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Accepting the Dreams and Reality

Big question!

Big question!

Question : What if you  have seen big dreams like bungalow, car, money.. all your life…and one day u come to know that it’s not your cup of tea…how to deal with it?
Accepting the  difference between big dreams &  reality.

Answer :

Its nice to dream big and hope that, you’ll own all that you desired!
But maybe one day suddenly, you may realize that its going to take a very long time to get  all that.
Given the fact, your current salary and family background, suddenly it may dawn upon to you that its not possible!
Its a humble request, don’t let ambitions die.
Do modify them but don’t let ambitions die.
There is a saying in Marathi..
Anthrun Pahun Paay Pasrave..
See your boundaries, limitations and plan your steps.
So maybe with the money,  you cant buy a very posh bungalow, but you can buy a nice cozy flat, which gives you the required comfort.
You might not get a Rolls Royce but maybe a Honda City might fall in your life.
So be happy with that.

Another thing is don’t keep saying that i don’t have the best.
It is said that, you attract the kind of events you feel.
So if you keep reeling in lack then, you will live in lack.
If you keep saying oh i don’t have enough and all.
Then you won’t see opportunities.
But if you reel in gratefulness and a feeling that i have enough and enjoy whatever you have; with a smile, then you will have your mind open.
Then you can see opportunities coming and you can make use of that.
It might take little effort but you can make use of opportunities and that can slowly slowly fulfill your desires.

Maybe right now, nothing seems practical and possible.
Agreed.. But keep that little faith that miracles can happen.
Know that you’ll be given what is required.
Be grateful and offer this prayer in helplessness, that let prosperity flow in my life.
That, i don’t know how and when.. but you guide me so that i have so much money that i can help myself and my loved ones.

Knowing this, that one day you’ll be prosperous.
Don’t get disheartened suddenly, visualizing future right now.
Fortune favors the brave.
Prosperity embraces the one who gives his best.
Be ready to put that extra effort in.
Practice little sacrifice.
Have a vision and work slowly for it.
Pray more.  Serve more.
Don’t wait for happiness to come in.
Be happy and achieve all that.
Be happy with all you get.
Dress a smile and live in gratitude!
For one day,you will get what is rightfully yours.

Love Prayers Blessings!

Keep rocking!

JaiGurudeva 🙂

Swapnil 🙂 🙂 🙂

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