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Stay Strong!

Stay Strong

Stay Strong 😀

So here is a poem just composed 🙂

Stay Strong!
Let nothing hamper you,
right or wrong.

The body might say,
you are gone.

The mind might compare
and sing a whining song.

The intellect will question
& whack you left & right.

The memory might drown you,
in moments you don’t want to treasure.

The ego wil hurt
and bruise and scar.

Yet my dear, You don’t get with it along.
Witness the moment & sing the happy song.

The time is now,
don’t drag yourself into why and how!

Watch the future and it’s possibilities
and let nothing doubt your capabilities!

I wish these words make you sail..
From the words & situations which carried you away!

I wish you best now and then,
I Pray you stay strong, time & again 🙂

PS : This was composed by me thinking of a dear friend of mine 🙂

An Evening with Rishiji..

Rishi Nityapragyaji

Rishi Nityapragyaji

Part of the knowledge session by Rishi Nityapragyaji on 25th April 2012 at SSRVM Mulund West.

Atom has nucleus and electron cloud and in between them was said to be void.. but when scientist tapped that space they discovered it as consciousness..
Energy is in each atom..
Like that Bliss or that eternal state of happiness is your nature..
Tumhara swabhav hai sachhitanand aur jo dikhai deta hai aur jo tumhare harkate hoti hai.. wo prabhav se hai..

dekho tumhari body aur breath chod ke jayegi, par mind,intellect,ego saath rahega..toh uski baat karte hai..

Q : I have ego problems. How do i handle it?
A : First learn to identify what type of ego it is and then make effort to move out of it.
For example, you dont talk much and stay aloof.. that is one ego..
You like to boss around.. create superiority complex, thats ego..
Okay now since you have known, what type of ego is in you..
Ask close people around you, to remind you each time, you fall in that behaviour.. you can forget, but people around you, are aware all the time. So taking help of people you come out of ego..

Q : When somebody gets egoistic i get affected. How do i handle that?
A : Sometimes you feel shaken because of somebody’s ego.Realise and become alert then.Are you shaken by their ego or is your ego awakened again.The secret to move out of it is..realise it again and again.

Sometimes you forgive a person and have moved out of it.But somewhere you feel through the persons reactions, that the person hasnt still accepted from his side and knowing this you become unhappy.
Drop that unhappiness too.
They will take their own sweet time to accept you..
And the funny part is.. The moment you accept the inacceptance and behave normal, feeling normal.That moment onwards,the person also seems to slowly give up his/her inacceptance.

What do you mean love me,you mean, act such that, i feel the love..

Doesnt it happen that your closed ones dont listen.It is because they see you from the experiences.They dont feel the way u do.They hear the words and actions and react.Let them understand u 🙂
Accept it, they dont accept and then move ahead..
As u notice others inacceptance also notice urs.
Swadhyaya is essential..
To see how others fare and how u have fared..

Satchiddanand ko paate paate anand bhul jate hai..
Job mai atak jate hai.. Relationship mai atak jate hai..
Toh kya wo sab nai paana..
Paana hai, lekin ek jaan lo, paise kamaane ke liye job karo.. Khushi paane ke liye nai.. Khushi tumhe sirf aur sirf, bheetar se milegi..
Jab lobh uthega toh vastuo ke liye prem jagega..
Jab moh uthega toh vyakti ke liye prem jagega..
Aur fir thode der baad wo chala jayega..
Tumne bohot vyakti vastuyein haasil ki hai..
Jaan lo.. Unse khushi nai milegi..
Tumne Kabhi sat ke liye khushi kurbaan ki hai.. toh kabhi chit ke liye..
Par anand to sirf tabhi paaya jab sadhana seva satsang ki.
Is marg par pehle kathinai hai par lambe samay ke liye khushi..

Job karo, kuch karo; par jaano.. kya aur kyu kar rahe ho..
Samaaj ka dhaacha hai isliye mat karo..dekho, samjho aur apnao..
Khushi toh bheetar hi milegi.. Khush hokar karo..
dekho agar tum ek andheri room mai ho aur light switch ko dhundte dhundte hath mai rassi lagti hai aur turant samjho tumhe switch mil jaye.. aur light lagane par dikh jaye ki tum rassi nai saap pakad rahe the..
toh jhat se usko chod doge na..
Usme koi kisike baatane ki jarurat nai thi!
Bas pata that ki wo cheez ko pakadna achha nai tha tumhare liye!
Isi tarah jeevan mai jaise jaise tumhe pata chalta ki kaunsi cheez tumhare liye kitni acchi hai aur kitni buri.. waise waise tum usko chodte jaate ho. aur achhi cheezo ko apnate ho..

Tum kidhar atke ho jaise hi tumhe iska aabhas ya samajh aati hai.. Toh turant wo chut jata hai..
Toh wo light ya knowledge ka prakash jab ayega tab uss bandhan se chutkara milega..
Jitne jaldi chodoge aur khali honge..utna jyada tumhara dimakh kaam karne ke liye available rahega..
Nai toh wo preoccuppied rahega in that bondage..
Keval uska alertness aane se usse chut sakte ho..

Toh desires ka kya kare.. Wo toh aate toh kaise avoid kare.. Dekho wo toh ayenge par kin desire ko bhaav dena ye tumhare haath mai hai..
Desires to aayenge, par tum buddhi se unhi desires ko rakho jo tumhare liye upyogi hai..
Jaise ki..

Tum premmayi hone ki desire rakho.. i will be loving to all.
Log khush rahe na rahe. You resolve and desire to be happy..
then if somebody behaves happily, you consider it as bonus..
You resolve to maintain ur happiness.
this way its okay if someone dont behave in accordance with u.

Gurumay hone ka desire rakho.. Let me Feel the Guru’s presence all the time..
Ki mujhme koi ichha nai ichha.. That no desires come up in me..

Mujhe mukti mile ye ichha.. That my soul is liberated..
Desire of the highest..
Ye desire kabhi chodna nai..
Badi desires rakhoge, toh choti desires se mann attract hona bandh ho jayega..


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