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Does Best Friend Exist?




Here is an interesting thought by a friend and my answer to it :

There is nothing on this planet as a best friend or a buddy.
It is merely an illusion.
Your Guru is only ur best friend.
As they say in Cocktail : Sri Sri, Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho!
And trust me,It hurts more than any betrayal.
So never accept anybody your best friend.
Or on second thoughts, if you can’t do the above,Start making new friends!

Here’s my take :
Everyone has a role to play in life.
When you say best friend and Say only Guru meets the qualification..
You mean to say, one who unconditionally gives you love & support.
Accept the fact, that, at most times, Guru element, in someone is dominant and they will make you feel special.
But to expect that this will last a lifetime, is foolishness.
Honor their Guru element, dont try to measure it 🙂
Or don’t try to hold it.

Everyone has a role to play in your life and you should let them play their roles.
Some stay for one month, some six and some a year or more.
Whatever be the time, Be grateful for the good they gave and learn from the bad they showed you.
There is no need to go extremes, as Not making friends at all or making too many friends.
You just love the deserving ones who value you, who have spent quality time with you and who again and again get back to you 🙂
Be there to give best to them.

Dont ever try to focus more on others, who treat you as option.
Dont even try to label anyone.

Give time for friendship to be better.
And you dont proclaim from your side, that we are best friends.
When it becomes a good friendship, you unanimously dawn upon that and start living like that.

Give friendship time to blossom.
Don’t be in a hurry to evaluate it.

Let both proclaim together.

I would say on a ending note.
Let the relationship be..however it is.Don’t label it, as Good, better, best or worst.
Let time decide whats the value of it.
And you still don’t name it.
You instead enjoy and live that 🙂

Good day to you all!

Love Prayers Blessings,
Swapnil 🙂

You and the Divine..!



People may be selfish, cruel, and 2-faced.
You do good anyway.

If you are happy and content in life, people will be jealous.
Be happy and do good anyway.

When you give your best, it may not be good enough.
Give your best shot and do good anyway.

When you are honest and true to heart, people may deceive you.
Be honest and do good anyway.

When you are rich and successful, you will have many friends who aren’t real friends.
Treat them well and do good anyway.

When you are kind and helpful, people will accuse you of having some motive.
Be kind and do good anyway.

When you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day.
Nevertheless, do good anyway.

Because at the end it is never between you and them its always between you and the Divine.

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