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Sri Sri Says!

Sri Sri Says!

That which you cannot express is Love.
That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty.
That which you cannot avoid is the Truth.

Interviewer:People dont find time in meditation!
Sri Sri:Its just an excuse.A Foolish only will neglect the time space which provides him with Energy!

Sri Sri: They are nice people.Only that they have lost faith in the system!and feel that weapon are the only means!We have to get them in negotiation.

Interviewer:About the Vidarbha Farmers
Sri Sri: Seed Bank in every village started.So that people dont have to ask for the government and also no need to go other village!
If a farmer has a buy the seed everytime.then he will go bankrupt.So we have started seedbanks.

Sri Sri: Many of them would be wanting to leave the weapons and get into a proper living.
But it would be hard for them to come back as Government would want to go into all the legalities!They might end up in jail soon as they surrender,therefore they dont want to surrender as they feel safer in jungles than jail and so there is a need for a proper settlement between Government and Maoists,Naxalites!

Interviewer: Is there a lack of Patriotism in youth?
Sri Sri: In today’s Youth,There has been less pride for their own culture and their country’s heritage! They are seeking more from outside!
So to a extent there is a lack of patriotism and love for what’s there in the country!

A saying by Guruji!
Unless the trauma is released.Food,Medicines,Money alone will not work!

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