable of buying the original stuff!

If you want more of Cds and oppose what do you have to do,nothing just work more,earn more and then earn your CDs or earn you can chose the other option be satisfied with low quality,earn less,and keep cribbing,oh there is corruption!

The Choice is Yours!

P.S. : No Hard Feelings for anyone here,these are just my thoughts if you agree,its my pleasure that you are supporting me!
If you disagree,its your ignorance of the urgency of the hour,i still will wait for the time when you agree over this issue and that would be when you will be victim of this crisis!

Love and Regards,
Swapnil 🙂

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The Way it Goes!!!!

Man eats Non-Veg and has been eating it since a long time now..
I had no offence if i just were transferred a few 100 years back…but now i do…..!!!
The reason am here to pen down..
Years back Man ate Non-Veg and the supply for non-veg was possible because of sufficient stocks available.
That is if 50 animals(150 being the animal population say suppose) was the demand over say 6 months,then demand would be met comfortably without much harm done to the environment cycle and the animal population.

Now in present day times,animal almost have the same naturally bred population census.It may have crossed in addition to say 10-20%.
But that’s still insufficient compared to the growth of people which has gone beyond,exponentially.Resul

ting in the expontential increase in demand of animals,which was previous linear and in control.
As a result now there has been an imbalance of the supply,demand and the stock.
The demand for non-veg,animals has increased,the stock,i.e. the animals insufficient,and the supply therefore doesnot meet the demand.
To counteract the balance between the demand and supply of animals,man has been making efforts to increase the stock,ie increase meat production.
Here is where the brutual facts come.
Animals have body limitations,they have a body cycle.
Man has been making efforts to increase the production by chemicals.
Some of the procedures carried out are castration,debeaking,removing the horns,injecting chemical for faster growth-results in opposing the body cycle.
All this and many more brutual acts done just so that human demands for meat is met for….Without considering the pain and the torture animals have to go through…
How can a person ever say he is a responsible person when such a widely known thing is neglected, reason selfish nature..
Some Myths..
People say they find taste in meat..which is bland!!! All the spices actually add up the taste..
Meat have what you have to kill animals brutually and then what instantly you have superpowers with the protein…Wake up so many vegetables have proteins get out of your comfort zone and get some vegetables…..
So dont we kill plants….Dr JC Bose proved plants have life…This is funny…
If you spare vegetables they rot and if you spare a animal it lives….

How can your words ever carry power when you do such a heinous act of supporting the brutual meat industry..No wonder there are top hotshots who earn the money out of such a business..i should say they are trading human lives for their own materialistic comforts…

So what can we do!- As what Gandhiji Did…
Non-co-operation— this is the most peaceful and the most effective way…
If each person in every house decides not to eat non-veg then why would the need for slaughtering more animal arise…
As it is said Charity begins at home …I have decided not to eat non-veg so can you all!
Its just a small step but the small step in every house in the world is what going to actually make the world a better place to live in!
I decide to not buy pirated cd’s.
I will not talk while i drive.
I will not break the signal rules.
I will not litter anywhere but the dustbin.
I will not drink and drive(I dont drink!).
I will abide by the rules and help the rules stay as rules!

It’s just one person in everyhouse that decides the world to be better place to live in!

Here am I changing the world by my actions…if the output needs to be seen..we need more and more people to join in…
Atleast i am being a part of the solution…I am doing my part…so you can do…contribute by sharing this facts with more and more people…

Many people are continuing to do the things because they are unaware of the facts,and those who still continue to do so inspite of knowing are very few and ignorant…
Its time that we all make ourselves known to this fact…Gravely affecting the animals,environment,world and the universe….Because our present actions are going to make the future for our successors a better place to live in!!!

A Human Desperate in Wanting the Change from every individual!
Take Care,
Love and Blessings.

P.S.: The thoughts expressed are from various discussions,question answer sessions,
sites,and some are just fresh from my head as they popped out of debate with my own mind….

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Children Learn What they Live- Dorothy Law Nolte :)

If children live with CRITICISM ,they learn TO CONDEMN.

If children live with HOSTILITY,they learn TO FIGHT.

If children live with RIDICULE,they learn TO BE SHY.

If children live with SHAME,they learn TO FEEL GUILTY.

If children live with ENCOURAGEMENT,they learn CONFIDENCE.

If children live with TOLERANCE,they learn TO BE PATIENT.

If children live with PRAISE,they learn TO APPRECIATE.

If children live with ACCEPTANCE,they learn TO LOVE.

If children live with APPROVAL,they learn TO LIKE THEMSELVES.

If children live with HONESTY,they learn TRUTHFULNESS.



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Hatred-Not Everbody’s Nature!!!

You are not born with hatred in your genes!!

Its the habit,incident the person has undergone is the one existing in you also which you want to get rid of but are clueless about how to get rid of and so whenever the person comes,the thing in you and him comes up and you start moving away from the person thinking that it will create a peace of mind!

You want to create a distance from that habit,event;in the process but you start moving away from the person and appears to the other person that this person is disliking him/her.

The moment you realise what the dislike is.. You Can think of the solution and I promise the next time you meet the person whom you dislike … observe the thing that is causing hatred and work towards it ..

Once you have overcome the thing you will face the person with a smile and not with a grin!

Facing the fear eliminates the fear…
Fear creates the distance!

As Beautifully put by Sri Sri-Fear is Love upside Down!
Love,Jai Gurudeva 🙂
Swapnil 🙂

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