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To the Mother-to-be!

Dear Mom-To-Be,



So this letter is to those mom’s-to-be from me, as i have seen through my eyes, being around a mother. Hope this letter resonates your thoughts and puts in lots of strength inside of you.

Well, Congratulations for the big promotion! From being a girl, to a lady to now being a mother. Motherhood awaits you. A journey so fulfilling and maybe gruel-some, taking you on a roller coaster ride. Over the next two years, it will be super special. It might take you on a roller coaster ride, but i assure you, it will bring out the best of you!

Isn’t it exciting, a whole new being is coming from inside of you. Wow, that feeling itself is so special. A whole new life awaits you. Someone is going to come, who is going to “teach” you more than you are going to! Someone who is going to define love for you in a completely different language, who will communicate through feeling and touch, till it utters the way we do! There might be moments which may be uncomfortable and tiring, something that will exhaust you to the core, but that is what defines commitment, priority and understanding.

The special one is going to experience the world where you have now become a master in so many fields. It is going to see the world through you. It is going to learn through you and it cannot be taught the way we teach. Not through logic. It will understand the language of care, compassion, innocence and understanding. I wish the very best to you, to do that. You are going to be super special to someone. Someone for whom the world will be YOU! Who is going to cling to you for care and support and impart you the strength to care it!

The clock may not be same for you when your special one comes, but i assure you, if you live by its clock, you will never feel bad about anything. For the time to come, priorities might change, sacrifices will seem obvious at times, but if you vow to live by the loved one as if it is a gift from God itself, then i assure you, each day will be special. Every moment will be a privilege to serve the One. Any day you feel down, you remember how special you are, to be blessed to be a mother.

To be granted a privilege to experience the infinite love from the special one. Your days and night will go on to live and think about that special one, but rest assured your love for all is the same. People may say you have changed, but deep down you are the same. It’s just a matter of time and priority that tells each one of us to act what is best for in the moment. And if time puts you in the position, put yourself, your child, family and Guru above all. If time lets you choose, you choose that which has empowered you.

From the time, your child steps into this world, your whole timetable might change. Maybe you will never be able to go out without it’s permission. It will not understand anything the way you perceive things, everything will be new to the child. For you the iPhone is different from Nokia because you know it’s value. But for the child, everything is same, it’s just a thing. So don’t scold it, because it doesn’t understand the difference, you should know what it doesn’t know and keep your “valuable” things beyond it’s reach. Child will also bring in a whole new set of issues to deal for you. From not wanting to stay in the clothes you want it to wear, to choosing the pee at odd times, to tiring you to run around it. Your priorities and awareness is going to change for your child. Don’t be surprised or feel guilty that you do not do the same things you did before the child came. People are going to point you out that! To that, just be aware and don’t take it too much in to your mind. It’s okay to prioritize and do what you feel appropriate to deal the situation.

Your shopping list is going to change a lot! It’s going to talk about baby, baby and more baby. For adults, a cold may not be so serious, but if anything happens to the baby, it might look like a war like situation for you. Go ahead. Deal with that like a Major General.

You will need a lot of support for yourself. It’s not that you are not complete. It’s that you need everything just happens for the best at all times.

Initially you might look a lot more aware of everything around the baby. But then, it may become monotonous, tiring and frustrating. Conveying to the child can become a task. It might cry incessantly or just go into a zone and will not tell you what happened. It may become a clue hunt for you. But once you observe the child, you learn how it is communicating to you. What it wants and what it doesn’t. It’s going to fall down a lot. Let the child fall and support the child at all times. Teach it in the way it wants it to be.

It will cry like hell and the moment next it will laugh and create a heavenly atmosphere. It is going to teach you a lot, to let go of emotions and live your life fully. Although you will teach it a lot many things, it is going to make you unlearn a whole set of things. All those trivial things it’s going to make it important for you.

As you are living and exploring motherhood and watching things unfold for the first time, stay close to your best buddies who have become mother, your mother, mother-in-law, whoever close to you who has taken care of a baby in it’s initial years. Communicate and be in touch with them, they are going to help you out to understand the changes that takes place inside of you and to your baby and how to deal with people around you. Talking helps a lot. Don’t sit down and cry and keep it to yourself, talk to them and solve one after another. That’s how motherhood can be better for you. If it’s your first time, please don’t get harsh on yourself. Know the imperfections and try to tackle it.

Trust this, you might neglect a whole new set of people because you won’t have time to think about them. Life’s going to get super busy. But that’s okay.

Love your body and be besides it as things might change after the baby. Give it the highest priority. The initial years are the time, you give maximum attention to yourself and the baby. Of course this can become a life-long habit 🙂

Being a mother was a choice made by you and your partner. Living it will be a journey. A journey which may not seem to be as exciting as those Snap chat, Instagram and Facebook photos. But it will be worth it. Be the best version of you to your child. I wish you all the best.

So, to the mother to be, for a special one, i wish the journey be very fulfilling for the years to come. I pray the next two years and the years ahead, fill you with much power, strength, support and love from each side. I pray for the best of you. If time will not allow you to express the love to the one’s you once cared deeply, don’t feel disheartened. Pour it to the one’s around you. It will reach to the people you want.

There is more more to say, but the words aren’t coming in now. Maybe they will come soon and will write more about it then 🙂

Till then, wish you Lots of baby hugs!

To the Mother-To-Be sending Lots of love 🙂


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