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Moments at SSRVM Dharavi School :)

A Few Months Back I decided to teach and therefore vowed to volunteer as a tutor for a year’s time atleast in SSRVM ( Sri Sri RaviShankar VidyaMandir ) in Dharavi;Asia’s largest slum – a school for the first generation learners – meaning the first people in their entire family to ever study …!!! ( more details – Click here to visit Dharavi School Site and to know more )

I volunteered for a few days in the concluding days of last academic year … πŸ™‚
And was told to rejoin as tutor in the next academic year..
I got a final call yesterday thats precisely the 27th June that i am supposed to start the new acacemic year’s session the next day itself!
I with sheer excitement agreed for it πŸ™‚

Monday arrives and so do the first day of mine as a tutor in the new academic year..!!
I was told to tutor Marathi to some of the kids there who cant grasp faster…Time was minimal 1:30 hrs a catch them up on the parts they couldnt much grasp! πŸ™‚
So i dressed myself neat and clean and then holding my bag i started towards the school…
Took a rickshaw and halted at T Junction thats the maximum the rickshaw can go near the school premises.!
Reached T Junction and then walked up the remaining distance!!
As i entered in the lane i saw the children leaving dressed in the school uniforms yes i am supposed to tutor the kids after as i entered the lane..i saw 2-3 kids as they made their way home…one of them i could recognize his face..just exclaimed look he is Swapnil Sir..and i smiled gently and continued to walk!!
Then i entered the school and walked near the office as two of the students i tutored last academic year..just smiled..i asked them how are you? both replied i am fine sir as they got busy searching their chappals and i smiled and entered the office..there i met my partner in tutoring, Amitaji- who also happens to be my best buddy;Damini’s mom;quiet and calmly she sat and observed.In time punctual as always! By the way i was before time too.. half and hour before the said time!

Then we sat for few moments,as Sumanji the person who summoned us there to assemble;came and then she had a short meeting with the principal..!
Then she came out so did the principal and announced that the kids we were supposed to teach weren’t present..3 of them were outstation and 1 was sick and left early!!
Some miscommunication here and there and in a short while we got to know therefore that we aren’t supposed to teach and so i thought maybe we should leave. But then a teacher there asked us to check out the Nursery class..we could spend some time with the kids and assist the teacher there the children were small and the class was always better with more people to look after the small kids!
So i and Amita ji enthusiastically agreed to check out the Nursery class…!!
A caretaker there guided us to the Nursery class…as we entered we saw a different sight…actually confusing sight!!
Children scattered all over..For a moment i just stationed myself to get a hold of what is happening and what would i do; i mean how could i help the children there!!
Then the teacher held the hands of two kids and instructed others to jump on the instructions given!!
So the teacher instructed and some of the kids held each others hands…while others were lost in their own world and some others busy crying to go back home!!
Then the teacher jumped with two kids,so did the few;who obeyed the teacher!!
Then the teacher asked the children to make a circle….by holding each others hands!
Some students around 10 of them joined in…
Others busy in their own world with toys had to be brought back in this world πŸ˜›
so i and Amitaji made sure some of them came back to play in this world!!
I saw a one blueeyed boy with a zebra in his hand..i instructed him to come and join the circle as i just gently touched my head to his πŸ˜‰ and then he twinkled his smile!! πŸ˜‰
I stretched out my hand and he his as he joined in the circle!!
I saw a girl next who kept staring at me eye to eye now that was deadly as if was some zoo animal or some observatory piece in the lab!!
So sharply she looked and wide eyed!! i asked but she kept staring i wonder what was she staring in me!! πŸ˜›
Next i joined in the circle group as in the background some enlightened ones kept wailing and providing the background music!!
Unusually a girl in the circle came out and set loose the joined hands as she joined hers to her neighbors and mischievously a girl who she approached didn’t let loose the hand of her left and right both boys πŸ˜‰
well that was co-incidence just that they were boys! πŸ™‚ but the girl seemed obedient so she didn’t let go of the hand!! πŸ™‚
then the teacher acted as if she forgot the song that the students could shout it out!! now the teacher gave very little time for that …saying what was it what was it!! and in 30 seconds!!
she broke in the suspense and shouted out the song as the children in the circle some confused; some lost ; some in the moment ; gazed at the teacher and so then the teacher made them jump with the song!!
As this happened, the teacher finally announced that its time for them to go home! i was a little disappointed as i could have loved to spend some more time with the kids! πŸ˜€
But couldnt help some were already crying and giving SOS signals to get back home!
So the teacher announced the students to carry their bags(bags are too an interesting sight to see..furry and cartoon faces! children love furs and cartoons; reminds of my childhood,even i was the same ) and water bottles!!
So the children obedient and the ones in the present moment made their way to the area where bags where kept..and picked up their bags! and water-bottles too πŸ™‚
I helped a girl to strap the belts of the bag on her shoulders! as she smiled and put the bottle strap around her neck..and moved towards the entrance of the class!
While few ones unaware of the moment had to be guided to the area where bags are kept and told that its time for freedom for them!! πŸ™‚
Suddenly the feets moved fast and the face expressions changed!! i cant describe u need to observe that πŸ˜‰
Then as almost all left..a girl i saw continuously weeped as she sat! 😦
i went to her and gently pleaded to get up and move for the way home!!
still no response..i gestured her where’s the bag and bottle ..still hundred percent in crying 😦
Now i just picked her up and brought her near the entrance of the class! πŸ™‚
where Amita ji was busy handling another kid as she help him too strap the bag on his shoulder.. πŸ™‚ so i put her down now and put my finger near hand as she gently held my finger…now i got it she was crying but needed long to tell and what a way to tell! πŸ™‚
So we walked out the and the wailing girl…as she gently held my finger and walked bare-footed on the make her smile i pointed out to her the furry doggy sitting there!!
She gazed at her and then continued to walk and wailing stopped!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ i was happy then!!
As she came near the exit of the school…i saw her mom waving out the hand for her πŸ™‚
and her reaction…face became absolute normal;as if nothing had happened!! πŸ™‚
I gently released my hold over her little finger and then handed her over to her mother!! πŸ™‚
As she went up in her mother’s arms and her mother made her wear the pichook pichook sound boots! πŸ™‚
and she looked around confused and observing the moments around πŸ™‚
As i came back to the office exchanging smiles with her mother and with a contented heart πŸ™‚
I walked out from the office exchanging many more smiles to the people around and entered the small lane leading us out with Amita ji πŸ™‚
We walked out till T junction and then caught a rickshaw from there and i came back home!!
Happy and Contented!!
Children are really a sight to watch..full of knowledge every single moment and so much to observe in them!!
A few moments with the children and you are charged again!!
Guess what as u take responsibilty comes with that is the power πŸ˜‰

So guys the first day was awesome and full of wonder ..
who says 20mins are less…see how many moments happened in those 20mins!! πŸ™‚
A lot happens over a moment …if you observe and have a keen eye!!
You will be amazed at urself how life changes from no where to every where πŸ˜‰
Bliss at every moment πŸ™‚
So much to learn so much is hidden in this VERY moment!!

Will keep you posted of some more moments as i come across in the near future!
till then keep observing the moment πŸ™‚

Loads of Love , Hugs , and Kisses to you all πŸ™‚

Jai Gurudev!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Swapnil πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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