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I Choose!


I Choose!


Its been quite sometime everyone’s been talking stop using plastic and so on! 🙂

I decided to implement on this one!

While i avoid buying any more plastics, i choose to re use the ones already in!

So here’s a slight thing i did!

Just so enough as the vendor did not stop selling out things in plastic!

So i chose.

It happened at a garland vendor’s place… few days back i asked the garland vendor that i want the garland packed in paper!

I said i dont want it in plastic bag and strictly in paper!

She found a piece of paper and wrapped it in for me!

Next time i went i asked for a garland she quickly packed it for me in paper!

But u know they forget it easily! and i wanted to strictly avoid using plastic.

So i chose to carry old newspaper in case she doesnt have one!

And it works too!

Today morning  i went and asked, please pack in paper..she said she does not have.. so i took out the paper i brought.. (just in case i thought if she does not have then i’ll give mine! )  and asked her to please pack in the paper i gave! 🙂

Either she stops selling things in plastic or i refuse to buy things in plastic!

Its the same! 🙂

One on one u may whats the deal man!

But i say if this one on one happens in thousand and lakhs and crores! it does  makes a BIGGG deal!! 😀

Another incident i recall on my friends birthday party i had to rent few chairs and tables!

The rickshaw driver refused to carry them from the shop to my friends place stating that he would be fined!

I for few moments engaged in convincing that the house was near and before the signal , just ten minutes from the shop and so on!

Mind you its offence to carry the luggage of that sort and the rickshaw drivers get fined 1200 rupees for doing that!

When he uttered this statement!

I just halted and restrospected for a second!

i said wait! what am i doing!

Breaking the law! No ways! i let him go!

Thereafter,I somehow convinced the person at the shop to please come and deliver the tables without paying extra amount and the said required amount which they charge for transportation 🙂

I took the step 🙂

i Choose!

its important its necessary and its urgent 🙂

Please take  your step soon 🙂

Its a long way to go! But its not very far!

Love Prayers Blessings!


Swapnil 🙂

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