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There was a time..

Time moves on!

There was a time when i would wake up

only to eat biscuits and hold the tea cup.

There was time when i would hear.

Beta get ready

pack ur tiffin its 9 already!

There was a time when i would hop in streets with utmost joy,

just to see my comrades in school uniform go by 😉

There was a time my smile would go bright.

as i saw the school in sight.

There was a time i would walk past the school,

for it had friends just so cool!

They may not be ideal and so co-ordial,

but always they been at a distance of a dial!

There was a time i would leave to school early,

To play to chitchat to discuss all wordly!

There was a time recess would be close,

of rats crying that the hunger rose..!

There was a time PT was fun,

of less exercise and games would run!

There was a time of school annual days!

Of performances speeches and my comrades plays.

There was a time pocket money was twenty.

i still remember that was plenty!

There was never more desire to get that sundry!

Of love & friends and all so in bounty!

There was a time when sundays was rest,

of late morning breakfast & cartoons the best!

There was a time when i would walk past the building

only to call oh hello come fast lets play in me its itching!

Tired i would get and the session that followed,

i always remembered we laughed and never sorrowed!

I never facebooked, tweeted or googled,

and so there was time i could plan go and mingled!

There was a time i was with everyone,

there was belongingness and no clutter!

There was a time that everyone understood

that apple was a fruit

and windows the one’s which walls suit!

There was a time when i would play

Of sunburns and injuries

of window breaks and lots of scoldings!

There was a time when i was not adult

there was a time i thought it was better 🙂

PS : in fond memory of those golden days 🙂

Love 🙂

Swapnil 🙂

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