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Hello carnivorous!

Proud Vegan

All ask why veg..

i ask why non veg .. whats so extremely fascinating eating animals!

i mean if you derive joy eating them, and if you are really stuck up with the joy then better try some joyful vegetarian dishes, why give some animals pain and get the gain 😉

i bet if you come out with a reason to eat non veg.. there are ten reasons to support why to eat veg for the specific reason..

its not a matter of i dont want to give up because there is a reason,

its a matter of i dont want to give up because there is comfort!

Its so easy to get the meat since its easily available!

I bet if you check out the delicacies in veg and the dishes in various counterparts in the world, you would never want to eat non veg 😉

just that vegetarianism is not so broadly exposed by the media as the sunday ho ya monday roj khao ande campaign!

Just so because so many big people have their pockets running on these poultry! i am sure the poultry business is not run by a pauper..

If you say proteins, get life.. soya has proteins too 🙂

If you say taste.. hello.. its the spices!

if u say eating them, hello check out it rots in ur stomach for 72 odd hours!

For God sake, nobody likes to fall in love with that rotten thingy! 😡

When THERE are better alternatives why eat non veg!


This problem was never the so much talked about thing in the start of the century..

Things have changed..

Population has drastically increased.. demand is more supply is utterly less!

Common now!

to meet the demands what is being done?

Simple just inhuman methods to get the output..

Now only if the consumers decline can the inhuman torture end….

With changing times policies need to be changed..

Why dont people understand its not that the target is ON the people who eat…

For God sake NO!

its just that i want each one to understand that ONLY and solely on their co-operation that it is possible to put an halt to this cruelty of  poultry business!

Its a matter of making a informed choice in things we choose!

Things were different then and are ABSOLUTELY different now!


Guys no offense but look towards it!

Its a call from a person and millions many  who want to help out and make things better for some part of the planet for some species 🙂

I think so i am vegetarian! 😀


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