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Randomized – ‘S’preading ‘M’y ‘S’mile ;)

Hellos Dear Ones ๐Ÿ™‚


Smile - It costs NOTHING!

Presenting some of the most random messages i sent across ๐Ÿ™‚

Who is a victim?
One who is not living the knowledge is a victim.One who does not accept people and the situations,who is not living in the present moment, who is seeking intentions, is a football of people’s opinions,and who fails to recognize the that opposite values are complimentary and that things WILL change!
All those are victims.

Irshad : Khuda ke bande, jara aankh khol de, neki kar, aur paap chod de.Jara khud ko sambhal, jara pyar se sambhal,jarurat pade to jarur bula de!

Don’t feel bad to kneel down, to run or to stop or move ahead with pace,remember to put down your ego and move ahead in the race, because life is more, if its just you ๐Ÿ™‚

I married peace, now she is with me forever,accompanied relatives were compassion love and kindness, God almighty blessed us.

There is never anything to lose. Either you win or learn how you could win! Kinare dhundne mai hi deri lagti hai, baki toh najare hi dil jeet lete hai.

Paristithine vaaat lavnya aadi paristithitun vaat kadnyat samanjsya ahe. Suryastachi vaat nako pahu re tu, kam ase kar ki, divsach milel toh thandicha visava!

Knowledge toh hamesha good hi rehta hai, haan tum main wo sunne ki shamta kam ho sakti hai.

Silence is a person’s loudest cry! You know someone is really hurt, when they start ignoring you! Holding the hurt, when its possible to let it go, is also foolishness.

Knowing a mistake as mistake is knowledge.
Considering it as behaviour of the person or labelling it with any other factor is ignorance.
If a mistake happens again and again, it becomes a risk.
Learning to prevent a risk is intelligence, trying to manage the risk is routine.
First manage and then look towards its prevention. When you know, truth is so vast and in depth, you learn to see, the depth of the situation and in turn you find every action was right and worth while.
Thats when you stop pointing fingers towards others and rest in peace.
Know that no one can promise you peace, other than you ๐Ÿ™‚

In life, you have two options :
Either realize the priority yourself and do things or let people bulldoze your thoughts and build their own.
Stay with what is truthful at that time! If you are truthful to yourself, you will get less hurt.

If you spend too long, holding on to the one, who treats you like an option; you’ll miss, finding the ones, that treat you like a priority!
What to do then : Realise who are loving you and give them your love. Dont waste your time, for the people who dont even care for you. Hold back for a moment, find people, who love you and you know who really care for you and then you check out, if you are really caring or taking them for granted.

Someone asked God : Jab Naseeb mai pehle se sab likh diya gaya hai, to dua kyu kare?
God smiled and said : Ho sakta hai maine nasib likha ho ki: “AS YOU WISH” ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing can shake your love, except your own doubt.

Ever wondered,you never take an autograph from a Swami or a Rishi, or a person, who is of revered status.
An artist needs to be reached out, you need to go and make effort, to reach to the artist and then, you feel happy.
Swamis and Rishis autograph your life, with peace and happiness, before you reach out to them; their very presence radiates your need – the very thing you wanted!
Thats how,you never ever, felt the need to autograph them!

When Shakespeare said Whats in a name He actually means : Dont get stuck in the name. Names were kept for ease of identification and for our convenience. Some names had a very valid reason and some names were kept with no choice in front!
When you stop getting stuck in things, u realise & move ahead!

Rituals were always made, considering the need of the time.
It were made by the wise,to tame the mind, so that you have peace of mind and at the same time you follow the rules of the nature.
Ignorant is always unaware of why things are done and always spends more time in questioning things.
Some things are better some way,thats how it is!
To bring choicelessness, some rules had to be framed,so rituals were born.
When you know why things are done, you will find there is so much beauty, in what you do, then you can know, what you cannot do!

Reality is restricted by your own imagination..
Arz kiya hai:
Gumraah hokar – mat ghumna tum charo disha,
Jara mud ke dekh o rahi,
toh lage jannat har jagah!

Words are like the ingredients and Grammar is like the recipe!
When you put the ingredients in the right fashion by using the recipe, thats when u get a great taste!

Our behaviour is shaped through our speech! So culture your speech. Practise to let only good and righteous, flow through your speech. With time, you will stop making the bad a reality by not letting it to come through your speech! Many times instead of scolding and making d impact, u just vent out ur frustration! If you are cool, you will rule!

Life is just perfect at every moment, you just have to act in the moment and stop reacting a moment!
Each moment, someone pays for the mistakes he does,
Each moment is spent to repair the bad.
HE is working every moment and when you complain, is when you question – HIS work!
Stop questioning, Start Living!

When you start becoming a witness, thats when you stop becoming a victim and you see justice every moment!

Its when you make Art of Living a part of your living; that’s when you become a successful artist and paint your life with love,joy and enthusiasm!

There was a certain person who wanted to know the meaning of life. So he approached a monk,who he heard, had attained the highest knowledge and was known to be knowing the meaning of life!

So one fine day, He approaches the monk and asks him the meaning of life!
The monk was drinking tea, so he looked at him and put one cup for the man and slowly started pouring the tea.
After sometime the cup started to overflow.
The person became confused and asked the monk to stop, but he did not.
He person thought it was foolish of him to ask the man,his answer.
With a confused mind,he asked : why are you still pouring?
To which the monk replied : You are currently, like this filled cup of tea, no matter how much knowledge i give, it wont sink in!
You have to first empty your cup ie unlearn things and then i can teach you new good things, that can help you find answers to your question.
Learn to be open minded and drop things when required to become better.

Jantet akrosh,sarkar jhopet madhosh; jantela padli chaprak, dili vajvun ek, pukarle ata yuddh, pahun jhale saare avak!

We are so conditioned to being right, nobody trained us that, we can be wrong.
Slowly slowly,develop that attitude, to know that you CAN be wrong.
That’s when, you learn to get less hurt from the fall and rise again.
When you learn to tame the mind, you explore its possibilities and capabilities.

Apyash boltech khare : beta Yash var ahe.Tu khali adhogati la ka? Yashachi payri khali navhe var ahe, karan up yash ahe ๐Ÿ™‚

Just like a plant needs delicate attention.
It needs water, but at the right time, in right proportion, it needs fertilizers, to protect from insects and sun rays too.
But giving all that, still, you need to wait for it to blossom.
Like that, you can give your best,but love will blossom on its own.
It cannot be forcedย  or expected.
It needs everything and yet it requires time ๐Ÿ™‚

Hiryachi tarif karun hira ajun chamkat nai ๐Ÿ™‚ (Praising a diamond does not brighten its shine)
Hira swatachya kartutvavar chamakto! ( a diamond shines on its own ability)
Tyacha gun dharma ahe chamakne ani toh chamaknarach ( it his virtue and quality, his behaviour; is to shine and it will continue to shine )
Tasach mi hiryachi tarif karun tyachi chamak ujalat nai ajun; fakt, majhya manala sukun det ahe, bara ka ( like that by praising a diamond i am not increasing it brightness but providing my mind the much needed peace )
Hira samaj tu swatahas ( Consider yourself as one such diamond ) ๐Ÿ™‚

Most of the time when a mistake happens, we so want to stick to make the person guilty, in the process we dont bring about the change we wanted to.
Know there is a difference ๐Ÿ™‚
If at all you have to bring the change, make the person realise the depth of the situation as you experienced and guide the person how to bring about the change and inspire him for the same.
Making the person feel guilty just massages your ego and nothing else,the problem remains where it was.
Be intelligent and loving and go on the truthful side.
Train your mind to be peaceful and it will promise you success.

You have to learn, to let go of, dont even, hold on to knowledge.
Learn to let go of, that, you are someone in life, thats when you become someone worthwhile.
Its only when you lose yourself completely that you find your SELF.
Learning to let go, requires practise and patience and a strong faith ๐Ÿ™‚

Tere se ladai karne ka maja hi kuch aur hai,
Pyar karna aadat nai par bhula toh kathor hai,
Bhul jau to mana lena, Pyar se nai to jhagda mol lena.

Sometimes we give so much respect to ourselves, that we fail to respect the moment.
Have respect, for the things you own, for the things you do.
Do things with skill and love.
Do it hundred percent with skill and have precision with love ๐Ÿ™‚

Living the knowledge is easier, not living the knowledge is difficult.
Imagine,not accepting the situation, living in d past or seeing the intention.
Regular & continuous Meditation, Sadhana, Seva & Satsang; helps u live the knowledge.
So also, listening to the knowledge, refreshes it again.
Realizing knowledge is first step; living it, is next step.
Sometimes, mind forgets the knowledge. With love, then, train your mind to live in knowledge, till it becomes ur nature.
Remember a happy & clear state mind is a blessing & can do more things than a stressed mind.
Be happy! – an Order as well as blessing.

If you try, you MIGHT fail; but if you dont try, you WILL fail!
Life is risk, but worth not to miss.Be brave, be valued, follow right ideals & try it.

Enterpreneurs or business minds, always look at areas where things are not happening and they make it happen. They dont look at people, they observe people and make people look.

Follow your capability and passion follows.
Most people, try to be capable for their passion. Become capable and you will have passion.

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