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How powerful can the mind be?

Most of us encounter so many events during the whole day.
Unconsciously our mind gathers data from around.. what people say,  what you see,  you hear.. There is a constant analysis automatically happening based on the data you perceive from things around you..

Power of the Mind
This wholesome set of data build what you call a judgement inside the mind..
A quick equation is made referring to the sea of information that the mind has stored through present day experiences.
You won’t even realise and you will find yourself at times defending your own subconscious judgements..
It is only when someone point it out that you will realise that it exists.
Does this happen with you too?

While it’s impossible to stop the data gathering and unconscious judgement. We can definitely train our mind to not get indulged in that too often..
Yes, you could gradually train our mind to stop storing things that make no sense.
When and how would that be possible?
That, your mind will learn to drop indulging in things that don’t matter but become a part of our life?

By constantly building our priorities in life.
Remember the phrase – Mind your own business.
Easier said than done. How do we mind our own business? With almost no control over how the mind will think next?
Is it possible to tame the mind? To alter it’s thought process?
Let’s dive in and see..
We all rest but does our mind rest?
We all sleep but unfortunately like Internet browsers we don’t have a manual option to clear the browsing history, to clear the cache .. Like the browser we move through different thoughts and more often store some data from every thought. This data stays and stays. There is no way it is erased. We never do anything for it!
We never clear our minds with these unconscious data collected..

Meditation for Wellness
When we meditate, it is very much possible to allows these thoughts to clear your subconscious mind.
As one progresses in meditation one will realise the power of it.  Meditation empowers the mind to process and keep things that matter. To learn from the good and not hold on bad for long.

One question might arise that what if the event has something really good to offer.. In that case you definitely don’t drown in Good memories either 🙂

As one learns to consciously keep the good, it adapts itself to process & keep things clear.  The right priorities happen. The unconscious indulgence stops gradually.
One then slowly learns to focus on what’s important.  Your ability to give back increases. When the garbage in the mind is removed.. YOU find clarity.. YOU find purpose and you will naturally take responsibility.. Responsibility of your own mind, body, family and society.
Choices happen instantly. You give as Good as you get.

All the issues arise at some stage in the mind and reflect on the body-behaviour aspect and soon tend to define your character for others.
The only way to reflect good is to work on the inside.. The mind! A clear mind soon takes charge of everything. It works to keep you best and does the same for things around!

We all this have one opportunity now..
The Happiness Program..
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This remarkable technique will help you embark on your journey to train your mind and body to relax and be better than before!

Worth a try! What say?  🙂

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Q n A with Sri Sri : How to make doing Sadhana everyday, an easy habit?

Q n A with Sri Sri

Q n A with Sri Sri


Q : Gurudev, taking out time for Sadhana in everyday life becomes little difficult, whereas I enjoy doing Sadhana.
How to make it an easy habit?

Sri Sri:
Look, is it difficult to take out time to brush your teeth?
You need to take time out to go to the washroom, isn’t it? You bathe everyday or not? Do you run to the office after getting up from the bed? Without having breakfast, do you go?
There is time to have tea, breakfast, and gossip.
There is time to bathe for an hour, and there is time to stand in front of the mirror and comb your hair. Whoever comes home we have time to talk nonsense with them. And on top of all this, there is time for television.
But for doing Sadhana, after doing which one feels so good, how come there is no time?

I know there is a lot of running around to do in life, and it feels like there is no time, but you have to create a discipline for Sadhana. Make a commitment, ‘If I don’t do Sadhana today, I won’t have breakfast.
I don’t have the right to eat anything until I sit for 15 minutes’.
Only 15 minutes, in the morning after waking up, sit in bed. Loosen your whole body, and realize that God is your own, God is within you.
Just sit there for a few minutes.

I tell you, once in the year 1980, we went to Badrinath and Kedarnath (pilgrim spots in North India). In those days going to Badrinath and Kedarnath was very difficult.
It would take three days from Rishikesh to Badrinath.
We had to stop frequently and couldn’t travel at night. There were two Germans with us who we taught pranayama and meditation. ]
When it was evening, they would ask the driver to stop the car near any pavement.
And there on the road, by the pavement, they would spread their mats and sit in meditation.
I was surprised seeing them. Whatever condition you are in, wherever you are, you should meditate.

During my college days, if I was traveling by train, even I would also do it (my Sadhana) there itself, in the train.
But I was seeing these two Germans, they were so particular about the time. As soon as it was 6 PM they would stop the car, and sit in meditation.
What I mean to say is, we should make it a habit.
Morning or evening, at least one time – when you return home from work, wash your face and sit for 20 minutes. This much time we can definitely take out. Or wake up a little early in the morning.
If you were not able to wake up early and got late one day, then do it after returning home in evening.

When you have decided that without doing sadhana you won’t have food, then this becomes a part of your routine. Then if you miss one or two days, no problem. But don’t make missing it a habit.
There’s a very nice bhajan by Sant Kabirdas.
“Kaam na choda, krodh na choda, satyavachan kyu chod diya, Naam japan kyu chod diya”.
(You didn’t leave lust, you didn’t leave anger, then why did you leave the words of truth? Why did you stop chanting his name?)


10 Science-Based Reasons To Start Meditating Today INFOGRAPHIC – by Emma Seppala

10 Science-Based Reasons To Start Meditating Today INFOGRAPHIC
Infographic by Emma Seppala, Ph.D. View the original meditation infographic in her full post.

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Meditation is not difficult

Meditation is not difficult

Meditation is not difficult

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Meditation is not difficult
Meditation made easy
Simple solutions to some of the most common reasons why people find meditation difficult

“Meditate? Who, me?” A common reaction by many who feel that meditation is the most difficult thing to do. When we are so used to doing some activity all the time then sitting with our eyes closed for even 10 minutes and doing nothing sounds absurd. Let us look at some of the most common reasons why people find meditation difficult, while we offer some simple solutions to these apparently difficult situations.
#1: You say – I work for 10 hours in a high-pressure job, barring the time lost in traffic. It is difficult to find the time to meditate!

We say – If you don’t have time, this is exactly why you should meditate. Confused? Meditation adds hours to our day. Meditating for 15-20 minutes daily can help improve concentration and productivity, the work gets done faster and you are left with more time which you can use to relax the mind and recharge yourself after a long day at work. Remember: If you find 15 minutes to meditate in the day, you will be able to find time for everything else. You definitely need to try for yourself to really see how difficult it is when you don’t meditate!

#2: You say – Sit still at one place with eyes closed for 20 minutes? Are you kidding me?

We say –It’s really not that difficult when it comes to actually sitting and meditating. At the end of those 20 minutes, you may not even realize that you had been sitting for that long! Moreover,there’s nothing more refreshing than a short meditation session. In fact, it might make you feel as though you have just woken up from an eight-hour-long deep restful sleep.

#3: You say – I’m considered cool in college. If I sit and meditate, I’ll be looked at as somebody from another planet! My friends would ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

We say –This is a general misconception among some young people. Meditation is no longer an alien concept. Lots of people want to learn this technique and derive its benefits.Moreover, it works for everyone – kids, youth and the old – at different levels. As a student, you may witness increased concentration and improved exam results.You are also better able to handle your relationship with your parents and peers.

#4: You say –My family thinks that if I meditate I would become a sanyasi (recluse). I don’t want to upset them.

We say – You only need to be skilful in dealing with this, and again, meditation can help you acquire the skill to become more sensitive, intuitive and well equipped to connect with your family better. It might be initially challenging to make them understand your viewpoint but as you keep meditating, they will start observing positive changes in you – your personality and speech become pleasant, and communication skills get better. Slowly, they start getting comfortable with the idea. It would definitely be ideal if all of you meditate together as it is always more effective in creating a positive environment.

#5: You say – Once I close my eyes, what am I supposed to do next? What will happen in meditation?

We say – Such a feeling is natural because we are always so caught up in action that letting go completely seems impossible. But take it easy! All you need to do in meditation is simply relax. To start with, you can take guidance from an experienced teacher at the Sahaj Samadhi Course, who can lead you into meditation. Or you can practice it at home by listening to a online guided meditation and you will see how easy it is to slip into a state of doing nothing!

#6: You say – It’s always too noisy at home. I have children and it is difficult to find some quiet moments when I can sit and meditate.

We say – Have you noticed when you are tired or sleepy, how you can doze off simply anywhere -on a moving bus or train, or in the middle of a movie at the cinema? This happens because we don’t have a choice and the mind automatically switches off,even amidst so much noise. In meditation, we have a choice to switch off our mind for some time. We have a say over our mind!

#7: You say – When society is facing numerous challenges– poverty, conflict, unemployment, corruption – at this time you expect me to sit and meditate when so much needs to be done?

We say – This is exactly the time when meditation can help. It gives you the strength within to be able to serve, to help bring about a resolution to conflicts. When you meditate, your aura starts affecting the people around you. When you are calm, rather than being affected, you start positively influencing the environment. Over time, regular meditation will help change a lot of things – you might notice good things happening around you because you meditate!

The wisdom in this article is based on talks and discourses given by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in different satsangs around the world.

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