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Did u ask?


A friend of mine asked me ” Your group goes around so much for so many events and why not the big one significant and so on and on.. just complaining and complaining!”

I smiled and contemplated

Here’s what i thought on a cooler note! 🙂

Dont point out problems! If you can bring a change effectively without hurting out anybody’s sentiments!

Pls go ahead! 🙂

We would be pleased to see the team going in action!

Secondly its easy to criticize! very easy! But to see the problem as if its urs and giving a solution as if its going to solve a problem that very few do!

Dont shout out the problem, speak up and help 🙂

A helping hand is lot more better than a chattering mouth! 🙂

Peace to u! :))

Why do Jawaans say JaiHind always as they enter the office!??

Ans : A reminder that they belong to the country  first and that they have stepped in to serve the country! 🙂

A not so poor man asked me on the road. ” Whats the time Sir”

I saw the watch and said ” its 10:3opm”  although precisely it was 10:40pm but i preferred saying a round off figure 🙂

He asked again are u sure sir!

I  said yeah! 🙂

Oh in my watch its 10:40! I just confirmed if my watch was going right in minuteS!

i was 😮

I said yeah yeah thats the perfect time!

Seconds and minutes counted in his life!

He could not dare miss a minute in his life nor do i 🙂


Some ask because they know it 🙂

Some ask because they think they dont know it!

Some ask because they really want to know it!

Some ask because there’s nothing really they can do, other than that!

Ask it and u will be answered 🙂

But for that the question need to be genuine!

that makes the answer one! 🙂

Love , Peace , Blessings!


Swapnil 🙂

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