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I see through..

Seeing through..

Seeing through..

I see through my eyes and watch the body.
I fail to see the soul standby.

I see through skin and its blemishes
and miss the beauty rooted in.

I see through you
blinded by judgements,
from eyes of a eternal critic,

I fail and just rely on what i see,
blinded by the fantasies and the hopeful desires.

Probably that’s why it speaks,
not more than few glances you and me will stay together for long.

I need to see you through and through,
I need to be with you now and then,
through the pretty and the ugly,
through the hate and the pain.

Only then shall i see us together,
unmoved by the disturbances,
the nuances,
the likes and dislikes,
that fleet by now and then,
and taint our togetherness!

I rather chose to paint it,
with faith and trust,
and watch it shine bright,
in ups and downs,
in sorrows and happiness,
in the storms that are yet to arrive.

Come let me see you through,
Let me see you through the eyes,
that are devoid of the world and mirror the Divine!

Where is happiness?

So where was the Happiness?
Where is happiness?

Where is happiness?


Recently we visited Vapi. The agenda for the evening was totally planned for but did not happen as we thought.. What went out of our plan was later covered up with something simple and it turned out best than ever!!

I was always thinking where was happiness all along? When did it just breached all of us?
What did we do to “feel” that we are happy?
We sat in a car.
We sat and exchanged a few words just like normal conversation.
We halted and ate.
We then mindlessly wandered and went wrong on our path and then continued!
We spotted a beach and all we did was stood in the water. Click some random pictures and run on the sand.
The head was paining and tiredness was seemingly becoming evident on our faces for a while..
We headed back again to eat and to be honest, the food was normal as we eat everyday.
We sat in the Puja and then in the evening we were back again!!
But yet at the end of the whole experience, we felt something had entered us. Something so subtle and so good. You can call it – “Happiness”
No idea when it entered and infected all of us. It made us feel “High”
It made us care for each other, and smile at each other more.
I reflected for sometime and it seems what we called as “Happiness” was inevitably “Change” in disguise. In people, in food, in place. Change in them.
When we joined in the journey, there were new people ( anyone whom you haven’t interacted with much is relatively new only! ) Even if a few of them, it still means new people around. New people means you are still unaware of who they are, how they behave, what they are. This unbiased and aware state of mind, helps us relieve of the first obstacle that we all face. Being judgmental about the ones around us. This blocks our happiness. We constantly and deliberately choose to be unaware of what they might not be and aware of what they could be! This blocks our happiness. With a new person, we look to interact with a fresh mind and are open to have a healthy connection with the other person. To learn, to know and to just let the company be! We might overlook their mistakes and will not judge or label their actions often! We will treat new people like fresh-baked bread. Often with care and compassion.
As we moved on, i figured out food too had a relatively nicer role to play. Digging deeper, it wasn’t food. It was eating the food by “being” together. That togetherness made us feel good! Eating with the same people you often don’t realize also you are with them. Newer people means, mind automatically hints it as a good thing and you feel good having the same food that you would normally eat or maybe more casually eat.
It’s not the food, it’s who accompanies you with the food that belonging-ness fills you tummy and makes you happy!
Living in the same old four walls and the lanes is definitely tiring. Our mind seeks constant change. Any denial of that, and we see our insides getting rebellious! We seek for change in the place, sometimes we want to get lost in the imaginary movie world, or the virtual canvas painted by the song that you just listened to! When you go in a new place, it automatically calls for newness in your mind. It signals your brain of new. With places are attached habits, practices, sometimes unwanted thoughts or the same set of thoughts. New place automatically triggers a possibility of newer experiences in the mind. And anything that is change, is just so what the mind seeks..
It is not in the routine, it is in the newness that the mind seeks comfort. It is the memories that bind us to behavior and our limited actions. When you travel you open yourself to newness, to let loose the mind where it finds comfort in. Travel challenges the memories to override their default settings and to gather newer memories to rebuild our hope to build a more positive life 🙂 Travel is a game changer. It completely does what we seek but never dare – Change! But company is what makes the dare easier and helps us to go through it with a more willing mind.
Travel and Let that happen 🙂

Letter of Faith

This letter is meant for you. Yes for you! 

Read it when you think you have lost your faith and when you think faith needs to come back stronger. 

Read it aloud in your mind and let it resonate in you. 

Let faith be restored in you in full vigour! 

So here it goes,

Dear One, 

I know what’s happening. How it’s affecting you and surrounding yourselves all day long. This is how it is now. I know it is difficult to use the word “accept” but yeah that’s the cliché word you should follow. It’s the magical word that will fill your mind with peace again. 

Umm..Is acceptance difficult for you? 

No worries. Think of all the unlimited set of worries that have come along with the rejection of your present scenario.

Right away. Go take a paper and pen and make a list. List of what has happened because you simple chose to not accept what is happening.

Let me guess, 






And all their friends, the list will go on.. 

They will be the base of all those you write on.

And the more you don’t accept, the more you become comfortable in this vicious cycle. 

Do you really enjoy this cycling ? 

How about I tell you..You are not at fault! You let circumstances react yourself and that you believed it was you? 

You believed you were those momentary words, events, actions that happened.

Alright, Alright..Maybe plural of momentary – many things that happened? 

And you are just ready to believe it was you? I am not telling it wasn’t you who did it..I am telling you, are you the same person right now? Are you the person who did what happened? Then why is the punishment to yourself and your teeny weeny mind? You totally deserve the best of life. You totally do. You totally deserve the right for every other thing that every happy individual does! Wait does that make you feel like an outcast? Do you think for what you did you deserve a lifetime of punishment? Maybe yes. But why do you want to punish yourself by doing things that hurt you. Let service to others be the best repentance. If you think you served someone badly. Take a vow today. Let that be the last one in my life. Vow to serve good. Pray for it. And dont let these events remind you that. For you to move on, you have to drop your past, others won’t, maybe or will drop it..It totally depends on the damage that has happened. But so what. It happened. And now you are out of it. If you want to correct it. Dont make a temporary promise. Make a permanent one, the one with a big reason, big vision. The one that will keep your intentions on check. Pray that you never sway away from the path of gratitude and happiness. Pray that greed, jealousy, negativity won’t power you down for long. Pray that you have strength to move on in life, that you have the courage to face events and to do better when the event has passed. Pray for it. They say, prayers can move mountains.. but what sort of mountains? Mountains of doubt, jealousy and negativity. Not the physical mountains but the mountains you built and surrounded yourself. The valleys of misery! 

You got to believe and trust in the power of prayer and repentance. Do it with all your heart and watch the sunrise of Faith. Faith is accepting what has happened and moving ahead with actions and good intentions that the best is happening now and in this moment! 

Do you get it? 

Did things ease out a bit for you? 

If not, just tap your back, face the mirror and say you deserve the best. 

Repent, dont torment. Repent in such a way that faith will smile back at you. 

That all those good qualities you thought ditched you, make friendship with you. 

Do it like that. YES. Like a Pro! 

Got it? 

You Better get it! 
To faith and beyond! Wish you good luck 🙂 

Sincerely always yours, 

Become a fountain of joy!

Unleash the Joy Within..

Unleash the Joy Within..

You have to get in touch within, to tap the infinite joy within..

You might give yourself a 1000 reasons to be unhappy, but each time there will be a 100 reasons to be happy.
You have got to find that, that really makes you happy & practice it regularly.
A person, an event will not give you joy for long, nor repeat it again..
You have got to stop finding it there, realizing it again & again..
What stays with you is your body & mind, your memory, intellect.
And time & again you have to work on it..
Purify it with knowledge & compassion,
Polish it with Sadhana,
Decorate yourself with joy – with Satsang
& present it with love through Service to others..
You have to seek shelter to the Fountain of joy, the Guru, to become one..
Someone who knows how to safeguard happiness, cultivate, curate & nurture it!
You got to find that which helps you move beyond success & failure, joy & sorrow..

You have got to connect with the joy within to relate to the chaos, confusion & distress outside..
Everything has been carefully designed to get you inside, to the cave of your heart & to become a fountain of joy yourself! 🙂
Be one, soon 🙂



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