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Guru Charitra – Experience and thoughts.

So read this book – “Guru Charitra”

Writing few words on reading the English translation of this book. The Marathi version is very much in detail and is read with a particular discipline. I followed the “Parayan” reading rules for reading the book. Which meant i read chapters in bunch as prescribed for best uninterrupted experience to get the expected essence from the book. 
Understanding this needs one to have faith in the stories that have happened in real. Reading books like this helps you to understand why is the particular person or diety worshipped. Many might reject the devotion or love by ignoring to read. But i feel reading one gets a Glimpse of what is that which was revered so much and helps you to interact with community following it with so much reverence. One must read with an open mind. Faithful people will find solace in the book. The explanation of misery through cause and effect or Karma spanning not just this lifetime but also from past and subsequent relieving experiences might act as solace to many. 
I found this book amazing and it talks in detail through life stories of Gurudev Sri Narasimha Saraswati and Gurudev Sripad Shri Vallabha about the many questions that come across people. 
Right from Karma Kanda to Gyana to Bhakti to letting know everything has some reason and that pure love, praytna, prayaschitta, devotion can let you cross any dungeon or mountain that traps you into viels of misery.
It also helps us give perspective into aachar / code of conduct that can benefit and give many peace of mind. 
It goes to explain through many examples that all that misery never stays for long and that Divine is every listening. It also tries to make us understand many of life miseries are a direct result of our own action and sincere prayer and vow and readiness for repentance is the best remedy.
An open disclaimer is also given which talks that certain things were right according to the time period of the stories and users should read it with discretion.
Overall reading it definitely acts and gives effect as a soothing balm to the troubled/ inquisitive / doubtful mind. I recommend this to be read by all. 



AWESOME! Something unique !


Conversation with God!

Conversation with God!



Me- I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic.

GOD : Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you free.


Me :why has life become complicated now?

GOD : Stop analyzing life.. It makes it complicated. Just live it.


Me : Why are we then constantly unhappy?

GOD : Worrying has become your habit. That’s why you are not happy.


Me: why do good people always suffer?

GOD : Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don’t suffer.

With that experience their life becomes better, not bitter.


Me : You mean to say such experience is useful?

GOD : Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.


Me : Because of so many problems, we don’t know where we are heading…

GOD : If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides the way.


Me : does failure hurt more than moving in the right direction?

GOD : Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.


Me : In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

GOD : Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.


Me : What surprises you about people?

GOD : When they suffer they ask, “why me?” When they prosper, they never ask “Why me?”


Me : How can I get the best out of life?

GOD : Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.


Me : One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

GOD : There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

“How to Write Effectively” – Startup Guide for anyone wanting to write.

Penning down some of the things that you might consider as your best friend to write a post that communicates and narrates rather than just inform. Consider them as your best friends in crafting an effective post to speak what you feel and experience and know.

Tip to Craft an Effective Post

Tip to Craft an Effective Post

1) Right from the start of the line. use proper punctuation. Make subject clear to the reader.

2) Use words, reading which one can easily understand what you want to say.

3) Use long sentence in the header, in case you cannot convey in a word or two.

4) Don’t separate yourself from the audience, if you are conveying a lesson you have learnt.
Use the words  : ‘Us’, ‘Ours’, ‘We’  than ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘mine’.

5) Remove repetitive lines. This, you will learn to unlearn, when you keep reading. You will soon get to know what words are repetitive.

6) When you are attempting to write a conversation, use punctuation and express the right question. Imagine someone is actually sitting in front of you. How will you talk?
Remember the pause you take, even that pause makes the conversation understandable.

Consider this sample sentence :

1) Are we going to be happy forever after that?
2) Are we going to be happy after that, forever?

See how just a change in position of the last three words and the punctuation, comma makes the difference!
First line is so straightforward.
Make it involving. Like a dialogue. How will you talk in actually, like that!  Then it will engage the audience more in your writing. Just like how the conversations run in the mind, just put them like that, word to word.

Now, have a look at this sentence : “No, then there will be another desire..& it will go on…”

This sentence might puzzle someone : What will go on?

So many times, we are clear in our mind, of what we want to say and take it for granted, that people will understand it.

To avoid any questions, write it giving references, deliberately – with purpose.

So a revised sentence could be : “No, then there will be another desire &  this cycle of wanting something & desiring for more will go on..”

Involve the audience in your writing.

So, How did the question arise in your head? Say that sincere question!
Avoid “I” whenever you can if you are talking about a lesson. Use We, Us, Lets. This creates a feeling of inclusion, that the lesson and the learning is normal and part of all of us.

Another set of sentences :
1) “May i get that something or not. My happiness is not going to change according to my desires.”

2 )
“Whether i get that something or not, my happiness is not going to change according to my desires.”
Take this firm decision.

Observe both sentences, in the first, the point is made but left with a statement. Second one emphasizes the urgency.

So remember, When you make a strong point, emphasize on it.

Here – “Take this firm decision” is an emphasis. You stress on that line again.

Deliver the impact, don’t wait for the audience to get that experience, give that experience.

( Sentence 1 )

“Now you are Happy”

( Sentence 1 – edited )

“That confidence & faith will bring peace in you and eventually make you happy.”

Be clear in giving the experience.

What makes me happy? What would make me happy? It is that feeling of confidence and faith that will make me happy.

So you see, we have got that learning, we have experienced, but we take it for granted and skip it with habit and thus end up not expressing the sentence completely.

(  Sentence 2 )

“Now you can take tension free steps to get anything in life (as you are already Happy)”

( Sentence 2 – edited )

“You will feel ready to take steps to achieve anything in life.”

Frame it correctly. Sometimes you may write something and then realize, oh! something is missing.

So re-write it again.
The last word should leave the reader complete, with the experience.

The last word should leave the reader, complete with experience.

But How is that going to happen?

1) Write it from the first thought to the last thought.

2) Use proper pause. Use commas and punctuation and write in full words, avoid shortcuts – short words – SMS/chat language.

3) Write more. Read whenever you can. You will see a lot of how to write in flow in write-ups that engage you more in the write-up 🙂

Involve the audience, lead them into a conversation. 🙂

Write first, add punctuations then.

Take a break and read it again. 🙂

Sometimes we write being emotional or in the feeling of Aho Niranajana – When it clicks and so we miss out on writing the tiny details that make it a experience.

So take a break and re-read it after some time and then again overlook the flow, the punctuation and make the necessary edits 🙂

and last of all, don’t worry how the audience will take you – they might or might not appreciate you. Just take the lesson of writing and move on.

Improve on writing. Don’t feel down by critics. 🙂

Even you can be an awesome writer!

At least just this intention and practice is good enough :))

remember :

Thumb rule to write well by Aristotle

Thumb rule to write well by Aristotle

Excuse ME.. A Story! :D

Now this one’s Goes way back in 2oo6!

I was returning back home one evening and arrived at a busy busy Bandra Station..

Usually people are so rushing to get back to their home sweet home to relax and do what each one loves to do!

So do i wanted to go back home and rest in my home sweet home!

But something different seemed planned on this one evening though!

I left the train and walked my way merrily across the platform.. wading through a crowd.. unperturbed by me.. on its way.. some anxious.. some happy and some tired faces!

As  i walked through suddenly i dont from God knows how my attention went to the floor on the bridge and i noticed something!

I zoomed 😉

I went ahead and saw it was a PASS holder plastic pocket!

With curiousity i happened to look it just like that.. 🙂

No no.. no wrong intentions 😛

I opened it and found out a 500 rupees Note and a ID card!


Somebody dropped it today itself it seemed and nobody noticed it except me!

Now i have always been a person who would want to help people 🙂

So i thought now what to do with this.. this was the first time something like this happened and somehow i felt responsible that i should make efforts to return it to its rightful owner!

So began running the thoughts..

IT was tough initially! I hadnt done the Art Of Living Course then and it was pretty difficult to just let go and lend help to return it its rightful owner!

With almost no ideas i decided to walk off the bridge and ask the Ticket Checker at the Bus Stop 🙂

He seemed a aged person and so i thought maybe he WILL help!

I approach him and ask.. Hello uncle can u help me.. i found a id card holder and i need to give it to its rightful owner 🙂 Can you help me out..

I was stunned by his reply!

He said- ” Post it via postage and it will reach the desired person”

I was like Noooooooo!! i found it and i want it to reach it to the person!

With almost no help from his side and finding him utterly discouraging i decided to walk off.. and started thinking now WHAT!

I crossed over the bridge again and clueless just stared at the station thinking of what next!

I opened the card holder…found a Id card i think the name was Rajesh Borwankar!

And there was this old railway id card also attached to it.. 🙂

I was still clueless how do i give it to him now!

Well u know u get confused when u shouldnt be! 😛

so here i see a mid day newspaper and a number of a radio channel!

So i dial in a radio channel’s number 😉

But as always i was in queue and finally i let go off it 😛

I then looked on if the id card had some contact details! ALAS nothing on id card! Except name and department name!

I then check on the railway card and look on with utmost hope!

I finally see a address but its Borivali and usually if a card is old.. no assurance that the address can be correct!

So i check on if there’s some phone number! Thank God! there was a landline..

so i decided finally to return and ONLY then leave back home! 😀

I made a quick look around and found this phone booth metres away!

I ran back to the booth and dialled the number..

It seems it was not easy! the number was not existing now!!!

Whats true with address seems to be equally true with phone numbers!!

But then i recalled my dad telling me to dial 197 since some of his friends had shifted so he used this facility to get their new numbers! 😀

I said  come on! Bring it on! dial that! 😀

There was new HOPE now! 😀 😀 😀 and a bigger smile!

I dialled and bingo! Got the new number!

Wow! the moment seemed like i am getting a lottery now 😉

I dialled the number.. a young voice gently talks at the other end..

I asked is this Borwankar’s Residence… 🙂

She said YES! 😀 and i was like wohoooooooooooooo!!! 😀 😀 😀

I said Pleaseee give it to your mother Right away!

Calmly i told her that i found this id card and does it belong to him..!

His wife said yes! 😀 😀 😀

and immediately gave me his number and asked my name! 😀

Within minutes i get a call from him and i tell him please come to Bandra and collect it! 😀

He appeared Happpppppppyyy! and said yes yessss! i am at Nearing Borivali now but i will board the train back. ( He was totally unaware till then that he has lost the card! Wow he must be super lucky to get it before having known its lost..its as good as not lost 😉 )

I breathed in air of pride! Wow! i cracked this! 😀 😀 😀

He arrived and thanked me heartily and asked if i needed a colddrink!

I said i am okay 🙂

Although almost 2 and 1/2 hours were spent in battling the mind to help deliver the card!

Yet the feeling was totally worth it!

The feeling of returning back the thing to its rightful owner! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I just say again what Bawa says..that world is not at all full of bad people 🙂

Its with Good people THINKING good!

Its when you take that step that you realise the Goodness more! 🙂

This was my first experience of getting out of the way and doing thing and totally worth it.. more such experiences continued to happen after i did my Art of Living Course and i kept feeling there is a gradual shift.. from the stiffness to just being natural 🙂

Wow! and i am loving this!



Love Peace and Prayers!


Swapnil 🙂

Opera House!

An Evening with Rhea Pillai and Pankaj ji 🙂


Pankaj ji, Advance Course Teacher



Rhea Pillai,Art of Living Instructor


Had a lovely Evening with Rhea Pillai and Pankaj Mirgh ji,also an advance course teacher! 🙂

Started with Guru Om Chanting and then Naadi Shodan Pranayam and then Rhea ji in her sweet and serene voice asked us to open our eyes! 🙂

She instructed us to sing along a Bhajan sung by Rashmi ji keeping our eyes closed and then we had a lovely Guru Puja chanting after the Bhajan 🙂

As we glided into the three stage pranayam! 🙂 gracefully! 🙂

Rhea Di then sweetly guided us in the Pranayam Bhastrika and then we had a lovely lovely Sudarshan Kriya! 🙂

We opened our eyes to find ourselves calmer more aware and just wanted to be in this moment smiling 🙂

Well that is Sudarshan Kriya! which made us feel a lot more aware and alive in this very moment! 🙂

Meanwhile Rhea Di left after the Kriya as urgent work called in.!

Pankaj ji then sat with a cute smile and said..oh now you all are in bliss and silence state! 🙂 now i only will have to speak! 😉
But what to speak this is supposedly a Advance Course Follow up but i have not decided anything! You make this follow up happen!

Any questions you want to ask about the Advance Course that you wanted to ask! 🙂

Somebody asked about expectation Sankalpa!

So he said See Vikalpa is also your sanaklpa that this should not happen! So you see how strong it has come out to be! 🙂 Similarly you can have Sankalpa and you see that is much more stronger too! 🙂

Somebody asked!- i feel nice feel grateful to be a part of this environment where such beautiful knowledge is discussed, but when i go back i dont feel so!i feel nice during the 22 minutes! but then things dont seem to work!

Pankaj ji said- 22 minutes! aha! you need to do 30-25 minutes of Kriya! 🙂 See Guruji has designed everything to perfection…20 minutes of Pranayam and Bhastrika and what is to be followed is the last ten minutes..which is the most
important one!
He gave an example–Well you see you cook food! right!
Now while cooking food,you first cut the food :)thats the three stage pranayam!
Then you put masala and all and let it cook,thats the Bhastrika part!
Then you chant sweetly Om..thats the time you put in the cut vegetables!
Then after that you have no idea what happens with the vegetable!But you have this faith that food is going to get cooked! 🙂 That is Kriya.. 🙂 Things happen..and you do not know whats happening! 😉

After cooking when foods ready you get the pleasant smell! 🙂 But simply cooking is waste for you! 🙂 You need to taste too 🙂
that rest of 10 minutes is compared to experiencing the fruit of those 20 minutes! 🙂
So do not compromise on those ten minutes…those are important! 🙂
Do kriya the way it is taught..well you do short cut..and expect a long cut answer 😉

Eternity Course!

He said all of us have impression on our lives,such as some have allergies some have fear and all!

This is a process where all these impression from past lives come up and leave you and make you free! 🙂

Regression and past life!

Regression is where you are made to see the past and express the unexpressed emotions in the past!But doesnt that strengthen the impression more!
Past life is where you get to get a glimpse of the past life of yours thats it!

But our course is Eternity..where you see the past on a subtle level and the impression is gently removed! 🙂

Somebody said Pankaj ji you are so lucky to be with HIM in such close proximity! 🙂
He said Guruji said to them that..No you are not lucky! You know when there is a packed Satsang in a village and a person passing by just gets a glimpse of
it! then he is lucky!
You guys are handpicked! 😉

Tell us something about Advance Course! 🙂  Imagine a archer,when you do a Basic course, imagine yourself to be a bow which is handpicked by the archer! 🙂
The Advance course makes you lighter and then you are put on the bow! 🙂

If the archer finds you to be not light, hollow and empty, he chooses another,that way you need to do more advance courses! 🙂

You do Sahaj so you dive into the depth of yourself.When you are lighter and have the depth, the archer puts you on the bow and stretches the depth in you by pulling backwards! and then aims straight!

DSN gives you that direction how to move about when you have that stillness and that depth in life! 🙂

So you aim straight! 🙂

So all four are essential to do Seva with a warrior attitude! 🙂

See if a person has done Basic Course and DSN he is all charged up but does not have the depth and stillness! so struggles to make things happen! He is like a bow released but not knowing where to move! 🙂

Who is busy is not easy and who is easy is not busy! 😉

Be… 100 percent!
all of u have given your 100 percent…well say truly have you achieved success always!
Answer : No!
Thats what Guruji said..Guruji never said do 100 percent for something!HE said just Be…100 percent!
Just be what you are hundred percent..
Then things might happen or might not…that is supposed to be! 🙂

So just be…100 percent!Well Guruji says every word with a meaning! 🙂
Relax everything is just perfect in life…enjoy the depth and beauty of life!
When you ask questions its like poking the nature and saying that this is not perfect! 🙂
Know everything is just perfect the way it is meant to be! 🙂
When you ask its like poking the nature! 😉
Just be!

I get a lot of connected thoughts..while practising Sahaj..its been a pretty long time Ashram it was not so that much! 🙂 but still i let it be and
continue doing the practises! 😀
Hmmmm…Well Good you are doing perfect..continue practising! 🙂
Watch your diet..drink lots of water and add fruits in your diet! 🙂
Well if you eat more of tamsik rajsic food then it will be difficult to meditate! so watch over it! 🙂
Watch your lifestyle too!

Ayurveda says three things!
Sleep on timeEat on time Have Bowels on time!
If anything disfunctions on timings, make efforts to bring thing back on their normal course!
Q : in a city with job how do i do it?A : Well lets not be rigid.. in a city when you reach home eat light food…let it digest and then sleep!
it is said give two hours minimum to let the food digest and then only rest! 🙂
Have you seen the Ashram schedule of food..thats the ideal one! 🙂 Well if you cannot follow that then be flexible and stick to the two hour thing!
Heavy food may require three and wedding food four hours to digest in 😉

Q : I do kriya satsang and do some time seva but want to do more seva ..and thing is i simply cannot take out time since have more responsibility!

A : Can you do one seva..drop this idea of wanting to do more seva..

Person: But i want to do seva and want to become teacher too…but simply cannot take out 21 days time!

Pankaj ji: My dear if you cannot take out 21 days time how will you take out 7 days time thereafter for courses! How will you have time to do that! Being a teacher is a committment and are you ready to take that..if no then drop this idea!
Have you seen a moves through gracefully through the muddy water and does not let the water know also that it is moving and if you observe the
water just around the swan is clear 🙂
Be ready to move like that gracefully! 🙂

Its all in the can do things..but only if you wish too 🙂

Then he revised the Mudra Pranayams and Bandhas and we had a short Satsang when Pankaj ji came down with everyone and danced with us 🙂

We did a short meditation and then blissfully with all smiles we left back home!

Feeling a sense of gratefulness and beauty in our hearts of the wonderful knowledge that Guruji provides us at the right time! 😀

Love and Blessings! 🙂
JaiGurudeva! 🙂
Swapnil 🙂

Navaratri – Days Of Bliss and More Bliss! :)

This Years Navaratri Mumbai was Blessed with Swami Sadyojathah ji performing the Homas 🙂

We had Beautiful Lovely Rudra Pujas followed by Prasadam and then Homas taking place as Mantras cleansed our subtle levels of consciousness! 🙂

Ganesh Homa then Navagraha Homa

Maharudra Homa  Sudarshan Homa

Chandi Homa!

Chandi Homa Day was a Day where we also had Maheshgiree ji and Vishwas Bhaiya coming in and Blessing us all 🙂

Mantras poured in and made us dive deeper into our selves! Leaving us content in! 🙂

Prasadam made it complete as it left our stomach content! 🙂

As said the pooja’s effect is complete on Prasadam 🙂

Each evening Swamiji would makes us chant Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu chantings! Making us realise that Devi Chetna is present in all in so many forms! 🙂

We also had Vikram Bhaiya staying back in Mumbai for the Navaratri Celebrations! As he led into blissful Satsangs with some more singers! 🙂

Krish led us in to one evening on a lovely Satsang! 🙂

And then,We had some of the YES!+ Graduates joining in Chorus with Vikram Bhaiya too!


Lekshmi, Divya, Ajit, Karishma, Manu  got a chance to sing in chorus with Vikram Bhaiya in the Navaratri Satsangs! 🙂

As also said on one of the evenings-there is necessity that Shiva and Shakti both be worshipped! 🙂

which explains us Guruji has been doing that Shivaratri and Navaratri both celebrated Grand! 🙂

There is free will and there is power of discrimination both are given to us! 🙂 Aspire for Shiva and Shakti both – 🙂

Ravan and Hanuman both were blessed! But one became an enemy of Ram and other an ardent devotee of Ram!

Free will is there! 🙂

These Celebrations make it possible to raise the Shiva and Shakti both in us! 🙂

15th October Evening! 🙂

Swami Sadyojatha ji  Spoke after being in almost silence during the seven days of silence!
Mahalaxmi is Born out of Yoga 🙂 – that State of being one with the self is Yoga! 🙂

He said do you want to know what two questions you have be able to answer at the last moment! 🙂

Then he said with a smile 😉 you know na what last moment i am talking about and everybody yes yes! 🙂 the very last moment of life! 🙂

He said Guruji told You should be able to tell how much love shared and How much knowledge gained and shared! 🙂
If You can answer consider your life to be fulfilled! 🙂

Then He said a Story which was said in English and asked to translate 🙂

Swamiji said with a naughty smile! Woh thoda Hindi ka problem hain! ka ki – ka problem! Vyakran ka 😉 So i will speak and English and it will be translated! 🙂

So he said..!”Once there was a boy who was painting pictures on a airport..! He was waiting for the flight and engrossed in painting!

Then after some time Flight timings were announced and it was his turn to go!

So he went sat and got engrossed in painting again!

After some time,the plane started shaking! some turbulence experienced!

But the boy was at his cool doing his paintings not disturbed by this at all! 😀

After sometime the plane got back in the normal course! 🙂

The person sitting next to the boy then was so surprised as everyone had their breath stopped and this boy was busy painting!

He asked the boy!- “How come you were so cool when the the whole crowd was so tensed?”

The boy replied- “My father is the pilot,I know nothing can go wrong!”

The faith was unshakable! 🙂

He knew it was his father and so was rest assured nothing can happen! 🙂

Swamiji added- Have that faith,nothing wrong can happen to you,know Guruji is your pilot! 🙂

Have that absolute faith in you! 🙂
Having faith when everything is just going smooth is normal! anybody can do it! 🙂

But when things in  life becomes a little turbulent,having faith at that times! is real faith! 😀 😀 😀

Have that faith Master is the pilot! and nothing wrong can happen! 🙂

Move with faith! 🙂

Antarmukhi Sadasukhi 🙂 One who is established in the self,finds happiness right there, in this very moment! 🙂

Somebody asked a Master-“You see people and we also see people! What is the difference between you and us?”

Master Replied-“You see more than me! I just see the Chetna – Consciousness! You see more than me! You see the body intellect ego! What is said before after and all that! Thats the difference! 🙂

Well if this is not possible to see what should be seen then pray and feel the Master’s presence more! :)Be in the presence of the Master feel HIS presence..that would make you see the Chetna more! 🙂

Swamiji said -“You know,years ago i wrote few lines in Hindi when i was not so conversant with Hindi,it is now sung in various Art of Living Centres 🙂

So He sang ..his composed lines!”Har Saaans Meri..Puja Tumhari..Har pal mera pradakshin tera…pradakshin tera!Har pushpa par sugandh hain teri..Har pal mera jay jay tumhara! :)”

He smiled and made HIS presence felt that very moment! 🙂

He said-“You know previously Advance Courses used to be taken only in the Ashram!”So when Guruji told Swamiji to have a Advance Course outside Ashram it was like how can you imagine that! 🙂

And now we have it at almost every Art of Living Center! Gurudev has made it so easily available for everyone! 🙂

Swamiji shared same was for Navaratri Celebrations, four years ago..Guruji said -” You know it will not be possible for everyone to attend the Navaratri at Bangalore..nine days! Lets have it at different centres! 🙂

“And everyone there was like how can you imagine all this grand celebration outside Ashram! But it is HIS Sankalpa that everyone should get the benefit and so now we have Navaratri being celebrated at places across so many places in India!

It happened in Mumbai Pune Nashik Nagpur Kolhapur in Maharashtra 🙂 ( A Big Round Clap was heard! 🙂 🙂

Swamiji quoted-“Aisa laga hi nahi that Navaratri was celebrated for the first time in this venue! It felt as if it was being celebrated for years!”It was so grand and awesome!

The Best that could be organised! Swamiji got a Sms from Atlanta saying -“how is it going in Acharya Atre Maidan?” thats the name of Venue in Ghatkopar! 🙂 as he said the news is spread across that Mumbai Navaratri was Grand! :)And it was Grand 🙂

He said there will be a time when Navaratri will be celebrated in every Art of Living Center 🙂
He added that from Next year onward there will be some cultural program on each day too! 🙂 It should happen next year that the best of the artist should be aspiring to be a part of this cultural program! 🙂

We got to know that Swami Sadyojathah is the first of the Swamis – proclaimed by Guruji!

Such a Blessing to have the first of Swamis coming to Mumbai and performing the Homas! 🙂

Swamiji then said-“You all have experienced this bliss right 🙂

Now what will you take back from this Navaratri.”He said”You should practise to experience this bliss eyes open too! 🙂

You have already experienced this eyes closed..Now practise this eyes open!””You all feel nice when you do your Sadhana and meditate!

Practise to be in this space of bliss in your day to day life! 🙂

Share more- this joy happiness.You know when Gurudev got to know he immediately shared this Beautiful Sudarshan Kriya with everyone! 🙂

What could have happened if HE could have decided to keep it with HIMself 🙂

Share this knowledge! Have Grand Satsangs with more people! Have more Big follow Ups! Let many experience this! 🙂

So take back from this Navaratri – Feel the Bliss in the day to day activities and Share this Knowledge to more and more people! :)”
So saying he concluded singing Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol :)And then when he was about to get up..we said Swamiji so many days we could not hear you speak 🙂

Now share something more! 🙂 Guru Stories and More! :)He said-“What stories 😉 There is only story- pilot story i said before! ;)”

He added-“Yeah i am writing a book on read it then! :)”

Also invited everyone to attend the Rudrabhishekham the next day! 🙂

So saying Swamiji got up did Namaste to all with his ever cute smile ^_^ and with that this Serene Persona walked with HIS presence felt to us all! 🙂

We had Garba Raas after Swamiji left and the crowd danced in celebration!Celebrating Life! 🙂

followed by a content Prasadam 🙂

Heart Full devotees went back feeling Blessed and Content! 😀 😀 😀 🙂

16th October! 🙂

Swamiji came sat sang a Bhajan as Rudrabhishekam preparations were on! 🙂

Rudra Puja Chantings were on as people dived into the meditation and experienced the Beauty of the Mantras once again! 🙂

Followed was a nice breakfast and then was Vijay Yatra 🙂

We all followed Swamiji from the Navaratri Ghatkopar Venue to Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir(SSRVM) at Dharavi 🙂

Vehicles went on behind the other 🙂

We reached the school 🙂

Saw some parents sitting at the back and then Swamiji sat and watched the SSRVM kids perform on Lejim :)It was a sight to watch the kids perform with Lejim 🙂

As Swamiji watch serenely sitting and watching those kids perform! :)Swamiji then distributed Laddoos as Prasad to some of the kids performing Lejim and then it was distributed to all who performed! 🙂
Sitting behind were some parents He distributed them Bangles and Bindis 🙂

and then he walked across to the other classrooms where children were sitting in a line with the class teacher eagerly waiting for him to come! 🙂

Swamiji walked in and the students stood up with a smile 🙂 Said JaiGurudev! 🙂 and distributed Laddoos to everyone! 🙂

He went in and saw in the whole school and then headed ahead 🙂 Blessing the School for the Best 🙂

Blissed Blessed! You have no choice but to be Happy! 😀 😀 😀

JaiGurudev! 🙂

Love and Regards! 🙂

In Service! 🙂

Swapnil 🙂


A Month of Completeness!

Aug to September went like a click! 😀 😀
From nothingness to completeness! now thats what i call Grace!
From Sleeping in Bed Moaning to Walking on road roaring with Confidence,now thats Guru Grace the compassion of the Master and HIS love 🙂
Starts with Vishwas Bhaiya’s DSN…an awesomeness experience as i brushed back my committments!! 😀 😀
Followed by Learning the Trayambakam Homa Chantings!
Followed by a Blessings Camp in the slums of Vakola!
Followed by Two another Blessings Camp for Cancer Patients- One in Bandra East led by Rohit Bhaiya and another one at Dadar led by Krish Marathe…Awesomeness,Beauty,Completeness- GRACE!!

Ganapati Celebrations at my place!! 😀 😀 😀

Followed by Medical Camp at Gazhdarbandh,Santacruz West…and Blessings Camp too! 😀 😀

Then Talks at Colleges and an early morning YES!+ ( you will be surprised the course starts at 5:00 AM in the morning! 🙂 ) at BCR,JJ Hospital,Byculla! taken by my YES!+ Teacher..Rohit Bhaiya and my another dear teacher-Sonam.. 🙂

Feeling of Completeness every moment feel so Gratefulll…
Every day is filled with lots of Sadhana Seva and the Company of Good People!

Bolte hain na Guruji…Sattva se hi karya ki siddhi hoti hain!

So let the Sattva rise in u!

Love and Blessings! 🙂

JaiGurudev!! 🙂 😀 😀

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