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Usually when do you realize you misunderstood someone or someone else did.
It’s when, you can’t talk freely with the other person.
Or when he/she doesn’t reply what you want it to be.

What should you do, to deal with misunderstandings?
First and foremost, is the moment, you sense a little discomfort in the communication and you feel its not the same or weird, that time; you first halt.
Know what’s going on in the mind.
To avoid further misunderstanding, its important to gather whether its your doubt or a reality!
Many times, its what you think and you make it a reality.
You hook on to an action and your doubt and relate every action henceforth with the doubt.

Thereafter any word spoken is unheard of and sounds bitter.
So, gather the reality, gather your thoughts, question your doubts before questioning a person’s behavior.

If you find its genuine.
Move ahead.

Go a step ahead in finding the reality.
Find out, if its a intended one or happened by reaction.

Many times you have suppressed thoughts and emotions and instead of carefully letting them off, sometimes when things become too much, you rather spit it out on the person standing in front of you!
So question, was it intended on accident.
If yes, then give the person a chance.

Other times someone has unanswered questions about you in their mind and every-time it seeks the answer.
You will so find, such people don’t talk properly.
They will not answer, the way you want.
A good thing is to create a space of trust and put an open question to their behavior.
Answer all their questions.Leave no room for a stranger to reside in.

If you happened to hold on to some questions, then dare to ask them now. or continue to reel in restlessness.

You might lose the person once but it’s better than losing him/her in every statement.
ONE other time when misunderstanding might take place is when you don’t intend to and the other person doesn’t intend to.
But co-incidentally, you happen to stay in same space.
When you realize you did not mean it.
Just confess. and move ahead.
Leave no regrets in the heart.
If you feel you weren’t guilty, then have pride in saying it.

And sometimes if you realize you didn’t do anything, and the other person did it by mistake.
Be graceful enough to let off it, with a smile.

If the person doesnt understand your genius or you dont understand his genius,you hit a superiority complex.
Every statement is then made to state who’s the best.

You should let the question die in the mind.
Simply say.. Oh you are the best.. and Also Say Oh i am also the best.
Appreciate if you think the person possess genius qualities.
Appreciate also the fact, if you think the person cannot comprehend your qualities.

Don’t make efforts to prove yourself.
Don’t even ask for justification to massage your ego.

Everyone is indeed special in their own special way.
First you realise it and give him time to realise it.

Till then stop reacting and start acting.
Criticize if you find the actions wrong and appreciate the good.
Let the Mind be free and natural.
Let it be a free soul again, to talk and to stare.

If ever anyone ever misunderstands you.
Don’t get shaken by their actions and behavior.
You so get irritated.
Instead question the actions in a space of trust.
Leave no questions in the mind for a person.
That allows you to be natural wherever you are.

Value people more than their mistakes.
For deep down, every person is greater than the mistakes ever made!
Give the person a chance to not to do another mistake and make sure you don’t allow him any room for mistakes.

Take responsibility of your happiness and your closed ones.

Love and Regards,
Swapnil 🙂

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