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Dinesh Dada & Bawa at YES!+ session at Bengaluru ashram!

Dinesh Dada @DineshGhodke  & Bawa @khurshed at YES!+ session at Bengaluru ashram on 19th Aug 2012 :

Dinesh Dada, Bawa and Bhanu Didi

Dinesh Dada
ABC happens in AOL. Attitudinal n Behavioral Changes.
Be leaders like the honeybees.
Makes wax & honey.
Wax of knowledge & the sweetness of Love.
Honey bee is strong also.

YES!+ nurtures Leadership, helps your talents blossom & kindles seva (service) & the attitude of responsibility.

If you want to create Guru Stories in your life,rather than listening to others stories & becoming jealous, take courage zone targets.

See to it that your courage zone target is not impractical, it should be on the inner side of impossibility.

350 youth from Assam formerly involved in militancy, took the AOL Leadership Training at Ashram.

Genetically modified food, being promoted by Sharad Pawar, is destroying the flora & fauna of our country & causing disease.

Some of our politicians, have Asuri Shakti, to combat it we need to use Daivi shakti.

Guruji kehte hai, us ghode pe mat baitho jiska lagam tumhare haat me nahi hai.

@khurshed Bawa has arrived and laughters & applauses are resounding in BadriVishala

Confusion is good, it means at least you have choices.

Q: how does it feel to b 42.
Bawa: Exactly like being 24, minus the confusion!

make AOL enhance everything else you do in life.

Acid test of enlightenment is ur photo should be in the GuruParampara photo.

Q: how to improve intuition?
Bawa: By doing sadhana, seva & satsang.

Q: do I need a Guru?
Bawa: if u need the answer, you need a Guru.

Q: AOl does excellent work, but why doesn’t media talk abt it?
Bawa: Because AOL doesn’t pay them.

Q: How to deal with dominating people?
Bawa: Dominate them back, so they know whats happening.

Q: how to combat corruption?
Bawa: You stop giving bribes first. Go out & vote. Create a vote bank of good people.

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Pondering Over – 2

Remember Bau quoting IIT Powai last yr…

Choose Hobby from Heart and Career-Profession from Head!..thats being intelligent! 🙂

see hobbies are one that u do to please ur mind…u do when u want there is no committment to be kept in that!
whereas choose career not thinking mujhe yeh pasand hain isliye because if u choose it as a career then committment is bound to be there!
See if u love writing and want to be become a journalist and want to pursue that as a career! fine nothing wrong with it but know that it will be become a committment then..u will have deadlines and u will be required to meet it..that u have to face! then where is the joy now!
So ur hobby now is a job!
So if u want to choose still writing no issue but be ensured to go through all committments too!!
You used to previously write occasionally when u just felt it to write! and now u have write because u have no other option deadlines are to be met!!
So choose to become anybody doctor lawyer or whatever and then do it from the head! 😉
Do what is there! 🙂
This will ensure u have money from the profession and peace of mind too from ur hobbies 🙂

Love and Blessings! 🙂
JaiGurudev!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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