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Dedicate this poem To
H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar !

“My beloved is coming..
I Celebrate the Moment..”

While some wait for years and yearn for HIS glimpse..
HE walked up to me & smiled to uplift my spirit..
In HIS presence, they say worries fade away..
I though see love makes it way..

How i wish, how i desire. How i cry like a baby to want that desire.. Smilingly, gently, HE compassionately answers, wish for Big and get it answered..

How i think much insignificant i am, HE flashes a smile & realize I am much more than i See I am..

How lucky, How fortunate, How blessed I am..

HE is coming, finally & Here I am!

Inviting you all, to be a part of this experience.. To make this start of the year a memory to cherish!

In the presence of my dearest Sri Sri invite you all to :

We Chant with Sri Sri : 11th Jan 2015, 6pm at Andheri Sports Complex,Andheri West,Mumbai!

Rudra Puja with Sri Sri : 12th Jan 2015, 7am at MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Bandra East…

See You with your smile and your loved ones along :))

oh yes.. Are you not excited HE is coming?

Then lets express it via Facebook and twitter too!

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@AOLMUM and @vds_maha & add hashtag #WeChantWithSriSri  #RudraPujaWithSriSri #SriSriInMumbai wherever relevant!

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Lets welcome Sri Sri to Mumbai and invite everyone to experience the awesomeness :))

Sri Sri in Mumbai!

Sri Sri in Mumbai!

Why should i Vote? I want to know where to Vote?

Many people might have a question..
Why should i vote?
Here this video answers the following questions..



See :

The Power of Vote  – >

Know Your Civic Quotient ( English ) :

Know Your Civic Quotient ( Hindi )

Know Your Civic Quotient ( Marathi ) :

Do you have rights to complain? The Compaint Room   :


Trivia :
Mumbai is divided into constituencies..
Each constituency is further divided into parts..
Each part comprises of a selection of areas..
Lets take an example…
I stay at Building A, like wise there is building B,C,D,E
Together a selection of buildings like A,B,C,D,E etc are given a unique name : That is in technical term a PART number
several such PARTS are put under a bigger category : Constituency!

There exists a further higher classification : District wise :
A major selection of constituency is put under a certain district!

LETS take a practical example :
Amit Society is in Mulund.. Likewise there Mukti Towers, SnehBandhan and few others in the vicinity.. These are all given a PART number – 122
Like wise there are other PARTS
together all PARTS are placed in a “CONSTITUENCY” or a greater area :
So my society comes under “Mulund Constituency” and its technical number is 155..
My constituency is then listed under Mumbai Subarban

So if i have to search my name i need to look for Constituency 155 , PART number 122 to precisely locate my building name!


HERE is a post which can HELP people to know if their name exists or not in the present electoral list and also a simple guide of which forms to fill and where to fill it up.


Dear Mulund-kars! Snatch this opportunity! Get your biggest power!

If you are in Mulund, Mumbai :
26 Places to get your right to vote!
#VBI  Get your voter’s card and snatch this opportunity to volunteer for a better India!

I Vote for a Better India

I Vote for a Better India

here’s what i got lying on a bridge in Mulund!

Since the pamphlet was in a utterly bad condition, had to write it down to share with everyone!

Here it goes! 🙂

Loksabha 2014 Voter List Campaign Started!

Please visit your nearest voting center.
Verify if your name is in voter’s list.
Election Commission may have removed your name from your old address?

If you have changed your house?
If you have just turned 18?

For more details visit
Email :
contact : 9869220023

16th September to 17th October : Check ur name and register your name in the list!





Sardar Tarasingh : 8655756431
Medha Somaiya : 9869067070
Mahesh Kariya : 9869214488
Prakash Gangadhare : 9869220002

Manoj Kotak : 9821163742
Samita Kamble : 9820754224
Bhavna Jobanputra: 8652604731
Kashmira Bhatt : 9323102813
Manish Tewari : 9323914008
Viral Shah : 9821118138
Jitendra Parab : 9322652009
Sanjiv Shirodkar : 9324724509
Vasant Khade : 9892696071
Jigar Chande : 9324943239
Dipak Sachdev : 9820995973
Rani Pandit : 9821470863


मतदार केंद्रांची यादी :
1. JJ Academy Secondary High School, Mulund Colony , Mulund West.
2. Jaybharat Junior College, Mulund Colony, Mulund West.
3.गुरु गोविंदसिंग मार्ग मनपा प्राथमिक हिंदी शाळा , मुलुंड कॉलनी , मुलुंड पश्चिम
4. H.K. Gidwani Cross English HighSchool, Mulund Colony, Mulund West
5. M.C.G.M. Primary School, Mulund Colony, Mulund West.
6.वीर संभाजी नगर मनपा प्राथमिक शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
7.विणा नगर मनपा हायस्कूल मराठी शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
8.घातीपाडा मनपा मराठी शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
9.पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय मार्ग मनपा शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
10. ज्ञानसरिता हायस्कूल , नेताजी सुभाषचंद्र बोस रोड , मुलुंड पश्चिम
11. Mulund College, Sarojini Naidu Road, Mulund West.
12.दयानंद वैदिक हिंदी हायस्कूल व ज्युनिअर कॉलेज , मुलुंड पश्चिम

13.वालबाई कारिया मनपा उच्च प्राथमिक शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
14. गजानन पुरंदरे हायस्कूल , व्ही पी रोड , मुलुंड पश्चिम
15. केशवपाडा मनपा शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
16. गोशाळा मार्ग उच्च प्राथमिक मनपा शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम
17. St. Pius 10th Boys School, St. Mary Road, Mulund West.
18. St. Mary Convent High School, St. Mary Road, Mulund West.
19. नाहूर मनपा उच्च प्राथमिक मराठी शाळा , मुलुंड पश्चिम

20. तरुण उत्कर्ष प्राथमिक विद्यामंदिर , गव्हाणपाडा , मुलुंड पूर्व
21. आर आर एज्युकेशन ट्रस्ट मराठी माध्यमिक शाळा, म्हाडा वसाहत , मुलुंड पूर्व
22. जी व्ही स्कीम मनपा प्राथमिक शाळा , मुलुंड पूर्व
23. विद्याप्रभोधीनी इंग्रजी मिडीयम शाळा , गोखले रोड, मुलुंड पूर्व
24. मिठागर मार्ग मनपा शाळा , मुलुंड पूर्व
25. मु. शि .प्र . मंडळाचे नलिनीबाई दोडे विद्यामंदिर , सानेगुरुजी नगर, मुलुंड पूर्व
26. मध्यवर्ती निवडणूक कार्यालय , महानगर पालिका बाजार इमारत , चाफेकर बंधू मार्ग , मुलुंड


Do your bit, Go out and register yourself as a voter 🙂


Litter Later….!

The Litter Bug

The Litter Bug

So today i had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine

She had a quiet concerned tone.

The issue was Littering should be restricted to bins & people should stop littering everywhere.

She explained how inspite of her daily routine of office life, she still found some time to address this point.

As full of concern, she spoke at length with her ladies co-passengers in train, to stop littering,
To stop filthing the environment.
Not even that, she even offered to collect it to manually dispose it off in bins ,
if they ever say there are no bins in compartments!

Questions she says haunts her the most:
How can people be so insensitive towards the environment?
Do they feel nothing about it?
Its the same attitude!?

But I still hold on and continue to educate people time and again, with the time i get.

But i wont be able to do it alone, she says in despair.
More hands are needed to vow AND voice that they will not litter anywhere!

Isnt this the issue, you face too?

Will more systems, more dustbins help?

Will a reform in systems, change an attitude that one has imbibed in his nature?

How can we stop a person from littering?

Educate, they say. IT will work for some, atleast so.

Well then,

A deeper study might say,
People do that with a lack of awareness. With a sense that its not my place.

With a confirmation that somebody will clean it!

What’s the reality?
How many people can a government hire? Which all corners can the people clean.
People always find a new place to dirt around.

Isnt it quite possible to avoid littering and utilizing the available bins well?

Lets look at the flip side.

Many people litter outside.

What about the litter inside? The emotional garbage you dump on people?

Isnt that causing you to be a lot more un-attentive to surroundings?  of collecting the emotional garbage?

When one is so caught in the cycle of me-mine, Its difficult to address a issue that exists outside their world.

Me-Mine is their world, everything else is an alien.

What can bring about a cleaner society in a larger domain?

Its taking care of one’s one mind. The more the peace, the greater your vision to look beyond the Me-Mind glass.

When one has developed that awareness, one’s attention goes to the right place, ethics make sense and integrity looks feasible!

So my dear ones, take care of your own mind, develop that awareness for yourself first & guide your people for such awareness inside.

I personally recommend meditation and Sudarshan Kriya for helping to practise the peace of mind.
The gradual effect is enhanced awareness and an immense change from the Me-Mine Glass to We-Ours attitude!

That can gradually awaken the Earthly Kind & Sensitive person inside you who is ready to take care of his environment!

Change your vision, Educate with Reason!


PS : image courtesy :
PPS : Just for your information i am speaking about system reforms wont work from this Clean Up March Initiative i was a part of!

I personally have gone and cleaned the roads of a lane in Andheri.  and my friends have done the better part.

WE worked closely with the Clean up Mumbai campaign by BMC under the guidance of Dr, Rohit & Dr. Shilpa Sabharwal.

We were also given fine cards and we actually went with marshals to fine people too. But as they say, unless this matter is given the due importance, it doesn’t make a lasting impact on people about systems and reforms!

We need a strong rule to be laid by the One in power! and we will need people to start developing that awareness to make the possible, possible!

Here are a few snapshots of the Drive :  Oh yes, we were featured in a newspaper too as we went fining people around!

In the News - Mumbai Mirror 2008

In the News – Mumbai Mirror 2008

The Young Dynamic Clean Up Warriors.

The Young Dynamic Clean Up Warriors.

and the slogan..

and the slogan..

Thats how we worked too!

Thats how we worked too!

I think that’s more seen and more said!

Lets not Litter and save it for the bins later!

Good News! Mumbai Navratri Utsav this year at Goregaon!

Everyone is invited to The Art of Living – Mumbai Navratri Utsav 2013 at Goregaon.

When is it :
10th – 12th October 2013

Where is it :
Vishnu Park Ground,
Bangur Nagar
Goregaon West.

Here is a invitation poster to spread the information across

Mumbai Navratri Invitation

Mumbai Navratri Invitation


Who all can come :


What will be there this Navratri? What is the schedule of Celebrations? :

There will be Ancient Homas/ Yagyas that will be performed, Chantings, Satsangs and much more.

A) For schedule of Homas check this out  :

Schedule of Mumbai Navratri Homas 2013

Schedule of Mumbai Navratri Homas 2013


B) Also Lalitha Sahasranaam Chantings & Satsang on 10,11,12th October 6:30pm onwards 


Do you want to know more about the Homas? Well. Check this out!

Description of Homas and  Sankalpa Info 2013

Description of Homas and Sankalpa Info 2013


Do you wish to take Sankalpa for any of the above Homas?

Do you wish to contribute? for Anna Daan  / Puja Samagri / Homa Prasadam / Vastra Daan / Lalitha Sahasranama


Then call up these guys, they will help you out : 98921 76219 / 92233 13356 / 77380 56590 / 98193 11550 / 98691 95052.


Oh! you still have questions?

never mind! Call these guys then : 9987091470,9820281050,9892787842


Hey, Did you know there is an official page for all the amazing Poojas, Homas and ancient rituals that continue to happen in Mumbai..

Yes! and its right on Facebook : Check this link out : Facebook : Mumbai – Rudra Puja & Navratri  ( )

Yup, These guys are on twitter too! – Follow them on  : Twitter  : @aolpuja – ( )

Oh ya, email id  :


And dont miss out on their updates : follow the Facebook page for the official updates on the ongoing activities.


Wishing you happy festive times ahead!!

Happy Navratra!

Love & Regards,








Tips for Navratri at Mumbai 2011 ;)

Guruji 😀

Navratri INFO given by Guruji.
The first 3 days dedicated to Tamas,
next 3 days is for Rajas
and last 3 days for Sattwa.
The last day is Vijayadashami – the day of Victory over the all the 3 Gunas.

->These few days are days of rest.
->Don’t bombard yourself with various sensory pleasures.
->Eat a bit less.
->Refrain from over eating, over listening, any activity that burdens your system – fast a little bit.
->Last day ofcourse there will be a feast.
->Fasting always goes with Feasting 🙂

This Navratri NOT to be MISSED 🙂
There will be
Blissful Homas,Chantings.
Rishiji Vidyadharji 🙂
Yummy Prasadams.
Cultural performances, Garba , Satsangs.
All in all, get ready to get
Bathed in Mantras,
Sing away in Satsangs
Dance in Garba
and Get content with the Prasadams 🙂

A Brief Idea to all those attending for the first time or otherwise.

1.Its nice, to dress traditionally on festive occasions 🙂

During the nine days of Navratri there is a custom of wearing different colour dress – Sarees (Sari) and Churidhar – mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Information on what are the Navratri 2011 colours usually appears a couple of days before in local Gujarati and Marathi newspapers. This is the latest information regarding the nine colors of Navratri in 2011.

The nine Navratri colors for 2011 are:
Pratipada – September 28, 2011 (Wednesday) – Blue
Dwitiya/Tritiya – September 29 (Thursday) – Yellow
Chaturthi – September 30 (Friday) – Green
Panchami – October 1 (Saturday) – Grey
Sashti – October 2 (Sunday) – Orange
Saptami – October 3 (Monday) – White
Ashtami – October 4 (Tuesday) – Red
Navami – October 5 (Wednesday) – Purple
Vijayadasami – October 6 (Thursday) – Pink

2. When you enter the ground,there would be a stage right ahead and a small area will be specially hosting the Puja place with Kalash 🙂
the Puja place is a very pristine area and only Pandits are allowed to be in that area.Please dont move on to the Puja place area. You may worship from a distance.

3.Usually just ahead of the stage is the sitting arrangements of the people who are in Sankalpas 🙂
Make sure you dont happen to sit there or you would have to move back.

4.Please avoid sitting in middle, incase you take frequent breaks. Toilets are made available.

5.Please carry back rest, if you have back problem or otherwise ,since Pujas are for longer duration.

6.It would be nice, to meditate or sit quiet and not chit chat/sleep while the Pujas and Homas and the chantings are going on and maintain the sanctity of the place.

7.Please put your phone on silent mode and avoid talking while the Pujas are going on, it might disturb your neighbour.

8.In case of small kids, please do make sure they are taken care of well in the venue.

9.For aged people, some chairs would be kept. In case its not, check with the help of volunteers to have the sitting arrangements made proper for them.

10.It would be nice, to carry a bottle of water. ( Based on the past year’s feedback. Water is available but not free,you will have to buy the bottles.)

11.Listening to the mantras chanted during the pujas and the homas is more important.So make sure you sit comfortably, any ways you wont figure much things out of what the Pandits are doing. As Swami Sadyojathah said last year that if you dont happen to meditate and listen to the mantras.Just practise to bring your mind again and again to the mantras. Mantras have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the mind body and soul.

12.Please make sure you eat the Prasadams after the Puja, the effect of Puja is considered to be complete after Prasadam.

13.Though the venue is close to the station, it would be nice to chalk down the transport for your coming and going back for a hassle free time of yours.
Considering the mumbai traffic, please make sure you leave early!

14.Please dont complain and co-operate with the volunteers and lend help to make this event at the best.

Do come in large numbers and make this event grand 🙂
Your participation is valuable 🙂
Wish you all a Refreshing Navratri 🙂

Here’s a Map of the Venue : by walking and by car/vehicle both will be specified 🙂

PS : Right click on the image and select open in new tab/window to view enlarged image.

Map : by Car/ Vehicle.

and the text directions :

Text Directions : By Car/ Vehicle.


by Walking if you wish to come.

By walking - Map

and the text directions:

Text Directions : For Walking



October 2nd Sunday Shasti

8.30 am Sri Maha Ganesh Puja, Anugya Puja
9.00 am Shri Maha Ganpati Homa
9.30 am Sri Navgraha Homa
11.30 am Poornahuti,Mangalarti
5.00 pm Sri Vastu Shanti Homa
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

October 3rd Monday Saptami

7.00 am Sri Maha Rudra Homa
5.00 pm Sri Maha Sudarshan Homa
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

October 4th Tuesday Astami

7.00 am SRI NAVA CHANDI HOMAM Sri Chandi Navavarana Pooja, Sri Durga Sapthashathi Adhyay Homa , Kanyaka Pooja, Suvasini Pooja
12.30 pm Maha Purnavati, Kalash Abhishek, Prasadam
6.30 pm Lalitha Sahastranama
7.00 pm Rudrabhishekam Puja

Daily Satsang/Cultural Dances/Garba at 8.00 pm onwards


General Queries:
Phone: 9324056710/9867241378/9819727996/65299661

Homa’s / Sankalpa’s Queries:
Phone : 9820295629 /9820182825

Advance course Registration:
Phone: 9223257764/9223341805

Sahaj Samadhi Registration:
Phone: 9619880199/9833563187

Email :

Wish you a Blissful Navratri 🙂

Love and Regards,
Swapnil 🙂

Navratri – Aho Niranjana!

Navratri Ah!
Never ever i had such fascination of this festival, till i entered my eigth standard in high school.
I remember the first time i ever entered the “Garba” Zone 😉
I had never danced before, but choose to do so, just because some of my friends just pushed me onto it.
Within a couple of days, i found a fascinating thing.. Gosh! i love dancing 😉
I got so engrossed in learning each step.. that soon, i would wait to go on the dance floor 😛
With a wide variety of urban styles.. Garba seemed way lot cooler to me 🙂
So did i participate and continued to be amused by Garba 🙂
So till i did my YES!+, Navratri was equal to Garba 🙂 My bad!

I did my YES!+ in 2007, April.
and the same year though Navratri was held in Ashram, i wasnt quite made aware of its Grandeur, Magnifience and Importance!
How on earth, would then i go?
2008, Lucky me.. my mentors Shilpa Didi and Rohit Bhaiya and whole lot of cooler guys just said, that its going to be the best time and having attended the Mahashivratri at Surat earlier that year and the fact that Master was going to be there.. there was not even a little doubt that celebration would not be there 😀

I hopped in for this offer!
I enter the Ashram second time, this time for Navratri Celebrations and wow!
Ashram is THE THE place to see during this festival!

Vikram Bhaiya was saying once in a concert, there are two times, Mahashivratri and Navratri- when you can resolve to do something better and which is the time of Your Consciousness rising above all to Truth through all the Chantings and the Celebration!
Chetna Jagrut karti hai yeh Utsav.

Okay a Brief!
Navratri comprises of nine days:
First 3 day are Tamas days – its best to meditate during these days to remove this Tamas. Advance Course is perfectly kept by Guruji during this time of Navratri! Best time to invest in meditation and meditate a lot!
Next 3 day Rajas : Includes the last day of Advance course ends up in celebration! and usually the start of the Homas.
Last 3 day Sattvic : Homas continue over these days.

Navratri is traditionally celebrated in honor of Devi, the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is a form of energy, a manifestation of the Divine itself. Therefore, sometimes, the form taken by this Divine may be that of Ganesha, Chandi (Devi), Vishnu or Shiva. Each day of Navratri we honor specific qualities of divinity with different homas and with different intentions.

Sri Maha Ganapati Homa:

This homa is offered to that aspect of divinity which removes all obstacles to our growth and success. It is for clearing all impediments and attracting auspiciousness in our lives. Ganapati Homa is done before the start of any new project or venture.

Navgraha Homa:

Everything in creation is connected, and the all the various spheres in the universe mutually affect each other. Everything influences everything else. This homa is done to honor these influences; to reduce negative influences that enter our lives; and to increase positive influences.

Sri Maha Rudra Homa:

We invite all auspiciousness into our lives. This is one of the most ancient homas from the text of the Vedas. It is done to transform stagnancy and for overall prosperity, health, happiness, success and removal of obstructions. It is offered to the one who removes misery.

Sri Maha Sudarshan Homa:

This homa is offered to the sustainer of life, which blesses us with the right vision. It is to remove ignorance and usher in a new life overflowing with knowledge. It is especially for removing confusion and mental blocks and giving clarity. Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama: Sahasranaam literally means “the thousand names”. This chanting is done for bringing success in life. It is offered to honor the sustaining energy in creation.

Guruji during Navratri 🙂

Sri Nava Chandi Homa:

The Chandi Homa marks the pinnacle of all the Navratri homas. It is performed to remove negative tendencies and obstacles to growth, both in ourselves and in the environment. Its purpose is also to increase strength, vigor and confidence. It is offered to that quality of Divinity that protects and us and nurtures creativity.

Rishi Homa:

This homa is done in gratitude to all the enlightened masters. It honors all the seers and sages of the past, present and future.

Yagya during Navratri

When many people get together and do something collectively, that is called ‘yagya’ or ‘yagna’. There are many types of ‘yagya’.

1. ‘Dravya Yagya’- In which a lot of substances are used. 108 types of different herbs, fruits etc are used.
2. ‘Gyaan Yagya’ – Discussing the knowledge.
3. ‘Japa Yagya’- Singing and chanting of mantras.

These bring purity, prosperity, peace and harmony to all. The whole environment becomes lively.
There are three types of miseries: one from outside world, other one from deep inside you, due to karma and the third one is due to the subtle mind.
So Navratri is that which gives you rest from all three types of miseries.
Mind works in action.
When you sleep, what happens? You get relief from the world, relief from the mind, and relief from everything.
That is why Navratri is called, the nine nights of complete self-referral activity.
Tenth day of the ‘yagya’ is the Victory Day, also known as ‘Dussera’.

IT is the THE place to be on this PLANET during Navratri!

Navratri’s new definition is what i found.
It is Honoring the Goddess and Experiencing the Celebration within YOU!

Dont worry, ASHRAM is now not the only place to attend these Celebrations 😉
Now its happening in most parts of the country.

HOW Beautiful is each day of Navratri during the HOMAS..
Each day getting up, the sole target of mine is to reach the place where the Chantings would take place 🙂
Sitting comfortably with eyes closed and getting soaked, bathed in the Mantras!
Doing Nothing and reaping everything! How cooler can it get 😉

Mantras have a rejuvenating and a healing effect on the mind body and the consciousness.
And Every Homa has a meaning attached to it as explained earlier 🙂

The most important part is to meditate or just sit with eyes closed and let the Mantras do the work for you 🙂
With a close to an average of almost 2-3 hrs for every Homa. Whoa,Thats a whole lot to time.. 🙂 so make sure you have back rest on. If you require frequent breaks, please do avoid sitting in the middle 😉 Sit comfortably and at ease.

The experience of being feeling cleansed in the minds and feeling lighter is just a trailor of what you feel.. 🙂

I never missed the Navratri Celebrations thereafter.
Such a Celebration can only be experienced in presence of a Master, who can show you light in dark, who can show you peace in turmoil, who can show you stillness amidst the flow!

Only a Master can make you experience this true celebration!
You have to go to come to experience this!

You are invited to attend this Celebrations at Mumbai this year :
Venue : Bandra Reclamation Grounds, Nr Rangasharda Auditorium, Bandra West, Mumbai.
Dates : 28th Sept – 5th Oct. 2011.
for more details visit

Heres the Schedule :

You are invited here on :

28th Sept,2011 — EVENING
Lalitha Sahasranaam Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm
Rudrabhishekam Puja and Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


29th Sept,2011 — EVENING
Lalitha Sahasranaam Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm
Rudrabhishekam Puja and Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


30th Sept,2011 — EVENING
Lalitha Sahasranaam Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm
Rudrabhishekam Puja and Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


1st Oct,2011 — EVENING
Lalitha Sahasranaam Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm
Rudrabhishekam Puja and Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


2 Oct, 2011 — MORNING
Ganapathi Homa — 9am – 1pm
Navgraha Homa — 9am – 1pm

Vaastu Shanti Homa — 5pm – 7pm

Lalitha Sahasranaam
Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm

Rudrabhishekam Puja
and Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


3 Oct, 2011 — MORNING
Rudra Homa — 7am – 12:30pm

Sudarshan Homa — 5pm – 7pm

Lalitha Sahasranaam
Chantings — 6:30pm – 7pm
Satsang — 7pm – 8:30pm.


4 Oct, 2011 — MORNING

Chandi Homa — 7am – 1pm


Lalitha Sahasranaam — 6:30pm – 7pm
Satsang. — 7pm – 8:30pm.


5th Oct, 2011 —

Lalitha Sahasranaam — 6:30pm – 7pm


Oh yeah this year Rishi Vidyadharji is gonna come to be there for the Navratri at Mumbai!

Rishi Vidyadharji 🙂

I would wait for your presence this year!
Please do come 🙂
It’s in west, so don’t let it go waste 😉

Love – Prayers – Blessings,
Swapnil 🙂

PS : a quick list :
a.Wear traditional clothes ( would be best if you can wear them )
b.Each day of the Homas it best to wear particular colored clothes – considered to have maximum effect of Homa chantings then. ( its alright, if you cannot get them )
c.Carry Water in case you are not accustomed to drinking water from outside. although water will be available there.
d. Prasadams will be there each day – You can say meals of course in the afternoon as well as evening on the day of homas and the chantings.
e.Carry Back rest since Homas are for longer duration.
f.Avoid sitting in middle in case you require frequent breaks.
g.Keep your phones on silent mode, most appreciated!
h.Listening to the Mantras is more important. So practise to just listen to them. Anyways you can’t make out of most of the mantras. and the Effect of the Homas will be best when you just listen to the mantra chanting.
i.This venue at Mumbai is pretty close to station. takes around 15 min walking to the venue.
Tough to say for any transport at the evening though. So be a little prepared, just in case, transport is not available.Make sure, you have pre decided all odds and made arrangements for a hassle free travel of yours. Please don’t complain. Be responsible and co-operate.

A glimpse of Ashram Navratri :



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