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A Poem!!!!

I thought it that way.
but it was the other way.
I thought that was right.
But to other’s might.
That thing never seemed a sight.
I Thought I made it.
Only to be disappointed and left to bear it.
For the announcement was made once.
That things are done by every1’s..
I thought that there was no way and left to the core.
Only to realise that success just seemed a step more.
I wish i realised it that moment that…Living in present.
Would make me more content.
I wish things would go by my way.
HE proved that the ONE’s was a better than mine.
For practising Faith was the need of time.
Here I put my pen down to go to dine.
As i put an end to the whining nature of mine!
To make you think it might have made everyone smile.
As i leave the lappy this while!
This time or the other…
Sooner or later!
Wish to see you smiler more bright and yet so in time!

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