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Wake Up Call!

Wake Up Call! 🙂


This has two meanings 🙂

One is a wake up call in the morning 🙂

and the other is –

Asking people to wake up to this reality that the world IS beautiful!

Just wake up and see, nature is adorable! 🙂

Its wonderful 🙂

For all those who think its not like that, its a wake up call for them!

Wake up! rise and shine! Worlds a lot more Divine! 🙂

🙂 😀 😀 😀

Love Blessings and Prayers! 🙂

JaiGurudeva! 🙂

Swapnil 🙂

Poem for my dear one! :)

Loved One! 🙂

A Poem composed for my dear one! 🙂 ^_^

Sun’s so bright,
Clouds so clear 🙂
Birds flying in front and rear,
Miles away thoughi stay,
From the deepest of the heart i say,
Get Best Soon,
Rise high Soon,
I wanna see that smile soon ^_^
Days pass by,as do nights,
As i wonder at your beauty and innocence all the while,
God Bless you with brilliance all the more,
Just as i pray give a little just more ^_^
Promise to be, By your sides,
Pakka..All Days an al nights ^_^
Love 🙂

Swapnil 🙂

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